How to Setup Your Blogging Goal and Plan Accordingly

“Without blogging goal your blog will go nowhere.”

I launch this blog With the aim of making you able to make money blogging. Before start to make money you have to make your blog useful for your readers.

If you don’t setup your blogging goal, it will be difficult for you to make your blog useful.

Blogging is not only writing and publishing content. There are many other things you need to do to make your blog successful. Such as blog design, blog marketing, socializing, blog commenting, engaging with readers, list buildingSearch engine optimization, etc, etc, etc.

You have to do all these things alone at the beginning. No one will help you at beginning. So, if you don’t setup your blogging goal, you will be overwhelmed at some point. And this can lead you to failure.

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Why You Should Setup Blogging Goal?

But, don’t worry. In this post, I’ll show you how to setup your blogging goal and plan accordingly.

Blog goal setting

How to setup blogging goal and plan accordingly

I’ll suggest you to do this in a word document. Open a blank word document first.

Set Long Term Goal:

We’ll make this goal for one year. So set the goal for one year.

On the top of the 2nd page of your word document write down “Long Term Goal” as heading. Below the heading write down the deadline you want to achieve the goal by. For example “by June, 2018“.

Now write down 5 goals for the first year of your blogging. Those can be as below:

5 Major Goals to Achieve by deadline

Now write down the 3 major site improvement you want to achieve by deadline. It will be as below:

3 Major Site Improvement I Want to Accomplish by Deadline

As you are blogging professionally you need to setup Traffic and income goal also. Write it down as below:

Traffic and Income goal
Total Monthly Income:
Monthly unique visitor:
Total Email subscriber:
Facebook Likes:
Twitter follower:
Google+ follower:
Global Alexa Ranking:

After setting long term goals you now know that what you should do throughout the year.

In the long term goal, you just listed the major tasks which you want to accomplish by the deadline. Every major task requires other small tasks to do. You can’t do those small tasks in a day or in a month. So you have to plan which small tasks you will do in which month.

Tasks at a Glance:

On the top of the 3rd page of your WordPress document write down “Tasks at a Glance” as the heading.

Now separate your small tasks in each month from January to December as below:

January:  1………..  2……..  3…….

February: 1………..  2……..  3…….

March: 1………..  2……..  3…….

April: 1………..  2……..  3…….

May: 1………..  2……..  3…….

June: 1………..  2……..  3…….

July: 1………..  2……..  3…….

August: 1………..  2……..  3…….

September: 1………..  2……..  3…….

October: 1………..  2……..  3…….

November: 1………..  2……..  3…….

December: 1………..  2……..  3…….

Monthly Blogging Goal:

You now know which tasks you need to do in a specific month.

In the next blank page of your WordPress document write down “Monthly Blogging Goal” as a heading.

Below the heading write down the month’s name and year. Such as “August 2017“.

Now set the goal for the month as below:

5 Tasks I want to accomplish this month:

3 site improvement I want to accomplish this month

Traffic and Income goal for this month

Gross monthly income:
Monthly unique visitors:
Email subscribers:

To achieve the monthly goals you have to plan your monthly tasks on a weekly basis.

Weekly planner:

In the next page of your WordPress document write down “weekly planner” as a heading.

Below the heading write down the week number of the month. Such as “week 1 of August 2017“.

Now plan for the week as below:

Things to do this week:

Post schedule for this week

Post one:

Post two:

Post three:

For making post schedule you have to decide which day of the week you want to publish your post on. There is nothing wrong to publish only one post in a week. Many successful bloggers, like Neil Patel, publish only one post in a week.

So, decide first, how many posts you want to publish in a week and which day you want to publish it. And plan accordingly.

Do the same for the rest of the weeks of the month.

Keep in mind that your weekly planner should be based on the monthly goal.

Daily task (To Do):

Do you remember we left the first page of our WordPress document blank?

On that page, make a “To Do” list for every day’s tasks. It can be as below:

  • Publishing/Scheduling post
  • SEO and Traffic (blog commenting, guest posting, Community forum, etc)
  • Facebook  (publish a post, participate in Group, etc.)
  • Twitter (tweeting, following, engaging with follower)
  • Work on next post.

Monthly Tracker

If you just plan but don’t track that, you won’t know how you are doing. So track your goal at the end of every month. So that you can plan for the next month effectively.

On a blank page of your WordPress document write down “Monthly Tracker” as the heading.

Write down the month’s name below the heading. Now write the following things:

Ad network income
Affiliate income:
Private advertising income:
Freelance writing income:
Direct sales income:
Other income:
Total Income

Total monthly visits:
Unique monthly visitors:
Page views:
Average page views per visit:
Average visit duration:

Google PageRank:
Global Alexa rating:
Us Alexa rating:

You actually completed goal setting and planning for your blog. But I want to include some more thing in your blog planning. That is the “Monthly Idea“.

Monthly Post Idea:

In the next page of your WordPress document write down “Monthly idea” as a heading. Below the heading, write down month’s name.

I know, you set category for your blog post. Write them down here as below:

Category 1:

Category 2:

Category 3:

Category 4:

Additional Idea:

During writing post for your blog, you’ll come up with many other post ideas. You should write those ideas here. Otherwise, you’ll forget those ideas later.

You also should keep some time separate to think about your blog in every month. How will you present your blog to your readers? What should you Write? How will you organize your post? Think about it and write those ideas in this section. Do this at the end of every month.

You are almost done. If you want to blog professionally then you have to invest money in your blog. After all, it is your business.

So, keep records of all expenses every month in this goal setting document.

Say Something

Do you have any better idea for setting up blogging goal and blog planning? Please share in comments…

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  1. Your post is so motivating and something I was actually looking for! I do have plans for my posts but sometimes just lack motivation

  2. honestly I havent done setting up goals for my blog as I go with the flow but you’re right I must have a plan and thanks for the sharing this, I now have the idea what to start with

  3. Wow! This makes life easier at so many levels. I am also impressed at the pain you took for details. I am definitely going to follow it. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. I am saving this article. I love how detailed and organized you are. This is definitely going to help me be more productive! Now, if I only had some more writing inspiration!

  5. I definitely need to do a lot of the things listed here. However I personally am not sure how seriously I want to do my blog so that is something I definitely need to figure out too!

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