Tips for New Bloggers to Build a Successful Blogging Business

28 Tips for New Bloggers to Build a Successful Blogging Business

Tips for New Bloggers to Build a Successful Blogging Business

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Everyone does at the beginning of their blogging journey.

There are many blogging tasks to do. I sometimes feel that I need to do everything at once.

But who has that much time to do those all in a day?

It’s impossible.

When we are about to start a blog, we think that we just need to write and publish two-three posts in a week. That’s enough.

But once we get involved in blogging, we discover that we are in a jungle of tasks.

There are huge tasks to do. At once, it seems that we are not born for blogging. As a result, we quit.

But that isn’t a solution. When you quit, you’ve been stopped. You have stopped your progress.

But you know, all the successful bloggers faced this problem at the beginning of their blogging journey.

When I face this problem, I always remember a quote –

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

– Dale Carnegie

Only remembering a quote can’t solve our problem. We need to take actions – real actions.

So, what we can do is to keep trying to build a successful blog.

Here are my tips for new bloggers to get into blogging and become successful.

28 Tips For New Bloggers To Build A Successful Blogging Business

It’s a dream to be a successful blogger. Many blogs are created every day. But most of them fail.

It is not because those bloggers aren’t capable. It is because they become overwhelmed due to a lot of blogging tasks and many confusing directions.

It’s because they don’t get the right tips.

My aim is to keep you in blogging and help you to build a successful blog. Here are my tips for that.

1. Get The Right Blogging Mindset

The Blogging world is constantly changing. How it looked five years ago, doesn’t look the same today. So, you need to get the right blogging mindset. So that you can evolve with the changes.

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2. Be Proud – You Have A Blog

It seems that everyone will have a blog in the coming years. You have a blog, you’re ahead. Be proud.

3. Be Willing To Learn

As blogging is constantly changing, you need to learn new things continuously. Be ready for that and enjoy that.

4. Blogging Isn’t a Straight Line

After starting a blog, you’ll get many curved lines. You’ll sometimes feel that you quit. Embrace this reality that blogging isn’t linear and keep going.

5. Do This, You’ll Get That – Doesn’t Work in Blogging

If there is a definite formula to be a successful blogger then everyone will be successful. But that doesn’t work in blogging.

If one thing works for a blog, but the same thing doesn’t work for another. You’ve to find your way to be successful.

You won’t get simple answers to your questions. If you get any that will be “it depends…”.

For example, if you ask “how many page views do you need to earn living?”, you won’t get a simple answer. What you’ll get that “ it depends…”.

No one can give a simple answer to that question. Because, some are struggling to earn with million page views, but some are earning living with just a thousand page views. So, it depends.

6. No One Will Hold Your Hands

In the beginning, you wish, if someone holds your hands. I feel so sometimes.

I, sometimes, feel to ask someone – what should I do next?

No one can tell you this.

So, the best strategy is, never to ask questions. Just do. You’ll get your answer yourself.

7. Make Google Your Best Tutor

You’ll find everything searching on Google. Some will work for you and some not. Just try to implement.

Once I transferred one of my blogs from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress platform. At that time I was getting 80000 page views in that blog. But after transferring, I was just getting 10000 page views in a month. I’d gone mad.

I search in Google and found many answers to solve the problem. After spending almost one week and trying different methods, at last, I’d been able to get back those Pageviews.

So, you may not solve your problem instantly. Just keep trying and you’ll be able to do that.

8. Accept That “Blogging Is Overwhelming”

In the beginning, the situation is even worse. You need to learn new things. You need to implement those things. As well as, you need to write, edit and publish posts. you need to reply to comments and emails. You need to promote your blog and try to build your blogging community, etc, etc, etc.

And the worst thing is that you have to do all these things alone.

This is just overwhelming.

The one solution to overcome this is to just accept that blogging is overwhelming.

9. Don’t Fear To Make Mistakes

If you can’t conquer the fear of making mistakes, you won’t be able to be a successful blogger.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The more you make mistakes, the more you’ll learn. So, don’t let the fear of making mistakes stop you from learning.

The good news is that almost all of the blogging mistakes can be corrected.

10. Don’t Try To Be Perfectionist

No one is perfect. Trying to be a perfectionist can hold you back from blogging. If you don’t go online, you won’t get feedback.

11. Be Flexible

Blogging is constantly evolving. Which is working nowadays may not work in the future. So, be flexible to adopt the changes.

12. Don’t Even Think About Quitting

Although some bloggers found success at their early stage, it may take longer for you. Whatever happens, just don’t quit. Keep going. You must be successful.

13. Don’t Build Your Business On Someone’s Land

There are many free blogging platforms. You can start your blogging business on those platforms without paying a dime.

But that isn’t the right way to start a blogging business.

As you know, every business needs some initial investments. And starting a blogging business won’t cost you a fortune. You can buy a hosting package below $3 in a month from Bluehost.

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14. Keep Some Posts Ready Before Going Online

It’s not a thumb rule. You can live your blog online as you want. But having some posts on your blog while going online will give it a boost start. Thus, Whenever someone visits your blog won’t feel that your blog is empty.

15. Know Your Target Audiences

It’s very important. You should define your target audiences. Get a clear view of your audience.

Knowing who you’re writing for will help you to write better contents. You’ll be able to write as you talk to your friends.

16. Define Your Blogging Goal

I’m a fan of making plans. I like to define my goals and plan accordingly.

When it comes to blogging business, setting up goals is very essential.

Because you’ll get different advice to be successful in blogging. Although all the advice is correct in its place, they may drive you to different directions.

But you know, being successful in any area of your life needs you to go through the same direction consistently. And it’s the reason for setting up blogging goals at the initial stage of your blogging journey.

Set goals for at least five years.

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17. Take Small Steps

I often feel that everyone’s blog looks good except mine. They have a good looking blog design. They have good looking signup forms, good looking landing pages and everything in its place.

It sometimes makes me crazy.

But keep in mind that everyone was there where you’re right now. Take small steps to grow.

You don’t have to publish posts every day. In the beginning, you’ll have many other tasks to do. So, publishing two-three posts in a week is enough.

Taking small steps will save you from being overwhelmed.

18. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to blogging success. It is not a good practice that you publish a post then forget about publishing another one for the next one-two months.

Be consistent on your publishing schedule. If you publish one post in a week, no problem, just do that on the same day every week.

19. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Oh! That guy is smarter than me! Oh, that blog is more successful than mine!

This thought can ruin your success. You’re just seeing their success. You aren’t seeing the hard work behind their success.

So, don’t compare yourself to others. Just learn from them and keep going.

20. Use Social Media Wisely

Social media is one of the many ways to build your blogging community.

There are many social media sites. Focusing on all the platforms is really impossible for a single person.

Just focus on one-two social media. Once you are familiar with them then start using another one.

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21. Make Blogging Friends

In the blogging world, you won’t be able to move forward without making connections with other bloggers.

Befriend with other bloggers by commenting on their posts, sharing their post on social media and participating in blogging communities.

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22. Don’t Track Pageviews

This is a rabbit hole. If you chase your blog’s page views, you’ll find yourself chasing page views all the time. This is time wasting.

Instead, focus on building your blog.

I’m not saying, you don’t have to track page views. You do. But do it once in a month.

Keep a separate section in your blogging plan to write these things. You should check your blog stats as well as social media stats and write it down on your blogging plan every month. In this way, you’ll be able to track your progress.

23. Focus On List Building

An email list is the main asset of your blogging business. It’s yours. Nobody can take this from you.

So, focus on building an email list from the beginning of your blogging journey. You can use MailChimp which is free up to 2000 subscriber. It’s a great opportunity for new bloggers.

24. Don’t Blog For Money

If you’re hungry for earning money at the beginning, you’ll be disappointed.

If you can’t build, people won’t buy.

So, focus on giving value first, then try to earn money from your hard work.

25. Don’t Leave Your Day Job Just Now

When you’ll start learning to blog, you’ll hear this word many times, that is “be your own boss”.

It is very much possible that you’ll be able to be your own boss.

But at the initial stage, you may have to pay your living bill from other income sources. You may not earn enough from your blogging business to pay your daily expenses.

This thing can distract you and make you disappointed.

So, whatever your earning source, keep that till you earn a stable income from your blogging business.

Once you start to earn money from your blogging business, then you can leave your job to fully focus on your business.

26. Invest in Your Business

Our common tendency is to keep all our earnings. This can slow down your blogging growth. When you earn money from your blogging business, start to invest in yourself and your business.

Take blogging course, buy books from successful bloggers. Buy a good looking WordPress theme. Invest in blog marketing. Buy whatever you need to build your blogging business.

27. Delegate Tasks

If you want to take your business on the first track, you need to delegate tasks.

Once you’ll get involved deeply in blogging, you’ll know that there are huge tasks to do in a day.

You won’t have that much time to do all the tasks.
So you should buy time from others. That is you should delicate tasks like blog designing, blog marketing, etc.

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28. Believe In Yourself

If you have a burning desire to get anything in your life, you’ll surely get that. You just need to believe in yourself.

I found that this one thing holds many from getting what they want in life.

We just lost hopes and give up once we don’t get any return. You have to believe in yourself that you can do this. It may take some more times, but you can do this.


To build a successful blogging business, the first thing you need is to start a blog. Then you need to consistently try to learn and grow your business. It’s your business. So, you have to find your way to make the business successful.

I’ve just shared some tips to help you walk toward your success. But you have to walk yourself. You have to take actions.

Do you know why most people fail to get what they want in their life? It’s because they don’t take actions.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, download my free ebook – How to start a profitable blog-the right way.

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  1. Love this! Great motivation! I’m new to the blogging community so this post is very helpful for me. Thank you for all these tips! Great post!

  2. Love this post! I’m not that new to the blogging community, but I haven’t exactly been constant or posted as much as I wanted. This year I’m planning on investing more time and money in my blog and your tips are a great start!

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