How to Write Your First Blog Post?

7 Must Have Points in Your First Blog Post and How to Write Them

How to Write Your First Blog Post?

Welcome to the blogging world.

So you’ve decided to jump start your blogging journey. Welcome again.

Blogging is full of opportunity to earn money if you have enthusiasm, willing to do hard work and have some ability to communicate with real people.

Writing first blog post is a little bit scary. Isn’t it?

For many, it is just like chatting with friends.

For most of us, it’s really a hard task. I know this. Because I was there.

If this is your situation take a deep breath. If needed drink some fresh water.

So, the question is how to write your first blog post?

After making a blog ready to publish post most of us just start writing about the topic which we decided blogging about.

But, that isn’t a good strategy. You shouldn’t start writing about your blogging niche.

Instead, you should discuss some key points in your first blog post.

In this post, I’ll discuss seven must-have points and how to write them in your first blog post. Read on.

7 Must-Have Points in Your First Blog Post and How to Write Them

(This was actually my first post in this blog. I’m just republishing this with updated information.)

1. Who you are

In your first blog post, you should write everything that your readers may want to know about you.

You are nobody in the blogging world at this moment. If you want me to make friendship, at least some connection with you then I would like to know the following about you…

  • Who are you?
  • How are you as a person, as a family man?
  • What do you do in real life?
  • What is your nature, are you friendly or moody.

Not necessary you share your personal secret life. You just share what requires to make a good relationship. You want to make a good relationship with your readers. Don’t you?

If you think it’ll be long enough to write in a post then you can create a separate About me page and link back it here.

Mine: As this is my first blog post I should also write about me.

I’m Liton Biswas, live in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Professionally I’m a civil engineer, working as a project manager in building construction sector.

I’m a quick learner and eager to learn new things. I read books every day to meet this hunger of learning.

I don’t talk too much but listen everyone attentively.

If you want to know more about me click here.

2. Why are you in the blogging world?

It makes sense.

Why are you in the blogging world?

What force or inspiration makes you jump into the blogging world?

At some point, readers want to know about these. So tell them.

How you came to the blogging world. Who inspires you to come to the blogging world. You can write about this in your about page and share a summary in your first blog post.

Mine: In 2011, I started a blog to keep my professional things in an online place. After some time, I’d inserted Adsense ads on that blog just for curiosity.

Months went away. One day, I got a message from my bank account that Google inc deposited about 200 US dollar in my bank account.

Although the blog isn’t created professionally yet paid me. Thus I realized that anyone can make money blogging. That time I started this blog to learn to blog professionally.

Once I started to blog professionally, I found that there are many directions and many ways to build a successful blogging business. And finding out the right way from these is just difficult and it can make a beginner overwhelming. So, I decided to find out the right way to build a successful blogging business and eliminate the blogging overwhelm of beginners.

And that is the inspirational force for me to jump into the blogging world.

3. What is your blog topic?

Tell your reader what you’re blogging about. Blog topic is called niche in the blogging world.

Be specific about your blog niche.
What topic you are going to blog about?
How will you write about it?

Mine: My niche is BLOGGING. I’ll write everything about building a successful blogging business without being overwhelmed for beginners.

I’ll write it in plain language and easily digestible way. So that anyone who is new in the blogging world can understand easily what to do and what not to do.

4. Who can be benefited from your blog?

In your first blog post, you should clearly explain who are you writing for?

Who can be benefited from your blog?

Clearly tell your readers who should come back to your blog again and again?

Mine: Let me be straight forward.

I write for them who want to start a blogging business or already started but struggling to earn money blogging.

If you are struggling to earn money with your blog then you must read this blog.

If you are confused about how to start a blog, where to start from, how you can start a blog easily then I strongly request you to read this blog.

More than that I’ll make this blog successful along with you.

When I become successful you’ll also be successful along with me. I’ll share every tip and technique which I’ll apply to make this blog successful.

5. Show your readers how they can get involved

If your content somehow beneficial to your readers or your reader somehow find your content interesting or useful they want to come back to your blog.

Show them the way to subscribe to your blog.

  • Email link
  • Facebook page link
  • Twitter link, etc.

Mine: Dear reader if you find my blog interesting or useful then you can come back again and again. For that:

Subscribe to my blog
Like my Facebook page
Follow me on Twitter
Follow me on Pinterest

6. How can your reader reach you directly?

Trust is one of the most important assets in the blogging world. And if your reader can’t reach you to get answers to their questions they won’t trust you.

So give them an option to contact you personally.

You can make a separate contact page section and link back that here.

Mine: If you want to contact me personally you can contact me here. I’ll try my best to answer your question.

7. What is your blogging goal?

At last, tell your readers what are you going to do with your blog? That means what is your blogging goal.

Mine: My blogging goal is to help you to start your blog and make you able to earn money with that blog without being overwhelming.

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  1. thanks for sharing this valuable blog about how to increase the reach of a blog. it’s very informative for those who started writing blog keep it up and please share this kind of informative blogs.

  2. Hi Liton,

    Such a great post. I have been reading blog posts about blogging and SEO for some time now and I have never seen anything like this. I mean most of the posts I have seen are rehashed from one to another, but this is something different.

    I’ll just give it a share on Twitter as the points you made anyone that is starting in the blogging world should be aware of.

    Keep on bringing posts like this.



  3. Base on my experience, to able to write your first post or your next post, you should study first more about your niche that you choose, because you cannot eight something that you don’t know and also never fear of failing specially the grammar, you are in the process of learning and making mistakes is only your stepping stone to improve more.

  4. Hi Liton,

    I must say you did a great job. This kind of post I have not seen before. This one is completely different and out of the box post. The above 7 points are very informative and every beginner bloggers should follow these tips in the first blog post.

    I would like to thanks for sharing this an informative article with us. Keep up the good work!


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