How To Make An Effective Blog Schedule

How To Make An Effective Blog Schedule

How To Make An Effective Blog Schedule

It is a common complaint of many bloggers that they don’t have much time to blog consistently.

We all want to be successful bloggers. But we don’t have much time to blog consistently.

The reality is that we have enough time. We just don’t use the time effectively.

How many times have you sat in front of your computer without doing anything just staring at the computer screen?

It happened to me many times before making my blogging

After making a blog schedule, my productivity has been increased and I’m now a consistent blogger.

So, I decided to write about how to make an effective blog schedule in this post to help you get more done.

Things To Do To Make An Effective Blog Schedule

To make an effective blog schedule, you need to do some homework.

The first thing you need to do is to summarize your available time and the second thing is to make a task list.

Let’s discuss both the things in details.

Summarize Your Available Time

You may don’t want to spend all day into blogging. You definitely have some other tasks to do rather than blogging.

Figure out which time frame you are able to devote to blogging.

As I have a day job, I block two hours in the morning and four hours in the evening.

The morning time block of mine is 6 am to 8 am, and the evening time block is 6 pm to 8 pm and 9 pm to 11 pm.

I also have some time in the lunch period when I read my favorite blogs and make comments.

Your available time frame may be different than mine.

Whatever your time frame, just figure out how much time you have available in a day which you can spend on blogging.

Make A Task List

As a blogger, you need to do many types of task. There are some tasks which you need to do daily. Some tasks need to do weekly. And some are monthly. There are also some tasks which you need to do just once.

The thing is, you need to separate weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks.

These tasks depend on the status of your blog. I don’t know which blogging stage you’re in right now.

So I can’t make the list for you.

I just can give you some ideas. But you need to prepare this yourself.

Daily tasks-

  • Writing and editing blog posts.
  • Blog promoting.
  • Checking and replying emails.
  • Engaging with readers. Such as replying to their comments on your blog post and social media post.
  • Read and Commenting on others’ blogs.
  • Working on goals.

Weekly tasks-

  • Scheduling blog posts.
  • Scheduling social media post.
  • Participate in social groups and blogging forums.
  • Some administrative tasks like backing up the blog.

Monthly task –

  • Brainstorm content idea.
  • Review blog planner.
  • Checking social media analytics.
  • Updating blog pages.
  • Finding monetization opportunity.

Yearly tasks-

  • Making a blog planner for the year.
  • Updating social media profiles.
  • Updating pillar contents.
  • Updating blog pages: some pages you may want to update yearly such as the about page.
If you want to build a successful blogging business you have to make a blog schedule.

How To Make An Effective Blog

Okay. You have made lists for all your blogging tasks.

Now it’s time to make a blog schedule.

In my blog planner, the second page is reserved for my blog schedule.

I have four columns in my blog schedule.

The heading of the first column is the Daily Routine.

The 2nd column heading is weekly tasks.

The third column heading is monthly tasks. And the fourth column heading is yearly tasks.

You can make your blog schedule like mine.

First of all, you need to make your daily blog routine.

How To Make Your Daily Blog routine?

Your daily blog routine should have these task slots –

  • Daily tasks
  • Weekly tasks
  • Monthly tasks
  • Yearly tasks

Depending on your available time you need to arrange these tasks to best suit you.

If you want to have an idea, I’m sharing mine.

(6-7am): Writing book
(7-8am): writing a blog post
(1-2pm): blog commenting
(6-6:30 pm): editing blog posts
(6:30-7:30pm): working on goals
(7:30-8pm):blog promotion
(9-9:30pm): blog promotion
(9:30-10pm): weekly task
(10-10:30pm): monthly task
(10:30-11pm): yearly task.

How To Rearrange Weekly Tasks Throughout The Week

You already have a weekly task list as I discussed above.

You can’t do all the tasks in a day. So you need to arrange these tasks throughout the week.

In the second column of my blog schedule, I listed my weekly tasks throughout the week.

I just named the column heading as WEEKLY TASKS.

Under the heading, I listed seven days of the week – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… etc.

Under each day, I have listed the appropriate tasks for the day.

How To Arrange Monthly Tasks In Your Blog Schedule?

As you know, a month has a maximum of 31 days.

In the third column of your blog schedule, name the column heading as Monthly tasks.

Under the heading, divide all days of a month into some slots.

The slots can be DAY 1-5, DAY 6-10, DAY 11-15… etc.

Under the every date slot, list appropriate tasks.

For example, I listed the BRAINSTORM CONTENT IDEA in the last slot of the month.

How To Arrange Yearly Tasks In Your Blog Schedule

Use the fourth column of your blog schedule for arranging yearly tasks.

As a year has twelve months, divide the column into twelve slots. And name those slots as months names. Like JAN, FEB, MAR… etc.

Now distribute the appropriate yearly tasks under every month’s slot.

For example, I’ve listed the task of UPDATING SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES under the month of January.

Congratulations. You’ve made your daily blog schedule which will keep you on track to be successful in blogging.

Some Thoughts On Daily Blog Schedule

Thought 1: Make your daily routine (in the first column) relaxing. A congested schedule can make you bore.

Thought 2: Try to follow your daily schedule every day. Sometimes it’ll seem that you need to do an important task other than following your daily schedule. If that happens, try to make up time for that task without hampering your daily schedule.

Thought 3: Don’t change the daily schedule frequently. If possible, try to keep that intact. It’ll keep your brain ready for the next task.

Thought 4: It isn’t necessary to make a list for all the weekly, monthly and yearly tasks on one sitting. You may need to add or delete some tasks later. Be flexible with that.

Thought 5: I made my daily blog schedule in Google Sheet. Thus I can access my schedule anywhere and from any device.


I would spend five to ten minutes thinking about the next task before making my daily blog schedule.

It was really frustrating. I couldn’t decide what to do next.

But after making a daily blog schedule, I now don’t need to waste times thinking about what to do next. I now know what to do next even before finishing my previous tasks.

So, figure out your available blogging time and weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. And adjust these tasks in your daily blog schedule.

Your Opinion

How much time do you spend daily on blogging? Please share in the comments below…

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  1. Currently I spend about 1-2 hours on my blog… but I have made it my goal to get my blog up to a full time thing so I am working my way up to full time hours! I’m looking forward to it too!

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