7 Tips to Use Social Media Sites Wisely As a New Blogger

7 Tips to Wisely Use Social Media Sites As a New Blogger

7 Tips to Use Social Media Sites Wisely As a New Blogger

Social media is a huge part of a blogger life. When you visit a successful blog, you’ll see that they have thousands of followers on Facebook, thousands of followers on Twitter, thousands of followers on Pinterest and thousands of followers on other social media sites.

So, you think that you should also focus on getting followers on those social media sites to make your blog successful.

There are many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more popping up all the time.

Participating in all those social media sites is just overwhelming.

As a blogger, you constantly need to create quality content and need to do many other important blogging tasks.

When you want to participate in all the social media sites, you’ll run short of time. Participating on all social media sites is practically impossible.

Now you can ask me how some bloggers build their follower base on all the social media sites?

The answer is, either they have a dedicated team or they hire someone to do the task.

As a new blogger, you may not have a team or you don’t have a budget to hire someone. Then, how will you participate on all the social media sites to market your blog and build follower base?

Here are my tips for new bloggers to participate on social media sites.


7 Tips to Use Social Media Sites Wisely As a New Blogger

If you want to use social media sites successfully for your blog without being overwhelmed follow the tips below –


Tip 1: Relieve Yourself of The Pressure to Be on All Social Media Sites

There is no way to be on all social media sites simultaneously. This is impossible. If you want to be on all of them, you’ll lose focus on your blog. You’ll found that all of the time you’re spending on social media sites instead of building your blog. As a result, you’ll fail to blog.

Instead of focusing on all social media sites just focus on one.


Tip 2: Find The Best Social Media Site for You

The question is, which social media site you should participate in?

There is no right or wrong social media site. There is no best. It depends on your blogging niche.

More specifically, Which social media site your target audiences use most.

You just need to find where your target audiences hang out.


Tip 3: How to Find The Best One

So, how do you find the best social media site for you?

It takes time to find the best one.
The quickest way to find the best one is to research a little bit on your competitors’ blog. Find out how your competitors are doing. Which social media site they have more followers.


Tip 4: Participate in One or Two Social Media Sites

Someone may advise you to be everywhere. But being everywhere practically is impossible. Because our time is limited.

I’ll advise concentrating on one or two platforms. Build them up. Dive deeper.

Once you established yourself there try to focus on another one.


Tip 5: Create Your Brand on All Social Media Sites

You don’t have to use all social media sites at a time. But you should grab username on all social media sites whether you use it or not.

If you want to use any social media sites in the future it’ll help you to represent your blog branding.


Tip 6: Engage With Your Follower

Whichever social media site you are participating, no matter, be engaged with your readers.

If your readers ask something, reply them. If someone follows you, give them a thank.


Tip 7: Use Social Media to Build Email List

This is a very wise tip to use social media. Imagine, you’ve built a follower base on a social media site. If the social media somehow change their policy or close their service, you’ll lose all your followers and all the efforts you made on the platform.

So, to gain the benefits from your hard work, try to build your email list using the social media.

Because your list subscribers are yours. No one can take them from you. If the social media stopped their service, you can still market your product or service to your list.

So, use social media to build your list. Promote your freebie on social media to build your list.



Social media is a huge thing. Accept that you’ll miss out on a lot.
Stop trying to be everywhere and don’t be desperate to keep up with everything. If you try this, you’ll be diverted from your track.
So, wisely use social media to build your blogging business.


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