How to Manage Your Group Board on Pinterest Effectively?

How to Effectively Manage Your Group Board on Pinterest

How to Manage Your Group Board on Pinterest Effectively?

If you are on Pinterest for your blog promotion, you may, at one point, want to have your own group board on Pinterest. There are some obvious benefits to having a group board. I’ve talked about these in this post.

When you have a group board on Pinterest, you’ll have some responsibilities to manage the group board.

Because whoever joins your group board as a collaborator, they must want some benefits from the board. You need to ensure those benefits as the creator of the group board.

Not only that, you also want to keep your group board on focus to get the maximum benefits from it.


Why You Need to Manage Your Group Board Effectively?

Pinterest loves group boards which are on topic and active.

To keep your group board active and keep on topic, you need to manage your group board.

When we talk about managing group boards on Pinterest, we need to know what we should do to manage our group boards effectively.

As a beginner Pinterest user, I couldn’t figure out –

What should I do to keep my group board active?

What I need to do to keep that engaging?

What should I do to keep it on topic?

Later I could figure out what I need to do to manage my group board effectively on Pinterest.

Here are the things…


5 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Group Board on Pinterest

The purpose of managing a group board on Pinterest is to keep it on topic, active and engaging.

To fulfill this purpose, do the following things –


1. Do Set Up Group Board Rules

In the board description, describe the rules of the group board clearly. So that, the collaborators of the board know what they should do or what they shouldn’t. you can write the following rules in your group board description.

  • Write the topic of the group board – which type of pins should go to the board.
  • How many pins should be pinned to the board on a time basis
  • How many pins should be repinned from the board by a collaborator
  • Describe who should join the board as a collaborator.
  • Describe how to join the board.

See the image below how I wrote my group board description.


2. Add Quality Contributors to Your Group Board

It is very important to add quality contributors to your board. This is the first step to keep your board clean and active.

There are some spammy people out there looking for followers. You should avoid those people on your board.

Finding quality contributors for your group board isn’t that hard if you do some homework.

  • Search for people in your similar niche. Check out their Pinterest profile and boards. Also, check the group boards they have joined and the pins they are sharing to group boards. It is pretty easy to separate spam pinners from the original.
  • Check if your blogging friends have their profile on Pinterest. It is best to add those people to your group board who you know personally.
  • Make connections with influencers on Pinterest with similar blogging niche and ask them to join your board.
  • Participate in various blogger networks. Such as facebook groups. You can find some quality contributor there.
  • You don’t have to accept all the request. Whenever someone sends you a request to join your group board, check their profile first. If you found them spammy, you should ignore the request.


3. Clean Up Duplicate Pins Regularly

As a creator and moderator of the group board, your responsibilities are huge. You need to be dedicated to keeping your group board clean, engaging and active.
Although repeated pins sometimes help pinners to get their content found on Pinterest, there is no use of having duplicate pins in a group board.
Check your group board regularly to delete the duplicate pins.

You also need to check the pins with broken links and delete them to keep your board clean.


4. Keep Your Board Active And Engaging

If you want to grow your board and get the maximum benefits from it you need to keep your group board active and engaging.

To keep your board active, encourage collaborators to pin to the board regularly and to keep your board engaging, ask them to repin from the board whenever they pin to the board.

You should also pin to the board and repin board’s content regularly to keep it active and engaging.


5. Remove Inactive Members From Your Group Board

When you were selective to add collaborators to your group, you already did a good job in this part.

Yet some collaborator can be inactive later.

There is no use of keeping inactive collaborators on a group board.

So, your job is to find out those inactive collaborators and send them a warning.

This is your board. It is your responsibility to do whatever needs to be done to grow your group board.

After sending warnings, if inactive collaborators don’t take actions, you should remove them.


6. Don’t Allow More Than 100 Collaborators to Your Group Board

This is not a must-follow rule. But this should be done to manage your group board effectively.

It is really a difficult task to remove duplicate pins and tracking spammers effectively when you have more than 100 collaborators.

So, to manage your group board effectively try to keep collaborators below 100.


As a blogger, you have many other important tasks to do rather than managing a group board on Pinterest. New bloggers may find it overwhelming.

If you can’t manage your group board effectively then it is better to join someone else’s group board rather than creating your own.

But, if you can manage your group board effectively, there are some obvious benefits to having a group board on Pinterest.

To make the thing easy for you, I would suggest keeping a time block in your weekly blog schedule to manage your group board effectively.

If you are interested, send a request to join my Pinterest group board.

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