6 Things to Do Before Launching Your First Blog Online

6 Things You May Consider to Do Before Launching Your First Blog Online

6 Things to Do Before Launching Your First Blog Online

It’s the flexibility of blogging.

No one asks you why you are doing this. No one will tell you to do this thing or that thing. It is the beauty of blogging.

Even I saw some bloggers using a blog as a messenger. They just choose a topic as a headline and discuss that thoroughly in a blog post. Just like a Facebook messenger.

This post is not for them. This post is for professional bloggers who want to start a successful blogging business.

In this post, I’ll share some facts that you may want to do before launching your first blog online.

6 Things to Do Before Launching Your First Blog Online

You should consider following things to do before launching your first blog online.

1. Logo

Having a logo on your blog will show your professionalism.

I know there are many successful blogs out there without having a logo. Those are very exceptional.

We are not exceptional. So having a logo is good for your branding.

You can design your logo yourself or you can hire someone to design your logo.

For making your blog logo yourself you can use photoshop-like free tool GIMP or you can do it online free by going to free online logo creator.

You can also have your logo designed in Fiverr for 5$. But most of the time the designed logo is not just good.

Or you also can hire professional logo designer from 99designs.

I’ll suggest not to spend much at this stage because you are just starting your blog. You can change your blog logo later when you’ll start earning money on your blog.

2. Tagline

It is called an elevator pitch of a blog. It is something which describes your blog. The elevator pitch can be short and long.

You can use the short version of elevator pitch as your tagline.

Such as this blog’s tagline is “Eliminate blogging overwhelm“.

How to use the tagline on your WordPress blog?

To change your blog’s tagline login to your WordPress dashboard > Setting > General.

On the page, you’ll see a field Tagline filled with a sentence “Just another WordPress blog“. Replace that with your own.

3. About Me Page

As a professional blogger, we all have a plan. You should have a goal with your blog. I have too.

Another thing, when you’ll start blogging professionally people want to know more about you and your blog.

So write a killer About Me page before going online.

Make sure your blog’s About Me page covers the following things –

About you: Write details about you clearly. Try to answer the following questions.

What do you do in the real world?

What about your family?

Why are you in the blogging world?

Your likes, your dislikes.

Your specialty, etc.

About your blog: Write details about your blog. What will you do on your blog? How will you do it? What topic will you cover?

Your readers: Tell visitors who should be your blog readers? Who will be benefitted from your blog?

Your blogging goal: This is very important.

Tell your readers what is your blogging goal? How are you going to achieve it?

How readers can connect you: On about page, give your readers clear instruction on how they can reach you. How they can come back to your blog or subscribe to your blog.

At least cover the above-discussed things on your blog’s about page before going online.

4. Make 10 posts ready

It’s not a thumb rule. You can go online as you wish.

But, isn’t it better when visitors will land on your blog’s homepage they’ll see some posts instead of a blank page?

So keep at least 10 posts ready to have on your blog before going online.

5. Email opt-in

It’s one of the most important things for successful blogging.

Don’t you know what is email opt-in?

It is an email subscription form where your readers can subscribe to your blog by providing their email address to you.

Collect those email and keep them in a safe place. You’ll need it later.

You can use Mailchimp for list building which is free up to 2000 subscribers.

6. Register Your Brand Name On Social Media Sites

Yes, before going online after registering a domain you need to book your brand name on all possible social media sites.

I know you are not going to use all social media sites at a time in the near future. In fact, I’ll suggest to pick one at a time and go with that.

Whichever social media you are going to use, no matter, book your band name on all social media sites and keep the data (username and password) on an excel sheet. You’ll need it later.

Give your reader an opportunity to subscribe via your social network by showing subscribe button in your blog’s sidebar before launching your blog online.

I’m not an expert about blog launching. Please don’t judge me like an expert.

I’ve just shared what I’ve learned throughout my journey of learning blogging if it helps you.

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  1. Wow, this is informative. I like the way you crafted the post.

    To start a blog, one need few posts so that new visitors will be served with something.


  2. I’ve done my part in research to launch my first blog ever! I recently been praying to lead me in the right direction on what I should do next. All this is a bit overwhelming, especially when it’s basically self taught from lots of reading. Anyways what a coincidence I see your post on my timeline & walah✨ You literally answered all my “before launch, todo list” god is good to me! & my prayers have been answered🙌 Thank you for writing this perfect post! 👍

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