4 Tips to Make Your Blog Pinterest Friendly

Tips to make a blog pinterest friendly

If you choose pinterest as one of your blog marketing channel then you should make your blog pinterest friendly.

I have told many times in this blog that Pinterest is getting popular day by day. And it has already been the number one source of traffic for many blogs. So it is essential to include Pinterest in your blog marketing strategy.

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Only creating a pinterest business account isn’t enough for marketing your blog on pinterest. You also need to make your blog pinterest friendly. So that your readers can interact with your blog through pinterest.

So, How can you make your blog pinterest friendly?

4 Tips to Make Your Blog Pinterest Friendly

Here are some points to make your blog pinterest friendly. Go through every points and make sure you implemented all the points in your blog.

1. Show pinterest follow button in your blog

First thing first. Tell your readers that you are on pinterest by showing a pinterest “Follow button” on your blog.

When you will show a pinterest follow button on your blog, your readers will know that your blog is on pinterest. If they want to follow your blog’s pinterest profile, they can do it by clicking on this follow button. In this way, you will have more pinterest follower.

You can show pinterest follow button on your blog’s sidebar or in footer.

How to show pinterest follow button on your blog?

Most of the social sharing plugin now have an option for showing pinterest follow button in your blog. If you are on WordPress blogging platform you can use one of those plugin to show pinterest follow button on your blog.

Alternatively, you can use pinterest’s widget builder to show pinterest follow button on your blog. To Do do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to Pinterest widget builder.
  • Enter your Pinterest business profile’s URL in the field levelled “Pinterest user url. Your Pinterest user url should be like “http://www.pinterest.com/username.
  • In the next field which is levelled “Full name“, write text what you want to have on your pinterest “follow button“. It can be “Follow us on Pinterest” or something similar.
  • Now click on the blue “Build it” button.
  • Once you clicked on “Build it” button, pinterest will generate a code for your “follow button” on the same page.
  • Copy that code to paste on your blog where you want to show the “follow button“.

You can show the pinterest follow button on your blog’s sidebar or footer. Wherever you want to show it, no matter, the procedure is same.

  • I assume, you want to show it in your blog’s sidebar. Just go to your blog’s dashboard. Add a html widget or text widget on your blog sidebar. And then paste the copied code on it.
  • Now save the widget.

You are done. A pinterest follow button is now showing on your blog’s sidebar.

If you want to show the pinterest “follow button” on your blog’s footer, just add the text widget on your blog’s footer instead of your blog’s sidebar and paste the code on it. Finally save the widget.

2. Use Pinterest friendly image in your blog posts

It is now a must do thing to add an image in a blog post. If you want to make your blog pinterest friendly, then add plenty of pinterest friendly Image in your blog post.

Now, the question is, How to make your post image pinterest friendly?

Apply the following tips to make your post image pinterest friendly:

  • Make your post image vertical. Use image size ratio 2:3. That means, if you want to make your post image width 1000 px then make its height 1500 px
  • Write “Alt” tag for your image properly.
  • Write image description properly when uploading your post image.
  • Whenever possible use text on your post image.
  • Use your brand colour, font, logo or blog address on your post image.

I’ve written a post about using image properly in a blog post. You can read that from following link.

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Tips to make a blog pinterest friendly

3. Add “Pin it” button on your post image

I think, you have seen it on many blogs. When you hover your mouse on any image, a button is shown to give you an ability to share the image to your pinterest profile. That is the “Pin it” button.

To make your blog more pinterest friendly, it is essential to show a “pin it” button on a post image. So that, if your readers want to share an image from your post to their pinterest profile, they can do it easily by clicking on the “pin it” button.

You can show a “Pin it” button on your post image easily by installing a plugin named “pinterest pin it button for images” on your WordPress blog.

To install this plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard > plugin > add new.

4. Add “pin it” button as social sharing button

Adding “Pin it” button on your post image is one thing and adding “pin it” button as social sharing option is another thing. When you add “Pin it” button as social sharing option, it will show beside other social sharing button instead showing on image.

You can show a “pin it” button as a social sharing option in your WordPress blog easily with a social sharing plugin.

You can use Floating social bar for showing social sharing button in your blog.

Just install the plugin as you normally do and activate the plugin.

Upon activation go to setting > Floating social bar to configure the plugin.

Simply drag and drop the pinterest button in the enabled social service area to display the “pin it” button on your blog and save it.

Only setting a pinterest business profile for your blog isn’t everything. You need to make your blog pinterest friendly too. Follow the tips I shared in this post to make your blog pinterest friendly.

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