10 Exceptional Reasons to Be a Blogger

Reason to be a blogger

Most of the successful bloggers tell you to be a blogger. It is not that they are earning much money from their blog, they definitely getting other benefits from their blog. Making money blogging can be just one reason. But there are many other very useful reasons to be a blogger.

I also tell you to be a blogger. Not that I’m making much money blogging, but blogging reformed my daily life for the better.

So, from my personal point of view, I’m sharing some things I benefited from blogging.

One of them can be a good reason for you to be a blogger.


10 Exceptional Reasons to be a blogger

Here I’m sharing some nice benefits I got after being a blogger. Those can be a good reason for you too to be a blogger.


1. Blogging Makes You a Good Student

I started a blog in 2011. Which is related to my professional subject – civil engineering.

I work on building construction project. So I wanted to keep all the things related to building construction in an online place like a blog.

When I start to write a post about a topic related to my professional subject, I realize that I don’t know many things about the topic. But, before start writing, I thought, I would know everything about that topic.

When I realize, I don’t know many things about the topic I’m writing, I start to learn the things to complete the article.

In this way, I’ve been a good student.

So, becoming a good student can be a reason for you to be a blogger.

2. Blogging Makes You An Expert

When I continuously write article after article, I also learn many new things about building construction. And thus I’m gaining knowledge day by day about the subject.

And you know, when you are continuously learning new things on a selected subject you’ll be an expert someday on the subject.

So, becoming an expert can be a reason for you to be a blogger.

3. Blogging Gives You Better Idea About Anything

Suppose, I wrote an article about “How to construct a small house”. When I publish this post in my blog, I get many suggestions from readers to do that in a much easy way. Sometimes readers email me that I can build a house more easily than I do.

In this way, I get many attractive ideas about how to do things easily from my readers.

So, getting better ideas for doing things easily can be a good reason for you to be a blogger.

4. Blogging Helps You to Make New Connections

I made many good friends of similar interests through blogging. The friends, I made through my civil engineering blog, are ready to help me on civil construction related issues. Whenever I am stuck on something on building construct, I just knock them and they give me many good ideas. And it helps me a lot.

So, making connections with people of similar interests can be a good reason for you to be a blogger.

5. Blogging helps you establish yourself as an authority

I don’t want to show myself as an authority. But when people ask for any suggestion on civil construction related issues through my blog, I feel proud. I try to help them from my heart.

People ask solutions for their problems from me because they consider me as an authority.

So, establishing yourself as an authority on your subject can be a good reason for you to be a blogger.

6. Blogging helps you to find passion

Before starting my civil engineering blog, I thought I know everything about building construction.

After starting the blog I realized that I know almost nothing about that. So I start learning the things which I don’t know. When I learn new things every day, I feel motivated to learn more. And thus I found my passion for building construction.

So, finding your passion can be a good reason for you to be a blogger.

7. Blogging improves your writing skill

Practice makes a man perfect” – probably the most heard sentence. If you want to improve your writing skill, you have to write more.

Without any reason, you are not going to write anything. If you start a blog you have to write to publish posts. In this way, your writing skill will be improved.

As you know, I’m not a native English speaker. That’s why you’ll find grammatical mistakes and word choice mistakes in my article. But that should not stop me from blogging. I’m seeing improvement in my writing day by day.

Having any writing mistake in your article can bother some of your readers. But I believe, blogging is all about saying message. If you can say your message clearly in your post than that should be enough.

But if you just don’t start writing because of the fear of writing mistake, how will you improve your writing skill.

So, improving writing skill can be a reason for you to be a blogger.

8. Blogging makes you organized

When I started my civil engineering blog, I wasn’t so organized. I even didn’t publish post regularly. But when I realized that people are reading my blog and they are engaging with my blog then I started to feel guilty for not publishing post regularly and not replying their comments.

So, I made a blogging plan to make all the things organized. Such as publishing post regularly, keeping time for replying my readers’ comments daily, engaging with my readers through social media, etc. etc.

In this way, I am now a better organized person.

So, making you organized can be a reason for you to be a blogger.

9. Blogging increases your thinking ability

When you learn from someone else, you learn from his knowledge. Your brain just copies his knowledge.

When you learn from a book, your brain just copy the knowledge from the book.

Your thinking ability doesn’t increase from learning. Okay. I agree. If you think about what you’ve learned then your thinking ability will be increased. But we don’t always do this.

If you start writing a post then your brain will start thinking. Suppose, when I decided to write this post I didn’t even know that how much I’m benefited from blogging. After starting to write this post, I’m amazed to know that I’m getting benefits from the blog in many ways. That is the thinking ability.

So, increasing your thinking ability can be a good reason for you to be a blogger.

10. Blogging helps you to form new habits

This is a very important thing. That is, making a good habit. We always fail to make good habits if there is no force behind it.

I made some good habits because of blogging. I now wake up early in the morning. I now take exercise regularly.

How blogging helped me to form those good habits?

A few months later, after starting my civil engineering blog, I realized that people are engaging with my blog. So I needed to find more time to meet their expectation, to reply to their comment, to engage with them and to write post regularly.

As I’m a project manager of building construction projects, I always run short of time. So I decided to get up early in the morning. Now I get up 6 am instead of 8 am.

Initially, I felt uneasy to get up early. But, after a month or so, I’m now comfortable to get up early in the morning. So, I can definitely say that blogging will help you to form good habits.

So, making good habits can be a good reason for you to be a blogger.

Should I say anything to convince you to be a blogger? You can’t imagine, how many ways you can be benefited from blogging.



There are many benefits of blogging. One of the most exciting reasons to be a blogger is, you can build a thriving blogging business eventually. If you want to be a successful blogger, read “Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Blog – The Right Way“.


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  1. Blogging is a interesting for those who has writing skill or who has to know about right use of blogging and its standard , othewise it is useless when u have left writing on blog.

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