What is a Blog?

​What Is A Blog

What is a Blog?

So you’ve decided to learn about the blog. I appreciate it.

What is a blog anyway?

A blog is a short form of Weblog. It is a kind of website. Though there are some differences between website and blog.

However, a blog shows its content in reverse chronological order. That is the newest post on top.

There are many jargons which can make you confuse to understand what a blog is. Such as Domain, Blogging Platform, Hosting, etc.

Let’s take a real-life example to understand the blog better.

What is a Blog?

Suppose you want to start your grocery business in real life. What will you need to do that?

  • Address (where customers find you).
  • A landlord (to rent shop space).
  • Shop space (to build your grocery shop).
  • Showcase, rack (to display products).
  • Decoration (to attract customer).
  • Product (to sell to customers).

Now, let’s compare a blog with a real-life grocery shop.

Address (Domain): It makes sense. Your grocery shop will have an address where people can find you.

In a blog, you’ll also have an address and it is called Domain. If people want to go to your blog they will type your domain in their browser’s address bar.

A landlord (Host): For starting your grocery business you’ll need a space where you’ll build your shop. You’ll need to rent this space from someone who we called a landlord.

In a blog, we called this Host. A host is a landlord from whom we rent space for our blog.

For example, When you host your blog on HostGator, then Hostgator is the landlord of your blog.

Shop space (Hosting): From the landlord, you need to rent a space where you’ll build your grocery shop.

In a blog, this space is called hosting.

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Showcase or rack (Blogging Platform): I think you already have an idea what the showcase is.

It is where you display products of your grocery shop. It is up to you how the racks will be made or how you want to display your product.

But keep in mind that your business depends mostly on how nicely you display your product.

In a blog, this showcase is called blogging platform. There are many platforms available for a blog such as BloggerTumblrWordPress etc.

It is up to you which blogging platform (showcase) you’ll use to display your blog’s products.

For example, this blog is using self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

Decoration (Theme): Before starting your grocery business you must decor your shop to increase its aesthetic look to attract customers.

In a blog, a theme is a decoration for a blog. It makes your blog’s out looking good to attract visitors.

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Product (post, book, course): What are the products in your grocery shop? Ricevegetables, fruits, biscuits etc. If you want to sell your whole shop it is also a product itself. Isn’t it?

In a blog, your products are posts (content), book, service, coaching etc. That means what you sell on your blog is your product. Your blog is also a product in a whole when you want to sell your blog.

I think I made this pretty easy for you to understand what a blog is.

So how do we define a blog in a whole?

Blog is a kind of website which hold its own address and hosts in somewhere else to give a person opportunities to share their message or thoughts to the world instantly and thus making a business.

What do you think? Isn’t the definition exciting enough for you to start a blog today?

Let’s see how others define a blog:

“A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the world wide web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).”

– Wikipedia

A blog is a channel where you share your thoughts. Think of it as a public journal, diary, or even a book. You can share personal thoughts, quick updates, or even educate others on what you learned.

What you publish is up to you, but I recommend that everyone try to at least blog for 6 months. Why? Because it is a great way to get feedback from others. In which people can leave comments and give you advice.”

Neil Patel

“A blog is whatever you make it!

This can be a personal journal to share stories about life, food, travels and other adventures with your close friends and family. Or it can be a booming website with the community and design of the NY Times. It’s up to you.The point isn’t what, it’s when. Try to ditch the perfectionism and start blogging today, and you’ll soon be learning more than you could have ever imagined.”

Greg Narayan

“A blog is so much more than just a written diary or journal these days. Now a blog is a place for sharing knowledge and views, and for connecting with people.

It’s a place that can become the entire foundation of your online world and a key to unlocking incredible opportunities.”

Corbett Barr

Few terms related to a blog

Blogger: The person who does the blogging is called blogger.

Blogging: What a blogger does is called blogging.

Blog post: A message, a thought or a tutorial published in a blog by a blogger is the blog post. It is also called content.

Visitor: Who visits your blog is called visitor.

Subscriber: If someone wants to get your blog update regularly or somehow connect with your blog, he can do this by subscribing via email or social network you show on your blog. They are called subscribers.

If a visitor somehow connects with your blog he is your subscriber.


I guess everyone will have a blog in the coming years. Either It’s a personal blog or a business blog.

Who doesn’t love to have a personal space online!

Creating a blog is straight forward and easy. But building a successful blogging business requires hard works and the right strategy.

I’ve talked about this before on the post “How to start a Profitable Blog – The Right Way“.

You can also download my ebook here (Item#1) for free.

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