4 Important Things to Focus on As a New Blogger

4 Most Important Things To Focus On As A New Blogger

You’ve just launched a blog but don’t know where to start?

In this post, I’ll discuss 4 important things to focus on and 4 other things that you should skip as a new blogger.

4 Important Things to Focus on As a New Blogger

Before that, let’s imagine the real situation…

You’ve heard that blogging is full of opportunity to make money only working two-three hours a day.

So you’ve launched a blog.

And you start learning to create content. And you came to know some terms like quality content, SEO optimized content, keyword research, and reader engaging Content, etc. etc.

Then you started to learn these things.

Let’s say you’ve started learning to create SEO optimized content.

When you tried to learn SEO, you’ve found that there is a huge learning curve which you won’t be able to learn in a lifetime.

You somehow became overwhelmed. And ignoring all these things you started to create and publish posts on your blog.

But your blog traffic isn’t growing. Then you started to learn the techniques to grow blog traffic.

And you came into some ways like social media, Guest blogging, forums, communities, blogger outreach, and many more.

Let’s say you started to learn increasing blog traffic using social media.

But there are many social media platforms. Which one should you focus on?

You don’t know.

Some experts are saying Facebook is the best for growing blog traffic.

Then you started learning to promote your blog on Facebook.

Some experts are saying Pinterest is the goldmine for increasing blog traffic.

But you couldn’t crack the thing.

And there are many social media platforms like these you wanted to be present on at a time to grow your blog.

Is it really possible? Who has 168 hours in a day?

And there are many things to learn like blog design, list building, link building, monetizing, creating products, etc.

Besides these, you also have technical things that are needed to run your blog.

Finally, you’ve been burned out and quit blogging.

Sound familiar with the situation?

This was the situation of mine when I started my first blog.

I really wanted someone to hold my hands and tell me which few things I should focus on as a new blogger.

So I decided to show you a ray of hope when you’re in this situation.

You just need these…

4 Most Important Things To Focus On As A New Blogger

These four things, I’m going to discuss below, have huge impact, directly or indirectly, to your blogging success.

So the first one is

#1 Be The Best Yourself

Success doesn’t start outside. It starts within us.

If you study all the successful bloggers, you’ll find that they all have one thing in common. That is they work on them first before being successful in blogging. They reformed themselves to be successful.

So work on yourself first to be the best you.

If you analyze the reasons for not being successful you’ll find some common excuses.

That looks something like these:

  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I’m too tired to work on my goal.
  • There are lots of work to do.
  • I don’t feel like doing anything.

Here are some things which will help you to bypass these excuses. In fact, these things helped me a lot.

Be A Morning Person:

You may have a day job or a busy day schedule, a family life, a social life.

It is really difficult to make up time for blogging.

I decided to wake up one hour earlier than my normal waking time. I now get up at 6 am.

It helps me to be more productive and stay focused all day long. I’m now trying to get at 5 am. If I can do that I’ll be able to complete two hours long work before my normal day starts.

It may seem difficult in the beginning.

But if you continuously try for one month without leaving a day off, it’ll become a habit. And you’ll thank yourself for forming this habit.

Some tips for you which helped me to become a morning person:

  • Take a glass of water before going to bed
  • Make an exciting task ready to do in the morning.
  • Keep your alarm clock far away from your bed. So that you need to get out of bed to stop the alarm in the morning.

Make A Daily Routine:

Without a daily routine, you’re just wasting your day. At the end of the day, you’ll find that you did a little.

But if you had a daily routine you could do more.

So make a daily routine and set time blocks for different tasks you need to do in the day.

It’ll help you to be more focused and productive.

I’ve talked about this in the post “How To Make An Effective Blog Schedule” and “How To Stick To Your Daily Blog Routine To Crush Your Goals“. Read these posts to get a complete idea.

Take Regular Exercise:

Another excuse we found for not doing anything is, I’m too tired.

It’s a combination of physical and mental condition and it’s normal.

Research shows that taking regular exercise will boost your mental and physical health and thus help you to sleep soundly at night, being more focused and productive.

So, set a time block in your daily routine to exercise regularly.

Do Meditation:

Meditation isn’t directly related to your blogging success.

But it will help you to be more confident, calmer and more relaxed which will help you to stay focused on blogging.

Most of the bloggers quit their blogging journey in the first year because of various difficulties in blogging.

If building a blogging business would be easy then everyone will be successful bloggers.

But that doesn’t normally happen.

If you want to be successful in anything in your life, you have to face many difficulties.

That’s the reason you need to work on yourself to be your best version. So that you can face any fear, any difficulties in the way to your blogging success.

With that in mind, let’s move on to the second important thing…

#2 Create Content And Find Your Voice

The second – most important – thing you need to focus on when you’re starting out is creating amazing content and finding your voice.

Think of your content and voice as the foundation of your blog.

Without a solid foundation, your blog is nothing. You don’t have anything for your readers.

It doesn’t matter if you are active on tons of social media accounts or you are an expert on your niche or you’re learning a lot of things.

You readers don’t know you. They won’t come to your blog to know about you. They will come to find solutions to their problems.

So forget about anything else and focus on creating amazing content first and find your writing voice (GoinsWriter).

Once you’re starting to create amazing content, it’s time to focus on…

#3 Knowing Your Readers

Without knowing your readers properly, you can’t directly relate to them.

You need to show your readers – in your writing, in all other blogging activities – that you know them as you know your friends and family members.

And That’s how you can create content that will resonate with your readers.

But what you need to know about your readers specifically?

You have to understand your readers backward, forwards, sideways and upside down. That include:

  • Who they are?
  • What are their dreams and goals?
  • What are their fears?
  • What are their problems?
  • What are their inspirations?
  • What are they struggling with?

In the beginning, you don’t know anything about your readers.

That’s normal.

You can’t understand your readers within a short time.

That’s normal too.

It’s a continuous process.

As you’re creating content and publishing them on your blog, you’ll get feedback from your readers.

That’s the opportunity to know your readers.

The more you involve with your readers, the more you’ll get opportunities to know them.

As you’re starting to understand your readers, it’s time to…

#4 Get Out Of Your Blog And Spend Time On Where Your Readers Are Engaging

Readers won’t come to your blog naturally. Because they don’t know your blog yet.

You have to go out to find them.

That’s where you’ll find many ways to get blog traffic.

It is the most crucial part of blogging. And due to this thing, most bloggers get burned out.

If you don’t handle this thing wisely, you’ll become overwhelmed. As a result, you might quit blogging.

As I said, there are many ways to get blog traffic. At one point, you may want to be everywhere at a time.

But keep in mind, you have only 24 hours in a day. Whatever you do, you have to do it within these 24 hours.

So, if you want to be everywhere, you won’t be able to do any single thing perfectly. And you’ll find that your blog isn’t growing.

There is a solution to this problem.

Don’t try to be active on all the platforms.

Find one or two ways and become master on these.

I’ll suggest focussing on two things when you’re starting out.

  • Social media
  • Making connection influencers

1. Social Media:

There are many social media platforms. When you go through any successful blog, you’ll find that they have a ton of followers on different social media platforms.

So you may want to be active on all social media to build your profile and getting blog traffic.

But, this is a big mistake made by beginner bloggers.

They try to focus on many social media sites at a time.

If you do so you’ll be burned out. This one thing can lead you to blogging quit.

Instead, just focus on one social media platform. Grow your community there. You’ll have plenty of time to focus on other social media later.

But which one social media should you focus on first?

You have to do some research. You need to find out where your target readers engage most.

Do some research on popular blogs in your niche.

And find out which social media your target readers mostly engage on.

Just focus on that one platform. Build your profile there. Be active on that single platform and grow your community. And learn every technique to use that media.

It is far better to be master on one thing rather than being everywhere.

Read More: How to use social media wisely?

2. Make Connection With Influencers

The second thing you may want to do to build your blog community as a beginner is making connections with influencer bloggers.

There are many benefits to making connections with influencers. Such as –

  • You can ask for help whenever you’re stuck.
  • They will help you to grow your blog
  • You can learn to blog from them

There are also many other benefits of making connections with successful bloggers. But at this moment you don’t need to focus on other benefits as a new blogger.

Just focus on making some good blogger friends in your niche.

But how to make blogger friends?

I’ve talked about this before on the post “Blogger Outreach: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners“. Read the post. You’ll have a solid foundation to make connections with influencers.

However, I would like to show you some quick ways:

  • Make Regular Comments On Blogs In Your Niche:

If you read the post I’ve linked above, you’ll have a list of bloggers.

Subscribe to their RSS feed using Feedly.

Make a time block in your daily routine to read posts published by them and leave valuable comments.

And thus they’ll start to notice you.

Read More: The right way to blog commenting.

  • Promote Their Post On Your Social Profile:

You don’t need to do any extra work for this.

When you read blog posts on Feedly, you can share those on your social profile using share buttons on their blog.

  • Link to Influencers From Your Blog:

We often need to link out to some resources from our posts to make that more resourceful.

It’s a great opportunity to make connections with influencers.

When you write posts, link out to influencers from your post and let them know about it by sending an email.

And thus you’ll have some good blogger friends overtime.

Really these are the most important things you need to focus on when you’re just starting out.

Once you become master on these you can move forward really quickly.

I want to discuss some other things that you should skip in the beginning. Without these, this article won’t complete.

Do you know what things you should skip as a new blogger?

Things That You Can Skip When You’re Starting Out

When you’re totally focused on being your best version, creating amazing content based on your readers’ persona, and getting out to grow your blog, feel comfortable to give permission yourself to skip the following things.

  • Blog Design:

I was guilty of this when I was starting my first blog.

I would spend hours to change my site looking, changing font and color, moving widget and learning the optimizing blog elements.

You know, I was actually not creating content – which is the foundation.

As a result, my blog wasn’t growing and I finally stopped blogging for years.

So don’t worry about blog design at this stage. Just focus on building your blog foundation. You can design your blog later.

Although blog design somehow helps, but keep in my mind, people don’t come to see your blog design. They come to read your blog and find solutions to their problems.

  • Making Money:

Have you ever come through post titles like these?

How I made $3000 in the first three months of blogging.

How to make $1000 per month within six months of starting a blog?

I see these types of posts everywhere – on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, even in Google search.

Don’t let these titles distract you.

If you don’t have any traffic, how you’ll make money. Isn’t it just a daydream?

I put some Adsense ads on this blog, in the beginning, to let my readers know that I’ll monetize this blog later using advertising, affiliate and self products.

Believe me, I wasn’t trying to make money.

You can do the same or completely ignore any monetization method until you build a solid foundation.

  • Learning:

Have I said that right?


Let me explain.

Learning without implementing doesn’t have any value.

Learning too much is a trap. If you try to learn everything at once, you’re actually not learning. You’re wasting your time.

Instead, learn a thing and implement that first. And then try to learn another thing.

If you read a blog post, use the message of the post in your favor first. Then go to read another post.

That’s the proper way of learning.

  • Being Everywhere:

In the beginning, we often feel that we need to be everywhere, we need to comment on every post, we need to tweet every article, we need to check our social news feed every 10 minutes, and we need to be connected all the time.

Isn’t it exhausting?

If you do so, you’re actually not focusing on the important things that are going to make an impact on your blogging success.

But it’s important to establish a presence on social media. For that set a time block on your daily routine.


I’m going to end this post.

Before that, I want to point out that, as everyone has free access to the online world, so you’ll get many opinions, and directions – sometimes completely opposite – to be successful in blogging.

But you have to be smart enough to find your own way.

Whichever way you choose to make a successful blog, no matter, you need to build your blog’s foundation first.

So focus on these important things I’ve discussed in this post to build a farm base of your blog.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, download my free ebook ” Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Profitable Blog – The Right Way(Item#1)”.

Do you know what things you should skip as a new blogger?

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  1. This is a very interesting topic. And truly agree with the first point the most. As without skill, one can’t go long in blogging. So the biggest challenge is to find your best skill & passion for that. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for a blogger to continue the blog. Thanks a lot for sharing such awesome content.

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