How To Stick To Your Daily Blog Routine To Crush Your Goals

How To Stick To Your Daily Blog Routine To Crush Your Goals

How To Stick To Your Daily Blog Routine To Crush Your Goals

Your blogging success mostly depends on the completion of necessary tasks on time. That’s the reason I ask my readers to make a blog schedule. A few days ago I’ve talked about how to make an effective blog schedule. Based on your schedule, you can make your daily blog routine easily.

The problem is that we often can’t stick to our blog routine. But sticking to the blog routine is a must to complete your day to day blogging tasks.

People will tell you to break out of routine and do the exciting things that challenge you. While this may sound good, it isn’t necessarily always a good thing.

Our daily routine can make a huge difference to how productive we are.

In this post, I’ll share my own tips to stick to your daily blog routine.

Why Should You Stick To Your Blog Routine?

Before showing you the tips for sticking to your daily blog routine, I would like to show you some benefits of it. So that you can be motivated.

One of the main reasons I found not to stick to a daily blog routine is the lack of motivation. So knowing the benefits of sticking to a daily blog routine will help you get motivated.

Gaining Readers’ Trust:

You may have heard that publishing posts on the same day every week is important. We call this consistency. Consistency helps to gain readers’ trust. When you publish posts on the same day every week, your reader will visit your blog on that day. Because they know that your post is published on the day. Just like any TV program.

We all want to produce and publish posts on our blog constantly in same day of every week.

But due to the many other blogging tasks, we forget to write and publish on time.

When you set a time block in your daily routine and follow the routine every day, your posts will be ready to be published on time.

You’ll Enjoy Your Work:

When I complete all the tasks on my daily routine, I feel relaxed. It makes me satisfied. There is no more rewarding thing than satisfaction.

Sticking to your daily blog routine will help you to complete all the necessary tasks. If you can complete tasks on time, you’ll enjoy your work.

You’ll Be Productive:

Productivity is a thing we’re always hungry for. Setting a time block for every task on your daily blog routine and sticking to the routine to complete those tasks will help you become more productive.

It Reduces Time Waste:

Working in a format helps our brain to be ready for the next task. Sticking to your daily routine means you’re working in a format. It’ll get your brain ready for the next task. And it’ll reduce time waste.

You Can Calculate The Required Time To Complete Any Task:

One of the exciting benefits of sticking to a daily blog routine is, you’ll be able to calculate the required time to complete a task. And you can try to find a way to reduce that time day by day.

It took me an hour to write 300 words. Then I tried to write 500 words and I succeeded. Then I tried more. Now I’m able to write 700 to 800 words in an hour.

10 Tips To Stick To Your Daily Blog Routine To Crush Your Goals

I’m sharing my personal tips which help me to stick to my daily blog routine. I think these will help you too.

1. Commit To It:

The first thing you need is to be committed to your daily blog routine. No matter what happens, you’ll complete your daily tasks.

I sometimes feel doing nothing. It’s a human nature.

When I feel so, I just tell myself that I need to complete all the tasks in my daily routine.

This thing helps me to stick to the routine.

2. Take Regular Breaks:

When you are doing a task for a long time, your brain will slow down your productivity. This is a science.

Taking breaks regularly will help you gain energy.

I take a five minutes break after every twenty five minutes. It helps me to get on my routine.

During this time I do some light exercise or a short walk in my living room.

It helps me to get on my daily routine with full energy.

3. Think Positive And Prevent Negative Thoughts:

All the tasks in our daily blog routine are small. We sometimes think that not doing such a small task won’t harm that much. This is a negative thought.

All these small tasks will take you to your big goals.

So, focus on your blog goal and think positive.

4. Think Ahead:

This is the amazing thing of making a blog schedule.

I know which thing I need to do next even without looking at my routine.

When I go to bed at night, I know which task I’ll do the next morning. I feel inspired and It helps me to get out of bed in the morning and start the task.

5. Motivate Yourself:

Motivation is very important doing anything successfully.

In the beginning, blogging may not pay you for your hard work. Doing anything successfully without getting any return is really difficult.

But in blogging, you need to do hard work without getting any instant return.

For doing so you need to motivate yourself.

Connect with successful bloggers. Read their stories that how they constantly blog when they didn’t get any return. Read motivational books.

The purpose is to get motivations to do your daily blogging tasks. It’ll help you to stick to your daily blog routine.

How To Stick To Your Daily Blog Routine To Crush Your Goals

6. Focus On Your End Goal:

Every blogger, who wants to build a successful blogging business, should have at least one big goal in their mind.

What you’re trying to build with your blog? Do you want to be an author through your blogging? Do you want to be famous in your niche?

These are your end goals.

Your daily blog routine is just the reflection of those end goals. You are doing small things every day to achieve those big goals.

Think about those end goals every day. Imagine you’re achieving them. At the end of each day, you’re reaching near to your goal.

Thinking this way will help you to stick to your daily routine. It works for me.

7. Don’t Live Mediocrity Life:

I was trying to quit smoking. Every day I thought that today is my last smoking day. And next day, again I would take one stick and thought that after taking this I’ll quit.

But it passed long doing so before finally I quit smoking.

I think you’re familiar with this situation.

The same happened when I was trying to get up early in the morning.

When it comes to sticking to a daily blog routine, the situation is the same. Every day you’ll think that okay, let me relax today. Tomorrow I’ll finish all my daily tasks.

This is called mediocrity. Stop doing this.

Once your blog routine is ready, just tell yourself that you’ll finish all the tasks in your daily blog routine every day. Don’t leave that for the next day.

8. Be An Early Riser:

If you want to be successful in anything, not only in blogging, you need to be an early riser.

Because if you don’t get up early, you’ll be pressurized due to the lot of pending task. At least I feel so. This pressure can demotivate you. If you can complete some of your tasks in the morning, you’ll have the rest of the day to do other tasks. You’ll feel relaxed. You’ll feel inspired.

The day I couldn’t get up early in the morning, it becomes really difficult for me to stick to my daily blog routine that day.

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9. Learn To Enjoy Blogging:

If you don’t enjoy blogging it’ll be difficult for you to stick to your blog routine. Learn to enjoy blogging.

If you too much obsessed with blogging, you may feel demotivated.

Demotivation will hold you back from sticking to your blog routine.

Someone may tell you to do hard work. When you do hard work, I think you don’t enjoy. Because enjoyment can’t be hard.

So what you need to do to enjoy blogging?

  • Spend family time.
  • Don’t take too much blogging pressure.
  • Get out from your desk frequently.
  • Be social
  • Engage with blogging communities.
  • Make your blogging schedule relaxed.

All these things will help you to enjoy blogging. And when you’ll enjoy blogging, you’ll automatically get into your blogging routine.

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10. Act Like A Machine:

This is my last trump card. Sometimes I feel that nothing is working. No matter what I try, I just can’t get myself in front of my computer.

If this happens, I just act like a machine. When we turn on a machine, the machines just starts to act.

When I feel doing nothing, I just turn on my computer and start to do a thing on my daily blog routine.

Once I start doing, I gain energy and inspiration.

You can practice this. This works for me.


If you want to build a successful blogging business, you need to have a daily blog routine. Only having a routine won’t take you anywhere. You’ll need to follow your routine every day.

The tips I’ve shared here help me to follow my routine consistently. I think it’ll help you too.

Your Opinion

I would like to hear from you. How do you stick to your daily blog routine? Please share in the comments below…

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