Tips to Get More Blog Comments

7 Actionable Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Tips to Get More Blog Comments

Who doesn’t love to get comments?

I love. I really love to get comments on my blog. I enjoy when someone makes a comment on my blog posts.

Blog comments are the thoughts of your readers which they write in the comment section of your blog post.

You know people are reading your blog. When someone comments on your post, you’ll be inspired. At least I feel so. It helps me to write more valuable content.

There are some obvious benefits of getting blog comments.

Benefits of Getting Blog Comments

There may have many benefits of getting blog comments. I found some benefits for which I love to get comments. I’ll describe them below and why I love them.

It Increases Authority

When readers visit your blog for the first time and found that you have some comments in your post, they’ll feel that your blog is authoritative.

So, to make your blog authoritative, take steps to get comments.

It Increases Your Readers Engagement

If you have some comments in your posts, it’ll make your blog look popular. People want to engage with popular things.

So, having some comments in your post increase the reader engagement.

Comments will Help You to Write More Valuable Content

When someone praises you for your content, it will help you to dedicate more time and effort to create more valuable content. At least I feel so.

It Keeps You on Track

You are publishing post after post. If no one says anything about your creation, it’ll demotivate you.

When someone writes something as a blog comment in my post, I feel like – oh, my readers are keeping eye on me, I should publish more.

Thus it helps me to stay on track and forces me to be on my publishing schedule.

It Helps You to Gain Knowledge

We don’t know everything about a subject. Even experts don’t.

I often ask a question at the end of my post which I don’t know about. This strategy really works.

I often get suggestions from my readers when I asked a question.

So, blog comments can help you to learn things which you don’t know about.

Comments Help You to Know The Right Thing

You know a thing about a subject that may not correct. Someone may know the correct thing.

When you publish a post and if there is anything that is not correct, your readers will help you to make the correction through blog commenting.

Comments Help You to Correct The Pen Mistake in Your Content

For example, I’ve published a post on my building construction blog. The post was about “how to place reinforcement in footing of a building“. I’ve inserted an image in the post which is related to the post. But the image doesn’t resonate with the post content. It was just delivering the opposite information.

One of my readers gets me noticed this issue through a comment.

When I came to know about the matter, I’d just visited the post and make the correction.

So, blog comments can help you to make correction of pen mistakes in your post.

It Helps to Get Readers’ Pain Point

To get your readers’ pain point and targeted post ideas, blog comments can be a nice source.

If your readers having trouble with anything, they ask that in the comment in the form of questions. When someone asks questions, take that seriously. Because that is your readers’ pain point.

Based on those questions you can write awesome content.

There are many benefits to getting blog comments. I just shared which seemed to be very beneficial for me. And for which I love to get blog comments.

If you are like me, that is, love to get blog comments, I’m sharing some ways which help me to get 707 comments in a just one-year-old blog.

7 Actionable Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog

I can give you hundreds of ways to get comments on your blog. But I’ll share just 7 actionable ways which I applied to get those amount of comments on my blog.

1. Make Blog Commenting Easy

The first thing you need to do is to make the commenting easy on your blog.

I face this often. Some of my favorite blogs made the commenting difficult. When I try to make comment on those blogs I need to somehow login to some services. That’s really bothering me. So I ignore to comment on those blogs.

If someone wants to share his opinion and found that he needs to sign up or log in to another service, he’ll immediately leave your blog without commenting.

So, to get more comments on your blog, make the commenting easy. So that anyone can comment with less effort.

But, you need to prevent spammers. For this purpose, you can use a spam prevention plugin.

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2. Write Content That Entices Your Readers to Leave Comments

Of course, content is the main ingredient to entice your readers to leave comments on your blog.

Write thought-provoking contents which entice your readers to leave comments.

Read your content and ask yourself – will you leave a comment after reading the post? If no, then why?

Brainstorm – why you won’t make comment. What’s stopping you?

Make the necessary corrections.

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3. Nurture Them Who Already Made Comments

Darren Rowse once told that “If you want to be a successful blogger, you should focus on serving your existing readers”.

Who doesn’t care about love!

When someone makes a comment on your post, reply to them. If you have nothing to say in reply just give them a thank or a smiley.

Believe me, your readers will love this.

4. Write Thoughtful Post Conclusion

Have a look at the conclusion of this post – how I conclude this.

At the post conclusion, make some debates or write something which you didn’t solve in the post.

Entice your readers to think about the matter.

If you can do this properly, you’ll get a ton of blog comments.

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5. Ask Question at The End of Your Post

Asking a thought full question at the end of a blog post always helps to get more blog comments.

If you can ask the right question people will want to make comments willingly.

This is also a great strategy to get help from readers. I sometimes ask a question which I don’t know about. It’s a nice learning source.

6. Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs can help you in many ways.

It can not only help to build a relationship with other bloggers but also help to get comments from other bloggers.

I personally spend one hour daily to read my favorite blogs as well as make comment when I enjoy the post.

This strategy helps me to get many valuable comments from popular bloggers in my blogging niche.

Read more: How to Make Comments on Other Blogs.

7. Participate in Facebook Groups

This strategy works well for new blogs.

You’ll find many facebook groups aiming for promoting each other.

The rule is simple. You’ll get some thread on those groups which are like “share one of your blog posts and make comments on other three blogs”.

What you need to do is, search for some groups on facebook which are aimed at promoting blog posts and join them.

Every week you’ll be thrown threads to promote your blog post. Some threads are aimed to get social likes. Some threads are aimed to get social shares and some are aimed to get blog comments.

As you want to get blog comments you need to participate in “blog commenting” tread on facebook groups.

This strategy really works well. Because everyone joined those facebook groups for this purpose.


As your blog grows, you may start to get many comments. Reading and replying to comments is time-consuming.

As a blogger, we have many other important tasks to do. So, spending time reading comments and replying to them can affect other blogging tasks.

The situation even gets worse when you don’t have a team to delegate blogging tasks.

This may be the big reason some bloggers remove the commenting system on their blog.

So, this decision is yours – you’ll keep the commenting system on your blog or not.

Share Your Opinion

What do you think – keeping commenting system is better or not? Please share your opinions in the comments below…

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  1. I like your post especially 5th point regarding asking question at the end. I am going to bookmark your blog for future updates and record. Thanks a lot keep writing.

  2. Commenting on blogs can help form relationships. When you consistently make blog comments, the relationships you form will be done over time, too. The more consistent you are, the more likely you are to build them. Over time, a friendly relationship may grow and lead to new business opportunities or even guest blog posting opportunities.

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