How to Promote Blog Post on Pinterest to Increase Pageviews

How to Promote Your Blog Post on Pinterest to Increase Pageviews

How to Promote Blog Post on Pinterest to Increase Pageviews

When I wanted to market my blog on Pinterest for getting blog traffic I had a lot of questions in my head.

Such as,

How do I share my blog post on Pinterest?

Which board should a blog post be pinned to?

How many times should I pin a blog post to a board?

How many boards should a post be pinned to?

I’ve researched a lot and read many posts online to find out the answers to those questions.

Based on the research, I’ve established a strategy that how should I promote my blog posts on Pinterest.

Once I started implementing this strategy I started getting results.

In this post, I’ll share how I promote my blog post on Pinterest.


How to Promote Your Blog Post on Pinterest

I’ll share the step by step process to promote a blog post on Pinterest. You actually need to complete the process in three easy steps.


Step One: Pin Your Recently Published Blog Post to Your Blog Specific Pinboard on Pinterest

The first thing you need to do for promoting a blog post on Pinterest is to pin your recently published blog post.

For that, you have to have a Pinterest friendly image in your post. Before publishing, make sure you’ve included a Pinterest friendly image in your blog post.

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Once your post is published, open the post in your browser and pin the image to your blog specific pinboard on Pinterest.

I’ve created a blog specific pinboard on my Pinterest profile and named it ““. On this board, I just save my own pins. I don’t save pins from others on that board.

The benefit of creating a blog specific pinboard is, if some of your followers want to get pins just from you, they can get that by visiting the board. You can follow my blog specific pinboard here.


Step Two: Save Your Recently Pinned Pin to All The Related Boards.

You may have some other boards on Pinterest where the recently published post should be pinned to.

Your followers may not follow all of your boards. They may have followed some of your boards. So, you need to make sure they can get your recent pin. This is the reason you need to pin your recently published post to all the related boards.

For that, go to your blog specific pinboard on Pinterest and click on the recently pinned post. That should be the first one on the board.

Once you clicked on the pin, you’ll see a save button (if you are on computer hover mouse over the pin will show you the save button). Clicking on the save button will show you all your boards on Pinterest. Now save the pin to all the related boards you have created on your Pinterest profile.

For example, after publishing this post, I’ll just pin the image from this post to the ““(my blog specific pinboard).

I’ve some other boards on my Pinterest profile named “Social media marketing” “Pinterest strategy” and “Grow your blog” where, I think, the post should be repinned to.

For this, I’ll go to my blog specific pinboard ( on Pinterest and repin the recently pinned pin to all the three boards one after another.

This will make sure if my followers follow any of these boards, they will get my pin.


Step Three: Promote Your Blog Post to Group Boards

If the blog post promotion on Pinterest ends at Step Two I’ll be happy. Because it’ll save a lot of my time and energy which I could focus on creating more valuable contents for my readers.

But, you know, that doesn’t happen normally. To turn your blog into a successful business, you need to market your blog actively.

To gain traction from Pinterest, you will need to actively participate on Pinterest group boards.

Pinterest group boards are boards where there are many collaborators other than you.

Telling truth, group board is a secret weapon to gain traction on Pinterest. If you can join a right group board on Pinterest, it’ll give you a huge favor to get blog traffic.

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Here is the point. Participating on group boards have its own rule. You need to follow that rule. Otherwise, you’ll be banned.

More than that if you only promote your own blog post on Pinterest they’ll mark you as a spammer. So, you not only need to promote your content, but also others. If you promote 20% of your content then you need to promote 80% of others content.

I promote 20% of my own content and 80% from others. If I pin a content of mine then I repin four pins from others.

Initially, you’ll think that it’s a lot of works to do. But it doesn’t. Once you start practicing this manual pining strategy you’ll be able to do that without much effort.

But the problem with this method is that it’s difficult to track how many pins you repinned from yours and how many from others. But don’t worry. I’ll make the thing easy for you.

To make this manual pinning strategy easy, I’ve created a format to track pinning activity. Let’s talk about the format a little bit.


How to Create The Pin Tracking Format

To make your manual pinning easy, you need to create a format to track your pining. You can use any spreadsheet program like excel. I use Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is free to use and you can use this from any device.

To create a pin tracking format Open your spreadsheet program. Use the first raw as a header of columns.

In the top cell of 1st column type “post name”. In the top cell of 2nd column type “Pin URL”.

In the top cell of 3rd column type the name of a group board you’ve joined. Similarly, in the top cell of the 4th column, type another group board name and so on. Based on the number of group boards you’ve joined, you need to increase the use of columns. For each group board, you need to use a separate column.

You need to keep the second row of the spreadsheet blank. Because you need to use the raw frequently when you start you pining journey.

Freeze the first two raws and first two columns of your spreadsheet. So that, if you scroll your spreadsheet, the first two columns and raws still be visible.

Okay. Your Pin tracking format is ready. Now you can start promoting your blog post to group boards on Pinterest and track them using the pin tracking format.


How to Use The Pin Tracking Format to Promote Your Blog Post on Pinterest

The first column of the Pin tracking format that is “Post Name” contains the title of your blog post. The 2nd column of the format that is “Pin URL” will contain the URL of the pin.

Go to your blog specific pinboard, copy the pin URL and paste it in the 2nd column of your the format next to the related post name.

Now decide how many group boards you’ll participate every day. I participate in six group boards every day. That means, I share one of my pin to six group boards and 24 pins from other pinners to my boards. I repin total 30 pins every single day. I assume you’ll also participate on six group boards on Pinterest in a day.

To promote your blog post to group boards on Pinterest, go to the 2nd column of your Pin tracking format and find the post that you want to promote on group boards on a particular day. Click on the link of the pin. That’ll take you to the pin on Pinterest.

From there share the pin to group board-1. At the same time save one pin from the group board to your board. When done, go to the Pin tracking format again and write down the date in the column of group board-1 as well as type a “*” (Asterisk mark) in the 2nd raw under the group board-1. You can use any mark instead of “*” mark. it is used just to remember that you’ve participated on the group board for the day. so that, on the next day, you can start where you left.

Do the same for all six group boards for the day. Once finished, you have repinned six times of your pin and six pins from others.

But I told that if you repin one of your pins, you should repin four pins from others. As you pinned six times of your pin, you need to repin 24 pins from others. So far you’ve just repinned six pins from others. You now need to repin 18 more pins from others. That mean 3 repins for every single group boards.

You have to be strategic when you repin from others. You have to choose quality pins. But choosing quality pins is really difficult and you’ll need more time to check the quality of the pin. Let Pinterest do the job for you.

When Pinterest shows pins on your smart feed, they focus on the pin quality. If you save pins from your smart feed to your boards, that will be enough for choosing quality pins. Share 3 pins from your smart feed to your boards and make another asterisk (*) mark under group board-1 in the 2nd raw of your pin tracking format.

If you save six pins from smart feed to your board, make an asterisk mark under group board-2 on your pin tracking format.

Beside saving pins from the smart feed, you also should focus on saving popular and trending pins to your boards for getting maximum benefits from Pinterest.

For doing so, click on the trending button of Pinterest. If you find your blog niche related pins there, save three more pins to your boards and make one asterisk mark under group board-3 on your pin tracking format.

But the problem is, most of the time you won’t find your niche related pins on trending. In that case, you need to use search bar of Pinterest to find your niche related pins. Type your niche related keyword on the search bar and hit enter.

From there, save three more pins to your boards and make an asterisk mark under another group board name on your pin tracking sheet. Do the same until all six group boards have an asterisk mark under them in your pin tracking sheet.


Although it seems that, this is a lot of works to promote your blog post on Pinterest. But it doesn’t. Once you familiar with this, it’ll become easy for you.

It just a three-step process. In the first step, you just need to pin your newly published post to your Blog specific pinboard. In the second step, you need to repin the pin to all of your related pinboards. In the third step, repin the pin to a predefined number of group boards and save at least one pin from each group board to your pinboard.  You need to save three more pins from others for each group boards you participated to maintain 80/20 rule for not being spammers.

That’s it.

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