10 Practical Tips to Manage blogging stress

Today one of my colleague was sitting on his desk in office with the hand on his head. I asked him, what happened? Why are you depressed?

He replied, “I have lots of work to do today. I’m not finding a way to do all the things“.

It is not a single case. We all face this situation at some point.

Specially in blogging, there are lots of work to do at a time. Most of the time, we just stressed out to manage the pressure of blogging tasks.

For me, I developed some strategies to manage my blogging stress. I apply those strategies regularly and getting awesome result. So, I thought it would be nice to share those strategies with my readers to manage their blogging stress.

Managing blogging stress

10 Practical Tips to Manage Blogging Stress

So here are the tips for you to manage your blogging stress:

1. Do One task at a time

You can’t do all the things at a time. Make a list of all the tasks you have to do. Pick the most important task from the list. Work on that one task and forget about rest of the tasks.

Just think that, you don’t have any other task to do. Think that, You have just one task you are now working on. Thinking this way, you will feel relaxed. You can focus on your current task. You’ll be more productive. You’ll be able to manage your blogging stress.

2. Don’t leave your task half-done

Before finishing the current task, don’t just start the another task. Doing this, you will be procrastinated. You’ll be overwhelmed. None of your tasks will be completed. You’ll just leave all your tasks half-done.

So, finish your current task first then move to another task. You’ll feel better. And thus you can manage your blogging stress.

3. Take rest between two tasks

You’ve completed one task successfully.  Don’t just start another task. Take enough rest between two tasks. I play with my baby daughter in this time. I found this very useful. I feel relaxed when I play with my daughter.

So take a break before starting next task. It will reduce your blogging stress.

4. Make blogging plan

If you set up your blogging goal and plan accordingly then it will be much more easy for you to manage your blogging stress. Because you won’t be distracted. You will be able to focus on certain things to make your blogging journey successful.

5. Take exercise

Taking exercise is not directly related to managing blogging stress. But, believe me or not, taking exercise reduce your blogging stress. Keep minimum half an hour for exercising everyday. Either in the morning or in the evening.

You may think that, with this half an hour, you can complete another task. But it doesn’t work this way. You just practice this and make it your habit. You’ll feel better. You’ll be able to do more. You’ll be able to manage your blogging stress.

6. Delegate your tasks

You love writing content. That’s why you are in the blogging world. But there are many other things you have to do to run your blog successfully.

Doing all the things alone are really stressful. So try to delegate the tasks which you don’t love to do. Such as designing your blog, handling tech related things, etc.

Delegating tasks will make you stress free. You’ll be able to focus more on creating content or the one you love to do. And this you’ll be able to manage blogging stress.

7. Publish Less Post

Yes. It is true that publishing post everyday will attract Google search bot more. But it will also pressurize you. And this extra pressure can lead you to blogging failure.

There is nothing wrong to publish one post in a week. Even many successful bloggers publish one post in a month. There comes the point “don’t bite off more than you can chew“.

So, try to publish less post. But, publish quality post. It will reduce your blogging stress in a certain level. I only publish three post in a week to maintain post quality.

8. Don’t check blog stat too often

Believe me, it will create extra blogging stress on you. If you downloaded my blog planner, you’ll found that I only left option to check your blogging stat once in a month.

New bloggers always tend to check their blogging stat too often. It gives you nothing but blogging stress. And it’ll depress you.

So don’t check your blog stat too often to manage your blogging stress.

9. Be a family man

Spend some time everyday with your family. You can watch movie or go out with your family. It will reduce a decent amount of blogging stress.

10. Be social

Participate in social parties. Spend some time with friends in regular basis. It helps to reduce blogging stress. One of the major benefits of spending time and gossiping with friends is, you’ll get many new ideas to implement in your blog.

I outline the tips which I regularly apply to manage my blogging stress. And these work for me very well. I hope these will work for you too. Try these tips for a month and come back here and let me know how do you feel.

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