How To Create And Use Templates And Checklists Effectively To Make Your Blogging Life Easier?

How To Create And Use Templates And Checklists Effectively To Make Your Blogging Life Easier

If you want to make your blogging life easier, you have to use templates and checklists for different tasks in your day to day blogging.

Checklists and templates make us being more organized and productive.

It isn’t that we don’t know how to create them. In fact, you’ll get checklists and templates online for all your blogging needs, even free.

The problem is we don’t use them effectively.

In fact, we don’t know how to use them effectively.

How To Create And Use Templates And Checklists Effectively To Make Your Blogging Life Easier?

In this post, I’ll show you how to create your very own templates and checklists. I’ll also show you how to use them effectively.

Before diving deep into the topic, lets know about templates and checklists.

What Is A Template?

A template is a format that can help us to do a particular type of task effectively without spending much time.

How It Can Help?

You sit in front of your computer to write a post. But you don’t know where to start.

How many times have you gone through this situation?

If you have a blog post template in hand, you can quickly start your writing without thinking much.

I just gave you an example.

You can create templates for almost all the blogging tasks you do repeatedly.

Common Blogging Templates…

Some of the blogging templates I often use are –

Blog post template: It’s a handy template. I use it every time for writing my blog posts.

Post image template: We need images for our blog posts as well as for different social media sites.

Each social media has different requirements for images. So I created some image templates to use in my blog posts as well as in social media.

Email newsletter template: Email service providers have many built-in templates for newsletters. You can use them or you can create your very own based on those templates.

Email outreach template: As bloggers, we often need to send emails to influencers. Drafting an email every time from scratch is time-consuming. If you have some email outreach templates ready, it’ll be helpful for you.

Email replying template: We often need to reply to our readers’ query. Having a readymade email replying template will save you time.

These are some common templates I use frequently. You can create as many templates as you need for the tasks you do repeatedly.


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What Is A Checklist?

A checklist is a series of things to check to complete a particular task perfectly.

How Can It Help?

Having a handy checklist for a particular task can minimize mistakes and improve your efficiency.

For example, before publishing a blog post you need to do some common things every time.

Remembering and recalling those things is difficult and boring task.

There is also a possibility to forget some things to do.

But if you have a checklist, you won’t forget anything.

Common Blogging Checklists…

Bloggers use many checklists for different tasks. Some checklists you need just once and some will be needed again and again.

Checklists that you’ll need just once, you don’t need to think much about them. You can download them online.

After completing the task, you can delete those checklists from your computer.

Such as Blog Launching Checklist.

You’ll need this when you’re going to launch your blog. Once your blog is launched, you won’t need this.

Some checklists we need again and again. The common checklists of this type I often use are,

Pre-Publishing Blog post checklist: I use this checklist every time before scheduling my blog posts.

Post-publishing Blog post checklist: After publishing a post, we need to do some common tasks. I use this checklist to do those tasks.

Post updating checklist: Whenever I want to update a blog post, I use this checklist.

Post Image checklist: I use this checklist while creating images for my blog posts as well as for social media.

A checklist for launching an ebook: As I’m going to publish an ebook on Amazon, I recently created this checklist.


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How To Create Your Very Own Templates?

You will find templates for all your needs online for free.

Use those template to get ideas to create your own templates.

I’m going to show you how to create a blog post template yourself.

Creating A Blog Post Template…

A simple blog post template is:

  • Post title
  • Post Introduction
  • Post body, and
  • Conclusion

It’s a basic template. You may want to make it more detailed.

For instance, your template might look like this:

  • Post title:
    • A catchy post title
  • Post introduction:
    • A feature image with reduced size and proper name
    • A thought-provoking question
    • An enticing paragraph which will lead readers to the post body
  • Post Body:
    • Four-five main points, each with proper subheadings
    • Each point has a further reading suggestion at the end
  • Post conclusion:
    • Sum up the post within a short paragraph
    • Write thought-provoking conclusion
    • Include a call to action

I’ve just shown you an example.

You can create templates for all the common blogging tasks which you do repeatedly.


How To Create Your Very Own Checklist?

Like templates you’ll get free checklist online for all your blogging needs.

Use those checklists to get ideas and create your very own.

I’ll show you how to create a blog post checklist which you’ll use before publishing or scheduling your posts.

Creating A Pre-Publishing Blog Post Checklist…

Your checklist might look like this:

  • Eliminate grammatical and spelling errors
  • Copy the post to WordPress editor
  • Optimize the post for easy reading
  • Insert internal links
  • Include external links
  • Add headings and subheading
  • Reduce image size before uploading
  • Rename post image before uploading
  • Add a featured image
  • Add other images if required
  • Add image ALT tag and description
  • Write post meta description
  • Include focus keyword in Yoast SEO
  • Set an appropriate category and tags
  • Rewrite post permalink
  • Preview post
  • Check all links are working properly
  • Schedule the post

Your checklist might look different from this.

You can change or rearrange your checklists and templates as you go to suit your blog’s needs.

The thing is you should create templates and checklists for all your repeated blogging tasks.

Because you may not want to remember and recall everything. That is difficult.


how to use blogging templates and checklists effectively?

How To Use Templates And Checklist Effectively?

Creating templates and checklists isn’t difficult. And you can make them perfect over time.

You can also download them online for free.

But the problem is we get them in a PDF format.

You’ve downloaded checklists from online and saved on your computer’s hard drive.

But when you need, you won’t be able to use them.

Because you won’t look for a checklist on your computer’s hard drive while you’re going to schedule a blog post.

Then what’s the solution?

How can we use our templates and checklists effectively when we need them?

I’m going to show you an effective way.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know that I use Google sheets for my blog planner.

In my blog planner, I’ve a separate sheet named Template & Checklist.

You can use Google sheets for crating your templates and checklists.

It’s handy. Whenever you need them, you just need to go to the sheet.

You can also bookmark a shortcut in your browser’s bookmark bar.

So that you can access the sheet quickly.

Browser bookmark bar

Now create templates and checklists as many as you want in the sheet.

Use the first row for headings.

Template and Checklist format in Google sheet

Under each heading, create your templates and checklists as you want.


Having all the checklists and templates in one place is handy.

Whenever you need you can access them with a few mouse clicks. You don’t need to look for in your computer’s hard drive.

So, use Google sheets to create your templates and checklists.

One of the good things of using Google sheets is you can access that anywhere from any device.

Your Opinion

How do you create and use templates and checklists? Can you effectively use them? Do you have any better idea to use checklists and templates effectively? Please share in the comments below…

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