What are Backlinks And How to Get Them Free

What are Backlinks And How to Get High-Quality Backlinks Free

What are Backlinks And How to Get Them Free

In the way of building your blogging business, you somehow want to know about what backlinks are.

When you want to build a blogging business you have to go through some steps.

One of the steps is getting traffic. You need to focus on building blog traffic.

When we talk about traffic, one of the most important ways is to get traffic from search engines. Search engine traffic is highly targeted and you’ll get more lead and conversion.

But to get traffic from search engines, you need to rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

One of the most important factors to rank higher on SERPs is backlink and it is the most talked term in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In this post, I’ll discuss –

What are backlinks in SEO?

Why it’s important for your blogging success?

How to get high-quality backlinks as a new blogger?

What are Backlinks in SEO?

When someone links your post from their blog, those are called backlinks.

This is a vote in search engine’s eye. When someone links your blog from their blog, you’ll get a vote.

The more vote you get, the more your blog will rank on SERPs.

Example of a Backlink

I would link to make the thing clear with an example.

Suppose, blog “A” has linked a post of blog “B”.

Then blog “B” got a backlink from blog “A”. That means the blog “A” has given a vote to blog “B” to rank on SERPs.

The more vote blog “B” gets, the more it’s considered as valuable in search engines’ eye.

Some Terms Related to Backlink

Here are some terms you need to know about to fully understand backlinks.

Anchor Text: When we link to another post or blog, we normally use some texts instead of naked URL. Those texts are called anchor text.

Nofollow Link: When a Nofollow tag is used in a link, that is called a Nofollow link. A Nofollow link doesn’t pass link juice in SEO.

But it has some benefits when it comes to getting traffic.

For example, you have got a Nofollow link from an authority blog, the reader will know about your blog and they may visit your blog too.

Dofollow Link: Dofollow link is extremely powerful to rank your blog higher on SERPs. When it comes to backlinks, then Dofollow links are best.

Link Juice: When a website link to your post or your root domain, it passes link juice to your blog. It helps your blog to rank higher on SERPs.

Low-Quality Backlinks: Backlinks which are coming from spammy sites or porn sites are called low-quality links.

Those links are harmful in terms of SEO.

Linking Root Domain: Suppose, blog “A” linked one of your posts, then you got a backlink.

If the blog “A” links ten of your post, the backlink quantity will be same. That is one backlink. This is considered as one linked root domain.

Interlinking: If you link your blog posts within your blog, that is called interlinking. Interlinks aren’t backlink.

I think it’s now clear to you that what backlinks are.

Now, let’s see what are the importance of backlinks in SEO.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

The importance of backlinks is huge in SEO. In fact, it is one of the most important factors for ranking on Google.

Let’s see what are the importance of backlinks in SEO.

Importance #1: It Helps Google to Find Your Blog Faster

Google uses some algorithms to discover a blog, more specifically – a web page.

Google actually doesn’t know about the existence of your posts or it takes time to discover your blog posts.

But Google follows links to discover new web pages (blog posts). If your posts have backlinks, then it will be easy for Google to crawl your posts.

Importance #2: Backlinks Help Your Blog Rank Higher in SERPs

As I discussed above, backlinks are a kind of vote in search engines’ eye. The more vote your blog gets the more it’ll be considered as valuable by search engines.

When search engines think a blog or web page valuable, they rank that on the 1st page of SERPs.

And you know, ranking on 1st page deliver more organic traffic to your blog.

The more organic traffic you get, the more you can make money blogging.

Simply saying, backlinks are the most important thing in terms of SEO. You can’t ignore this if you want more traffic and sales.

But all types of backlink aren’t helpful for SEO. You need to focus on getting high-quality backlinks.

What are High-Quality Backlinks?

Once upon a time, where all types of backlinks were valuable for SEO.

But, in today’s SEO world not all backlinks are helpful.

Some backlinks contribute a little.

Some backlinks contribute a huge.

Some backlinks even hurt your blog SEO.

It’s said that a high-quality backlink can be 10000 times more powerful than a low-quality backlink.

If you want to get the benefit of SEO you need to build high-quality backlinks.

So, what are high-quality backlinks?

If a backlink has following five things in it, you can say that a high-quality backlink. Those five things are –

  1. The backlink should be a Dofollow link
  2. The link should come from a relevant blog
  3. The link should have keywords in its anchor text
  4. It should come from an authoritative blog
  5. The link should come from a blog which didn’t link you before

Let’s discuss these things…

1. The Backlink Should Be a Dofollow Link

In search engines’ eye, Nofollow links don’t have any value. They only count Dofollow links to rank a page on SERPs.

So, the quality backlinks are those which have a Dofollow tag in it.

As a blogger, you should try to get as many Dofollow links as possible.

2. The Link Should Come From a Relevant Blog

This is an important quality trait of backlinks. And it makes sense.

Suppose, your blog is about building a beautiful house. But you’re getting backlinks from a political blog.

Do you think that the readers of the political blog have any interest in building a beautiful house?

Search engines also want to give readers some related resources.

So try to get backlinks from blogs that are relevant or closely related to your blogging niche.

3. The Link Should Have Keywords in Its Anchor Text

Anchor texts are the text which we use to show the link instead of showing the naked URL.

When we talk about quality backlink then it should have the keyword of the post linked to.

4. It Should Come From An Authoritative Blog

The backlink which comes from a blog which doesn’t have any value in search engines’ eye won’t help you much in terms of SEO.

So, try to get backlinks from authoritative blogs which domain authority is good.

5. The Link Should Come From a Blog Which Didn’t Link You Before

Google doesn’t count the quantity of backlink from a website. They just count the number of websites that are linking to your blog.

So, it doesn’t matter if a website links your blog one time or ten times, Google just gives you only a vote for that.

That means to get more backlink votes from Google you have to get backlinks from as many websites as possible.

How to Start Getting High-Quality Backlinks

As you now know that what are backlinks and what are high-quality backlinks and the importance of them in SEO, you should now focus on getting them to increase the visibility of your blog in SERPs.

But don’t use any spammy ways to get backlinks. Because, if you do so, you’ll be penalized by Google.

So, let’s discuss some legit ways of getting backlinks.

Here are five ways you can start getting backlinks right now.

  1. Publish link worthy content
  2. Use Broken Link building method
  3. Start guest blogging
  4. Submit your blog to blog directories
  5. Get backlinks from .edu sites.

1. Publish Link-Worthy Content

Your content is the main weapon to get backlinks.

Try to publish link-worthy content.

Link-worthy contents are those which people will want to link to.

Normally tutorial and list type contents work best in this case.

Another good strategy to get links is to include infographics in your content. Infographics are normally very helpful to get backlinks.

You can include infographic in your content or publish infographic types post.

2. Use Broken Link Building Method

This is the easiest way to get backlinks. And it works well.

The theme is you find a broken link in any blog and ask the blog owner to replace the link with your post link.

So we find three things here…

One: You need to find out the broken link. Keep in mind that the broken link should be on the blog related to your blogging niche.

To find broken links you can use a chrome extension Check My Link. This tiny extension helps you to find out broken links on any page you browse.

Broken links are normally found in the resource pages of blogs. You can easily find the resources page of any blogs in your blogging niche by searching on Google.

For example, your blogging niche is productivity. Then search on Google using the following strings.

“productivity” + “resources”

“productivity” + “resource page”

“productivity” + “recommended sites”

“productivity” + “links”

Once you find the resources pages by searching on google, check those page if there is any broken link.

Two: Once you found broken links, you have to have contents to replace those links. If you have, that’s good.

If you don’t have, write some.

Three: In third, you have to send email to site owner asking to replace the broken link with your content.

3. Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a nice way to get backlinks.

Try to make connections with top bloggers in your blogging industry by sharing their posts on social media and making comments on their blog.

Once you can make friends with authoritative bloggers, write awesome contents for their blogs.

4. Submit Your Blog to Web Directories

This method isn’t very popular nowadays because of finding quality web directories is difficult.

You specially need to avoid those directories which ask for linking back to their website.

Here are some manually verified web directories to submit your blog.

5. Get Backlinks From .edu Sites

The links from .edu sites are very powerful in terms of SEO.

.edu sites are those which use “. edu as their domain extension.

For example “domain. edu.

These type of domains are normally used by educational institutions. Such as school, college, universities, etc.

To get backlinks from .edu sites you just need to check their resource pages to check if there is any opportunities to link back to your post.

Once you find that opportunity, email them asking to link back to your post.

To improve SEO of your blog, you need to properly understand what high-quality backlinks are which I discussed in this post.

Then you need to focus on getting high-quality backlinks.

I’ve just discussed five ways of getting backlinks. But there are many other ways.

Don’t think that you’ll get many backlinks within a few days.

It takes time. And you need to consistently give efforts to get backlinks.

Your Opinion
Which is your favorite way to get backlinks? Please share in the comments below…

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