How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name?

​14 Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name?

So you’ve decided to start blogging business.

The first step to start a blogging business is to choose the niche you are going to blog about.

And the very next step is to choose a domain name for your blog.

Since 2011, I’ve bought three domains so far.

Choosing a domain name always makes me crazy. Because whenever I look for my desired domain that is already taken.

But you shouldn’t be stuck at that. You have to try some variations depending on your blogging niche.

In this post, I’ll share some practical tips to choose a perfect domain name for your next blog.

Before that let’s get some idea about the domain.

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain name is also called only domain. It is the address of your blog including the domain extension.

For example, SharpBlogger is the domain name of this blog.

What is The Domain Extension?

Whatever we type after the domain name including dot is the domain extension.

For example, .com, .Net, .Org, etc.

But the URL is different.

For example,
The domain of this blog is “SharpBlogger. com”.

The URL of this blog is “HTTP:// www. SharpBlogger. com”.

Tweaking some DNS (domain name server) setting of your blog’s domain name, you can redirect the domain to your blog URL.

If you want to start your blog professionally you have to consider your blog domain name as your brand.

Nobody knows how a business will perform in the future. If you want to change your domain name later, it’ll hamper your business.

Although some extraordinary guys could have changed their domain name successfully it’ll not be as easy as you think for you and me.

If you ask me to choose a domain name for my next blog, I’ll apply the following tips.

14 Tips to Choose A Perfect Domain Name for Your Next Blog

So whatever the domain name you want to choose, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Go with dot com

The internet has already passed 20 years. Then why are we still stick with dot com?

There are some obvious reasons to choose dot com domain extension.

  • The “Dotcom” is a brand itself.
  • When you type someone’s blog address in your browser’s address bar you certainly type the “DotCom” after the blog name.
  • Most of the smartphones suggest the DotCom extension first when you start typing in your browser’s address bar.
  • Visitors remember your business name. They don’t remember the domain extension. So they tend to type DotCom after your business name. That is the reason AirAsia changed its brand name from AirAsia to AirAsia. com.

Another well-known example.

We all know ProBlogger. net is a popular blog. How many times we type “ProBlogger. com” in our browser’s address bar, can you imagine!

Darren Rowse had to buy “ProBlogger. com to save his brand of “ProBlogger. net.

So the final decision is to try to buy a .com domain for your business.

2. Choose A Generic Domain Name

Try to choose a generic name for your domain instead of narrowed niche name.

Suppose, you want to blog about Dogs. So you select “dog. com domain for your blog. But what if your dog blog doesn’t perform well? What if you try to write about cats in your blog in the future?

Isn’t it better to choose “Pet. com domain for your blog instead of “dog. com”?

So try to choose a broad domain name for your blog.

3. Shorter is Better

If possible try to choose a short domain name. It is easy to say and memorable.

4. Saying is Everything

I was in UAE (United Arab Emirate) for some time for my professional reason. I have some neighbors from Kerala, India. They never call me Liton. They always call me Lipton. My name isn’t easy to say for them.

So when you choose a domain name for your blog try to choose something easy to say.

5. Phone Test Your Domain Name

Try to think about the name of medicines.

If someone tries to tell you some medicines’ names over the phone, can you get it?

I always can’t. I request my wife to send me a message along with the medicine names.

On the other hand, consider the domain name of this blog-SharpBlogger. Anyone can say and understand it over phones. What do you think?

So your domain name shouldn’t be hard to say and listen over phones.

6. Choose A Memorable Domain Name

“AliceInWonderland. com”, “JourneyByTrain. com”, “HokingofBigBang. com”.

What do you think? Will you forget these domains?

So make your domain name easy to memorize.

7. Singular Domain

If I make this blog’s domain “SharpBloggerS. com” instead of “SharpBlogger. com”, I’m sure you’ll forget to type “S” after SharpBlogger.

So try to avoid plural word for your domain name.

8. Speakable Domain

Speakable means your domain will speak something about your business.

For example, ProBlogger.

Either the man behind the ProBlogger is a professional blogger or he’ll try to make you a professional blogger.

SharpBlogger. com

Obviously, it says something that what I’m going to do or doing.

So try to choose a domain name which can give your reader an idea about your business.

9. Keyword-Rich Domain

If you are new to the blogging world, you won’t understand what the keyword is.

In short, a keyword is a single word or combination of two or more words which we type in the search bar to find something online.

Suppose, you type in the browser’s address bar “how to start a blog” or “how to blog“.

You can consider both of the sentences as a keyword as a whole or you can consider “blog” as a keyword.

If a domain name contains a keyword related to your blogging niche then it’ll give you some SEO juice in advance.

For example “Howtoblog. com“.

If you type “how to blog” in Google’s search bar then it’ll show you Howtoblog. com in the 1st page of search result. You can go to your browser and try it yourself.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to get the whole keyword-rich domain name. In that case, try to keep at least one related word to your blog topic in the domain name.

For example, SharpBlogger. com.

“Sharp” doesn’t make any sense. But “blogger” makes some sense about this blog. Doesn’t it?

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10. Don’t Use Hyphen

It is really messy to use a hyphen in your domain name.

If you ask Yaro Starak of entrepreneurs-journey. com he’ll tell you about this.

In fact, he told about this in several conferences that if it would possible he’ll throw the hyphen anyway from his blog’s domain name.

So avoid hyphen or any special character in your blog’s domain name.

11. Use Your Name As a Domain Name

If you don’t have any specific plan then try to use your name as your blog’s domain name.

No one knows how you’ll be famous in the online world.

If you want to sell service online or if you want to establish yourself as a published writer or author then it is the best bet to use your name as your blog’s domain.

But if your name is hard to spell or say then try to use your middle name or nickname or combination of your first, middle and last name.

The best example of this kind of blog is “SethGodin. com.

12. All The Good Domains are Taken

Yes, it is right. All the good domain names are taken.

But it shouldn’t be a reason to hold you back.

Try the following two tools to find the best domain for your blog.




13. Don’t Over-Think

Searching a domain name really makes me crazy.

But don’t over-think about it. Follow the tips I shared in this post. Go with the one which best fits you.

14. Check Social Availability

Before selecting your domain name, you should check the social availability of the domain.

Social availability means if your domain name is also available in various social networks. It’ll help to build your blog’s brand.

You can use namcheckr to check your domain’s social availability.

I’ll suggest holding your domain name in various social networks as quickly as possible.

If you use all the social network or not, you’ll need this for your brand identity later at some point.

If not all, I shared enough tips to choose the best domain name for your blog.

What’s next?

After choosing domain name the next step is to register your domain.

Where to Register A Domain?

I’ll suggest you go with these two popular domain service provider Namecheap or Godaddy.

The domain name of this blog is registered with Godaddy.

Go there and register your domain.

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