Are You Struggling to Create Quality Content? Here are The Guidelines…

After setting up a blog, the first step to make money blogging is to create quality content.

Most of the new bloggers often make this mistake. That is, before creating any useful content they start to market their blog.

If you want to make money blogging, you have to create quality contents after setting up your blog.

So please don’t just jump for blog marketing before creating quality content for your blog. If your visitors don’t find your blog useful they’ll leave your blog immediately. And there is a vast possibility that they never come back to your blog again.

So, create useful and quality contents for your blog first. Then market your blog.

Now the question is, how to create quality content for your Blog?

Quality content writing guideline

Guidelines for creating quality content

You can spend your whole life on gathering knowledge to create a quality content. But that is not our purpose. We want to make such contents for our blog which will be useful for our readers, which will clearly express our messages. Which our readers will be benefited from. In my opinion, that is the quality of a content.

For that purpose, I’ve shared some guidelines below for you to create a quality content that your readers will want to read and will be benefited from.

1. Create original content

Your content should be original. It should be written from your own thought. Stealing someone else’s content, you won’t be able to maintain the quality of your post. And there is a possibility that Google also will mark you as a spammer. So be original.

But, how to create original content?

When I first heard about creating original content then I thought, how is it possible? No one born with knowledge. What we learn, we learn it from here, from our globe. So, how to be original?

I’m not telling you not to read other’s post. Of course, you should read other’s post. This is the process of learning. If you stop learning you are literally dead. So, never stop learning.

When you decide to write on a topic, you must read about the topic first. You have to research the topic. You have to find as many answers as possible about the topic. You have gathered as much knowledge as possible about the topic.

If you think, you know enough about the topic then you can start writing content. When you start writing content, don’t just paste the thing from your memory what you’ve learned. Write it in your own way. On your own style.

2. Find the purpose of writing content

Quality differs from person to person. There is no universal standard of quality content. So, what quality means to me, it doesn’t require to mean the same thing to you.

Quality of a content depends on the purpose of writing it.

Let me explain…

If you write for 10-years-old kids, that can’t be a quality content for college students. And if you write for college students that should not be a quality content for 10-years-old kids.

On the other hand, if you are writing a tutorial that should be an exact step by step process. You can’t write a tutorial as an essay. You also can’t write an essay as a tutorial.

So, if you want to write good quality content, define the purpose of writing –

Who will you write for?

What type of content will you write?

3. Write valuable content

If you want to write for entertaining your readers, try to write something that will really entertain them.

If you want to write tutorial type content, write that in details. Try to answer all the questions your readers may have about the tutorial.

In short, give something valuable to your readers with your content.

4. Clearly describe your message

What you want to say, say it clearly. Every content has a message or messages. A good quality content describes its message clearly. So make your content easy to understand. So that anyone can read and understand the message you want to say through your content.

5. Write actionable content

What action do you want your readers to take after reading your content?

A quality content should have clear guidelines for taking action. So that your readers won’t be confused to take action after reading your content.

Take this post as an example. I’m writing this post for showing you guidelines for writing good quality content. After reading this post you will know what should have in your content to make It a good quality content. Then you won’t face any trouble to write good quality content.

So, you can say this post as actionable content.

6. Be Accurate

If you show any data or information in your post, try to be accurate. If needed, include source link of the data.

7. Make your post SEO friendly

You wrote a good quality content. but there is no use of it if no one finds that to read.

So make your post SEO friendly. So that if someone searches for the topic on search engines they can find your post.

A few days ago I wrote a post about this. Read that below:

How to Make Your Post SEO Friendly?

8. Keep your post length reasonable

Google declared that they love long details post. Almost all posts we find on the first page of Google search result, are above 1500 words. So writing long details post can increase the change of your post to be found on Google’s first page.

But, on a research, it is found that about 60% to 80% of online readers read articles on mobile (source). Long posts can be scary for them. So don’t always write long posts. Keeping your readers in mind, cut the unnecessary sentences from your post.

So, what should be the reasonable length for a good quality post?

Depending on the type of content, try to keep your content length between 600 to 1000 words.

9. Make your content enjoyable to read

You wrote a good quality content. But what if your readers don’t enjoy to read that?

So, a good quality content not only provides valuable information, it also should be enjoyable to read.

So, how to make your content enjoyable to read?

  • Include a relevant funny image in your post.
  • Try to insert infographics in your post.
  • When asking a question, try to make that italic or bold.
  • When providing an answer to any questions, try to make that italic or bold.
  • If your content is long, insert several images in regular interval.

10. Eliminate grammatical errors and spelling error from your content

Spelling and grammatical mistakes can ruin the quality of your content. Google also established that spelling and grammatical errors can decrease the trustworthiness of your content.

So, read and re-read, edit and re-edit your content before hitting the publish button to make that free from grammatical and spelling error.

So what we found in this post to write quality content?

To write quality content, you must have a clear concept about your message. Your content should be valuable to your readers. Your content should be easily understandable, error-free and trustworthy.


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    I need to first of all recommend you for this lovely post of yours. Channeling out quality contents is the dream of every blogger but how to go about is what is keeping many in the dark.

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