How to Create and Setup a Pinterest Business Account for Blog Promotion?

Pinterest is a relatively new social media platform. But it has been top traffic source for many blogs.

Most of the top business company already put their hand on Pinterest. As a professional blogger, we also need to have a presence on Pinterest.

In this article, I’ll show you how to create and set up a Pinterest business account for boosting blog traffic.

I know, many of you have a personal Pinterest account. We have used Pinterest for getting food and fashion related ideas so far.

But for our blog promotion, we should use Pinterest business account instead of personal account.

So let’s see what are the difference between pinterest personal account and business account.

pinterest business account for blog promotion

Difference Between Pinterest Business Account and Personal Account

The outlook for both personal and business account is same. But there is some major difference between them. Read on…

  • Terms of Service

Pinterest now has a separate term of Service for both personal and business account. They state that if you want to use Pinterest for business purpose you have to create a Pinterest business account and accept their business-specific terms and conditions. Here are some guidelines Pinterest stated in their business-specific terms and conditions –

  • Not to spam by requesting followers to comment repeatedly.
  • Not to ask pinner to vote with repins or likes.
  • Not to run contests, promotions or sweepstakes too often.
  • Not to suggest that Pinterest endorses or sponsors your business.
  • Resource for Learning Materials

Pinterest is continuously adding educational materials to teach you how to promote your blog and getting traffic in their business platform. In Pinterest personal account you won’t get this opportunity.

  • Ability to Specify Business Name

In the Pinterest business account, you can set up your business name as profile name instead of your own first name and last name.

  • Ability to Analyse Your Pin

The Pinterest business account has an awesome feature to analyze your pins called Pinterest Analytics. In this, you’ll be able to see which of your pin perform well on Pinterest. So that you can change your marketing strategy.

Okay. You now know that you should create a Pinterest business account instead of a personal account for your blog promotion.

Are you determined to create a Pinterest business account for your blog promotion?

Then let’s create one…

Creating Pinterest Business Account

There are two ways to create a Pinterest business account. One is to convert your personal account to business account and another is to create a completely new business account.

Converting Personal Pinterest Account to Business Account

Before converting your personal account to business account, you need to know when you should do that.

When Should You Convert Personal Account to Business Account?

Here are some guidelines to help you take a decision which one you should choose –

  • If your personal account’s user name is similar to your business name, then you can convert your personal account to business account.
  • If you have lots of followers in your personal account and you don’t want to lose them by creating a new one then you can convert your personal account to business account.
  • If your personal account has lots of personal collection and if you don’t want to erase them then you can create a new business account.
  • If your personal account has lots of your blog topic related collection then you can convert that to a business account.

My suggestion: In most cases, we don’t have blog-related collections in our personal Pinterest account. We might have a lot of followers in our personal account, but they are not our target audience. So, it is better to create a completely new business account.

The decision is yours.

However, if you want to convert your personal Pinterest account to business account then follow the steps below:

  • Login to your personal Pinterest account. And then go to Pinterest for Business section.
  • Click on the “convert your existing account” button that appears on the screen.
  • After clicking on the button, Pinterest will take you to the profile setting page where you can edit the details of your personal account.
  • After editing the profile setting you have to accept Pinterest terms and conditions to complete the conversion of personal account to business account.

I will discuss how to set up your Pinterest business profile later in this post. Let’s first see how you can create a completely new Pinterest business account.

How to Create a New Pinterest Business Account?

Creating a new pinterest business account is super easy. Just click on this link. You will be taken to the setting page. Fill the blank form as you want and accept Pinterest terms and conditions. You are done.

Congratulation. You have created a Pinterest business account successfully for your blog.

But your aim is not just creating the account. You need to set up the account properly to get maximum benefits for your blog.

How to set up Pinterest business profile for getting traffic

In the previous section, you’ve just created your Pinterest profile. But creating a Pinterest profile is not everything alone to drive traffic to your blog. You have to be strategic.

Here is how you can do that…

  • Write an engaging bio:

Log in to your Pinterest business profile. Go to setting page of your profile. Here you’ll see the “about” section of the profile.

Write that “about” section in such a way that it focuses on your readers. Describe how your readers can be benefited. How will you help them?

After showing the benefits to your reader, they might be engaged. Now it is time to include a “call to action“.

You can show a link to your opt-in form. It is better to give a freebie through the opt-in form that your reader happily want to download.

I included a “free ebook” in that opt-in form to help my readers to start their blogging easily.

You can download that Ebook here.

  • Profile Photo:

Show an eye-catching and clear profile photo. As you are a blogger, I recommend to include your own photo instead of your blog logo. Because people love and trust human.

Okay. You have now set up your Pinterest profile. It is time to create Pinboard. So create Pinboard to start your pining journey right now. Happy pinning.

What next?

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