9 Unavoidable Reasons To Update Old Blog Posts

9 Unavoidable Reasons To Update Old Blog Posts

9 Unavoidable Reasons To Update Old Blog Posts

If you’ve been blogging for some times, you definitely have some posts in your blog archive. They might have become outdated. To bring them up to date is something we call updating blog post.

It isn’t a good practice that you have published some amazing posts and keep them there for years.

In fact, you’re blogging for your readers. So it’s your responsibility to give them the best. And updating old blog posts is a part of giving your readers the best.

There are some amazing benefits of updating old blog posts which you can’t avoid. In this post, I’ll show you those benefits.

You may not have enough time to update all your old blog posts. You may want to be strategic to select the post to update. In that case, I’ll show you how to select the post to update.

You may don’t have an idea about which things you should consider while updating your old blog posts. So, I’ll discuss those things too.

In a summary, I’ll discuss three things in this post.

  • Reasons to update old blog post
  • How to choose posts to update
  • Which things to consider during updating a blog post.

9 Unavoidable Reasons to Update Old Blog Posts

The main reason for updating old posts is to serve our readers best. But there are some other reasons you can’t avoid.

1. Changing Your Opinion

We are human. Our belief and thoughts are constantly changing. What we believed yesterday may be changed today.

You have published a post long ago. Maybe you want to change the opinion you shared in that post.

Updating old blog posts gives you the opportunity to change your old opinion.

2. Changing Information

Your old post may contain some information which is outdated. You should update that information.

For example, I’ve published a post on how to write a post in WordPress dashboard some time ago. But WordPress changed the thing in their last update. So, I should review the post to update its information.

3. Replace Broken Links

We often link out to some resources from our blog posts. What if the link is changed somehow?

It’ll show a broken link in your blog post.

So, updating old blog posts gives you an opportunity to rectify those broken links.

4. Updating Post Format And Image

You may want to re-format your post to make it enjoyable to read. While updating old blog post you can do that.

In some of my old posts, I didn’t use Pinterest friendly images. After learning about Pinterest marketing, I’m now uploading Pinterest friendly images in my old blog posts.

So, updating old blog posts gives you an opportunity to format your post properly and update media.

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5. Eliminating Typos

When you first published your posts, there may have typo errors. Updating posts will give you an opportunity to eliminate those typos.

6. SEO Benefits

Strategically using keywords in your post will boost SEO. While updating your old blog post, you’ll have an opportunity to input more keywords into your post. More than that Google loves fresh and updated content.

7. Removing Spam Comments

You definitely accept some comments in your posts which are totally irrelevant to your post. You can delete those comments while updating your posts.

These is also another benefit which I found very effective.

While writing a post we didn’t answer all the questions our readers may have. You’ll find your readers ask some questions in the comments which are relevant to your posts.

While updating your old blog posts, you can answer those questions within your blog post.

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8. Improving Internal Link

After publishing the post which you’re updating you definitely have published many posts. While updating old posts, you can interlink those new posts from the post that you’re updating.

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9. Getting Ideas For New Posts

It’s often a common problem of bloggers to come up with new post ideas.

But I never had this problem.

That is another topic. I’ll discuss this some other day.

While updating my old blog posts, I often get many ideas to write about.

Although there may have many other benefits of updating old blog posts, I found these reasons very effective for me.

So, you should go through your post archive and start updating them.

I know, all the bloggers are hungry for time. You can ask me how to manage time to update old posts.

My answer is, this is your business. You have to do it for growing your business. You have to manage time.

Although you should have a plan to update all your old posts, you can be strategic to select posts to update first if you have time-shortage. Once you begin, you’ll find your way.

Which Post To Update First?

To help you select the post to update first, I’m sharing some of my strategies below.

Select The Post That is Published More Than A Year Ago: Go to WordPress dashboard > Posts > All posts and look into the Date column to find a one-year-old post.

Select The Post That Hasn’t Received Any Organic Traffic In The First Month: Go to Google Analytics and find the post that hasn’t received any traffic.

Read More: How to use Google Analytics?

If a post not receiving any organic traffic means you didn’t use keywords in the post properly. To give it an SEO boost use keywords properly.

Select The Post That Has Zero Comments: If you’re not getting comments in a post means the post isn’t engaging. Increase reader engagement by updating it.

Go to your WordPress dashboard > All posts. Now, look through the Comments column to find the post that has zero comments.

Select The Post With Outdated Information: If you write about technology or online related things, you’ll find most of your post is outdated. Because those sectors are constantly changing.

You have to find your way to find out those type of posts.

But I have a way to find these type of post. I’m sharing that with you.

I often link back to my old posts from the post I’m going to publish.

I have a point in my post publishing checklist that is, review the post I’m linking to. While reviewing I sometimes find some posts with outdated information. I just list them in a Google spreadsheet and plan to update. You can follow this strategy.

What Things To Consider While Updating An Old Blog Post?

Consider the following things to review while updating an old blog post.

  • Rewrite post title
  • Add fresh content
  • Correct typos and grammar
  • Improve readability
  • Include relevant images
  • Reconsider keyword
  • Get fresh backlinks to your updated content
  • Add internal links

When Should You Consider Republishing The Post You’re Updating?

You can leave the post as it is after updating. You can also republish the post. For republishing the post, you just need to change the publishing date in your WordPress post editor.

Just click on the Document column on the right side of the WordPress post editor and change the date as shown in the image below.

Republishing posts have some benefits. Your new readers will find your old posts and your old readers will have a fresh look of your post. It’ll also reduce the workload of your content creation.

But when should you republish your old posts?

Yoast talked about this in one of their posts. Read the post “Should you republish old post?”.

If you want to republish your old post properly, read the post published by Problogger How to republish old posts?”.


As bloggers, we have many tasks to do. You may think that updating old posts is a waste of time.

But it isn’t. You just need to get organize.

It’ll increase your readership eventually. So, make a time slot in your blog schedule to update your old posts.

Share Your Opinion

How often do you update your old posts? Do you have any strategy? Please share in the comments below…

8 thoughts on “9 Unavoidable Reasons To Update Old Blog Posts”

  1. I agree with you. Infact I think it’s a great idea as you know much more than you knew earlier (when you published a post in past). One can improvise the post republish it to provide updated information to the readers. This also helps in increasing readers.

  2. I’m actually in the process of updating old posts weekly. Adding new pins has been helping drive more traffic to old posts and my blog altogether. Thanks for the tips of updating the ones from over a year ago first. I’m going to do that instead of what I’m currently doing.

    This was a great post. Thanks!


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