Tips to Get The Most Out of Every Blog Post

12 Tips to Get The Most Out of Every Blog Post

Tips to Get The Most Out of Every Blog Post

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. – Mother Teresa

We all try our best to write great blog posts for our readers.

Sometimes we can make a blog post great and sometimes not.

If a blog post is not great doesn’t mean it is invaluable. That means, almost all our blog posts are valuable.

But, often we hear a thing that even a great post doesn’t produce the expected result.

In this post, I will share some tips for you that you can apply to get the most out of every blog post.

12 Tips to Get The Most Out of Every Blog Post

Apply the following tips for every blog post to get the most out of it.

1. Write a catchy post title that gets a lot of clicks

Your blog post title is your first opportunity to get visitors to read your post.

Every time after writing a post, take some time to think about your post title. Make your post title something that entices visitors to click on that.

I’ve talked about this before in the post “How to write catchy Post title”. Read the post to know more.

2. Format your post to make it enjoyable to read

Do you enjoy reading research paper? I don’t.

As I’m a civil engineer, I always need to read some research papers.

Although research papers are great in terms of knowledge and it contains some valuable data and information, I often don’t enjoy to read those. Because those are not well formatted.

So, make your blog post enjoyable to read by well formatting it.

Keep in mind that your blog post is not a research paper and readers are not obligated to read it. And, there are many other posts available online like yours.

What makes your post separate from others is your personal voice and your formatting style.

To make your blog post enjoyable to read apply the following tips for your every blog post.

  • Use easy word to make sentences.
  • Use simple sentences.
  • Keep post paragraph length short
  • Divide your post body using heading and subheadings (use H1, H2, H3 … Tags)

If your readers enjoy your post reading, they are most likely to share it. And you know what a post sharing means.

3. Read the post after publishing it

The first thing I do after publishing a post is I read it thoroughly.

I know, you proofread your post before publishing it. But, there may something be unwanted which you could not notice before publishing it.

So, read the post after publishing it and eliminate unwanted errors (if any).

4. Link your new post from old posts

Your old posts already got some search ranking with time. Someone may also bookmark those old posts for reading later. Your old posts also got some social shares.

So, it is good ideas to link your new post from old posts. It will help the post to get some search ranking and also get some readers from your old posts.

As soon as my post goes online, I searched my blog using the keyword of the newly published post. And then, I read through the five posts if I get any link opportunity.

Once I get the link opportunity, I just link back my newly published post from those posts.

So, to get the most out of your newly published post, link back the post from your old posts.

5. Sent an email to subscribers with the post link

Your blog’s email subscribers are the most loyal readers of yours. So, they should be your first priority to get your creation.

It is a good thought to send a personalized email with the link to your newly published post.

But, as I have a day job and you know blogging is a lot of things to do, so, I don’t always have enough time to send a personalized email to my blog subscribers.

If you are like me, then you can automate that process with professional email service providers and sometimes send personalized email to your blog’s email subscribers manually.

If you are a new blogger and have less than 2000 subscribers, you can use MailChimp for free to automate the email sending process.

6. Use the power of Pinterest for promoting your post

It is said that 20% of your time should be spent on writing a post and the rest 80% should be spent on promoting that post.

So, after publishing a post you should be spent most of your time to promote that post.

When it comes to promoting a post, You can widely use social media.

I don’t know which social media sends you most blog traffic. In my case, Pinterest has been my top traffic source.

So, as soon as my post goes online, I save a pin to my blog specific Pinterest board by visiting my blog and clicking on the Pin it button.

After that, I just visit my Pinterest business profile and repin the pin from my blog specific board to all the related board on my Pinterest business profile.

I then schedule that pin to several group boards.

You can use BoardBooster or Tailwind to schedule your pin throughout the week.


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7. Tweet your new post several times throughout the week

Twitter is a microblogging social media. You should use Twitter for your blog promotion like crazy.

Tweet the new post two-three times on the publishing day and schedule tweets for the new post throughout the week and month.

It’s not wise to post the same tweet again and again. I would suggest writing five different tweets for your new post.

Use one of the followings as a tweet including your post link

  • Use post title
  • Use a different version of your post title (For example, how to make the most out of every blog post?)
  • Use quote from your post
  • Ask related question to your readers in your tweet.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag in your tweet. You can use Hashtagify to find the trending hashtag.

To make your tweeting easy, you can use social scheduling app. I use Buffer for scheduling my tweets. They have both free and paid version. I think the free version is good enough for a starter.


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8. Promote your post on facebook groups

You will find several Facebook groups where similar minded people gather to share their problems and finding solutions as well as to promote their post.

You too can use those facebook groups to promote your post, get blog comments and to get shared your post on social media.

I would suggest joining four-five facebook groups. These groups give you the opportunity for various things like promote your post, get social shares and likes, etc.

You can use these FB groups to get blog comments and to be shared your post on social media.

To make the things easy, I’m sharing my strategy to use those FB groups. So that, you don’t waste your time hanging on those groups.

  • Join several facebook groups
  • List the name of the thread they share throughout the week. This thread is shared to give the group members various opportunity. Such as “blog commenting thread” – these thread is for getting a comment on your blog post.
  • List the publishing time of those threads.
  • Now include these group names in your weekly schedule with the thread name and thread publishing time. For example, “Group A” shares blog commenting thread on Monday 5:00 pm. So, in your weekly schedule include this in Monday as “FB: group name, thread name, time”.

This strategy will save you huge time. Just practice it – if you get a result, come back to this post and give me a thank. Lol.

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9. Create different sizes of  image for different social media

One size of the image doesn’t fit on all social media platform. You need to create different sizes of images for different social media.

  • Create three images for Pinterest. The image size should be 1000 x 1500 px. You need to repin the post several times. If you repin one image, again and again, it will look spammy. So creating three separate images for each post will giving you more room for repining the post. Use different post title for each image.
  • Create a 440 x 220 px image for your tweet.
  • Create a 1200 x 627 px image for Facebook.
  • Match your image with your blog brand.

Read More: How to Use Image Properly in Your Blog Post for Greater Benefits?

10. Reach out to influencers

This is a very fruitful tip to get many eyeballs on your blog post. You need not do it for every post.

But, if you publish an in-depth post, send an email to influencer bloggers related to your niche with your post link.

If anyone of them shares your post on their social media, the rest will be the history.

Keep in mind when reaching out to influencer –

  • They are very busy. So keep your email short.
  • Their time is valuable. So, only share the relevant post which will be valuable to their readers.
  • Mention influencers in your post. They will love to share it.


11. Give something valuable as pdf document

Not all of your readers have the same test. Some of your readers will love to have your post in their collection as a pdf document.

So, try to make a better version of your post as a pdf document. You can go a step further. You can make the pdf document downloadable in exchange for their email. It is one of the quick ways of list building.

12. Include affiliate links in your post

Not all your post need to have affiliate links. But if you have the opportunity to put an affiliate link in your post, there is no harm to do that.

If you get some earning from the post for your hard work, it will motivate you. And your readers also love to get product recommendation from you. Believe me!


I started this post with a great quote from “Mother Teresa”.

I know, not all your posts are great. But create all your post with great love and you will be able to get the most out of your every blog post.

Download “Ultimate Blog Post Checklist” (free).

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