10 Must Have WordPress Plugin for a New Blog

If you started your blogging journey recently, you may find yourself confused that which WordPress Plugin you should install in your new blog. We all were at that situation.

It is now not a secret that if you want to make money blogging you need to blog on WordPress blogging platform. WordPress Plugin is the heart of a WordPress blog.

It is always overwhelming that which plugin you should install in your new blog. You can install all plugins in your blog. But installing many plugins will slow down your WordPress blog. As a result it will harm your blog SEO.

So, keeping that in mind I’m sharing a list of must have WordPress Plugin for your new blog.

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10 Must Have WordPress Plugin for a New Blog

Here are the 10 must have WordPress plugin which you should install as soon as you install WordPres son your hosting account.

1. Akismet or Antispam Bee

It is probably the very first WordPress plugin you need to install in your new blog. As spam comments will begin to show up almost immediately.

Both of the plugins are free. It makes sense that you don’t need both. Just install anyone of them.

Both of the plugin do their job well. That is, protect you from spammer to make comment on your blog or send you email from your contact from.

2. Yoast SEO

Are you worried about your blog SEO? Then this is the number one solution.

Yes. Yoast SEO does everything what your need to do for your blog’s SEO. Yoast SEO has free and premium version. It’s free version is quite enough for a blog. If you need extra functionality then you can upgrade to premium version. But I don’t think that is required for a new blog.

Yoast SEO also helps you to submit your blog’s XML sitemap to major search engines. So you don’t need to install any other XML sitemap generator plugin.

3. WP Supercache

WP Supercache is a free cache plugin for your blog. It helps your site to load faster. You can also use W3 Total Cache instead of Wp Supercache. But I use WP Supercache and it does its job well.

4. Google Analytics Dashboard

I think we all know about Google analytics. It’s a free service by Google for understanding your visitors well.

Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress Plugin connects your WordPress blog with the Google analytics. It’s a free WordPress Plugin.

5. Contact Form 7

Every blog or website needs to have a separate page to give visitors a way to contact with the site owner.

You can create this type of contact page by using this free WordPress plugin. That is Contact Form 7.

6. UpdraftPlus

It’s an awesome plugin to backup your WordPress blog. It has free and paid option. For a new blog I would recommend to use free version of this WordPress Plugin.

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7. Simple Share Buttons Adder

To give your readers an easy way to share your post to their friends, this free WordPress Plugin does its job great.

8. Simple Social Icons

Social sharing and social subscription are different things.

In social sharing, your readers have the ability to share your post to their friends via social networks.

In social subscription your readers can subscribe your blog via their favourite social networks. The free WordPress plugin “simple socials icons” is a must have for a New new blog for that purpose.

9. WP Smush

Faster loading increases the SEO of a site. If you use image in your blog then WP Smush is the must have plugin to optimize images for faster loading of your WordPress site. It is also a free WordPress plugin.

10. Bottom of Every Post

If you want to add anything below your post then this free WordPress plugin is a must have for your blog.

These are the must have WordPress Plugins for your new blog. As your blog grows you will need more plugins later to increase your blog’s functionality.

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  1. Hello Liton Biswas
    I am recently started my WordPress account and this article will surely help me a lot in the upcoming time. So thank you very much for the sharing this things. Keep the good work going.

    Harsh Patel

  2. What about Jetpack? I use it on a number of my sites and find it to be invaluable! (Though I haven’t pulled the trigger on the Pro version just yet, as that’s a little too rich for my blood)

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