7 Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging

You are here because you already know that blogging is a full of opportunities to make money. In this post I will share few proven ways to make money blogging.

If you are completely new in blogging then you may wonder how you can earn money blogging just writing contents. You may think no one will pay you just reading your content.

Yes, you are right. No one will pay you just to read your content. Then how do you make money blogging?

It is not necessary that you earn money just writing content (post) on your blog. But doing this will open many doors in front of you to make money just because of you are blogging.

Make money blogging

Before start making money blogging you have to do the following things.

  1. Start a blog
  2. Writing post
  3. Getting traffic to your blog
  4. Building relationship
  5. Start making money blogging

1. Start a blog

The first step to make money blogging is starting a blog.

For starting a blog I’ll suggest you not to rely on hosted blogging platform.

I strongly recommend you to start your blog on self-hosted blogging platform.

Read the following post to learn “how to start a blog”.

How to Start a Blog?

2. Writing Post

You’ve started a blog for sharing your thoughts, messages, experiences and knowledge through your blog. You’ll share these as post.

After setting up blog the first step is to create content for your blog.

Create several posts to express your thoughts and messages. You will be continuously creating contents to explain your thoughts and messages clearly later.

3. Getting traffic

It makes sense. No one knows about your blog at this stage. You have to get in and get out of your blog for getting traffic.

There are several ways for getting traffic to your blog.

  • Creating useful content
  • Making your blog SEO friendly
  • Getting involve in Social Media

4. Build relationship

People trust real people not machines. So if you want to make money blogging then you have to build relationship not only with your readers but also with other bloggers.

If you are capable of building relationship with your readers they will trust you. If they trust you then they’ll buy from you.

So if you want to make money blogging this is the step you can’t ignore.

5. Start making money blogging

You’ve setup your blog. You’ve written useful content. You are getting traffic. You have built relationship with your readers. Now it’s time to make money.

There are several ways to make money blogging. Below we’ll see the different ways we can make money blogging.

7 Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging

Blogging income can be direct or indirect.

Direct income means you make money through your blog. Such as selling ad space or affiliate product or your own product through your blog.

Indirect income means you earn money because of your blog. Selling consultancy is this kind of indirect income.

Regardless of these methods I’ll discuss about 7 proven ways of make money blogging below.

1. Make money through advertising Network

I think this is the first way where most of the bloggers start to make money blogging.

Advertising network can be various types.

Some pays you for million views. This type advertising networkis called CPM. CPM stands for Cost per million view.

Some ad network pays you for clicks. This is called Cost Per Click (CPC). It is also called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Best CPC advertising network to join as a new blogger are,

There are many CPC ad networks. I’ve just listed most popular ad networks for new bloggers. As you gain experiences you will be able to try many other CPC ad networks.

Best CPM ad networks for new bloggers are,

2. Make money by affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling someone’s product through your blog and getting commission when you successfully sell the product.

This commission depends on various factors.

However, the best affiliate network to join are,

3. Make money by Selling e-products

One of the best way to make money blogging is selling your own e-product.

Another name of e-product is digital product. It can be your own ebook.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Creating ebook isn’t that hard. You can create an ebook by combining some of your published posts. If your readers love your work then they’ll love your ebook too.

4. Make money by selling e-course

If you create content that your readers love, they’ll also love your premium content.

You can design an e-course by combining premium contents and demand money from your readers when they want to signup your e-course.

5. Make money by selling service

You can make money by helping your readers by providing service. Such as logo designing, copywriting, consultancy, etc.

You can help your readers to design their business logo. They’ll happily pay you.

You can write content for your readers. They’ll happily pay you for this.

You can sell your experience as consultancy. Suppose one of your reader want to be successful blogger. You can help him to be successful by giving him advice from your experience. Believe me he’ll happily pay you.

These are some of the many ways of selling service. You can come up with new ideas how you can serve your readers.

6. Make money by Selling physical product

You can also sell your physical product through your blog. The product can be anything. Such as a wooden show-piece.

I know a man who sells a wooden bread maker through his blog and make a living from this.

7. Make money promoting your business through your blog

If you have a small business you can start a blog and promote your business through the blog. Starting a blog can grow your business rapidly.

I’ve just shared few proven ways of make money blogging. There are many other ways to make money blogging. As you gain experience you’ll come up with many ideas for make money blogging. So just start your blogging journey as soon as possible.

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