Why You Should Set Up Blogging Goals?

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”.

If you don’t set your blogging goals then there is a huge possibility to immerse in the blogging sea. The ultimate result is you’ll quit blogging.

If you don’t know where you are going then how can you get there?

Let me tell my story.
I started a blog with the aim of keeping all my professional knowledge and experience  in a place in a well structured way. After six years of starting that blog when I look at that blog I find I didn’t even complete one-fourth of that.

Because I immersed in blogging sea with that blog.

After starting that blog I found new things everyday like changing the blog theme, changing the title color, changing background image of blog, trying to learn coding, etc, etc etc.

I had a problem (Still I have, trying to get out) that when I learn a new thing I just try to experiment that.

Learning is a good habit, experimenting too. But if you want to achieve something you have to focus on that without distracting. Here comes the goal.

The main purpose of setting blogging goals is to focus on what you want to achieve.

Let’s see why a blogger should set up blogging goals….

Why a blogger should set up blogging goals?

blogging goals

blogging goals let you know where you want to go

It’s ok to start blogging journey without setting up any destination. After all, starting is very important.

If you are waiting to start something perfectly then it’ll never started. Just start somehow you will be able to figure it out later.

But if you want to get to your blogging destination then you should set blogging goals.

When you set up your blogging goal then you’ll know your destination that is, where you want to go with your blog.

Blogging goals help you to find out the route

When you know your destination then it is easy for you to select the route to go to your destination. You can plan how to get your destination within short possible time.

Blogging goals help you to define your purpose

Many successful bloggers nowadays are startedtheir blogging without any purpose. They just started their blogging journey as a hobby blogger. You also might have started that way.

If you set your blogging goals it will help you to define your blogging purpose.

Blogging goals guide you to right direction

If you know your blogging destination, select route and define your purpose then you’ll be guided to the right direction automatically.

Blogging goals force you to Focus on the most important things

It is very important to focus. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go?

When you know the answer of these questions then you know what to do. Human beings have a tendency to be jack of all trades but master of none.

If you set your blogging goals it will force you to do only important things.

Blogging goals help you to refine your blogging strategy

When you set your blogging goals you can track them. If you found that you could not achieve the results you want then you can refine your blogging strategy.

Blogging goals help you to plan for future blogging

Goals are not for set and forget. It is tracking your progress. When you look back to your goals and achievements it’ll be easy for you to plan for future.

So, after starting a blog you should set up your blogging goal as early as possible to track your blogging success.

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