How to Write Faster: 10 Tips to Write Your Blog Posts quickly

How to Write Faster: 10 Tips to Write Your Blog Posts Quickly

How to Write Faster: 10 Tips to Write Your Blog Posts quickly

So, you want to write faster.

It is obvious that if you consider your blog as a business, you need to do many tasks other than writing.

Writing is a small part of blogging. There are many other important tasks to do.

Due to those important tasks, writing is always at the bottom of our to-do list.

But you know, content is the foundation of your blogging business.

Without content, you don’t have anything to market.

Without content, you won’t have any readers.

People don’t come to your blog to buy something from you. People don’t come to your blog to see your blog design. They just come to read your messages. You blog posts. So, how many important blogging tasks you have, no matter, you have to publish blog posts regularly.

That doesn’t mean, for writing post you’ll ignore other important blogging tasks.

As every successful business need to do all the important tasks like planning, marketing, branding, etc. effectively, so do you.

But the problem is, we have limited time in a day. We can’t expand time.

But we can increase our productivity. We can be smart. We can be strategic to write more blog posts. we just need to learn the skill of writing blog posts faster.

In this post, I’ll share some practical tips which I apply day to day to write blog posts faster.


10 Practical Tips to Write Your Blog Posts Quickly

Writing a blog post faster is a science. It’s not an art.

Of course, you have to be creative to make your blog post engaging. But you can do that later – after finish your writing.

The ultimate purpose of writing a post is to express your message to your readers.

For this purpose, you don’t have to be creative. You have to be creative for engaging your readers to your posts. That is, make your post enjoyable to read.

But that comes later. You need to write your message first then you can be creative with that.

To write your posts faster, I’m sharing some practical tips below. If you apply, they will surely increase your post writing speed.


1. Separate Research From Writing

Researching and writing simultaneously kill time. Make your post research time separate from writing.

I always finish my research before starting to write.

When I decide to write about a topic, I research enough on that topic and gather all the data I find.

I use Evernote to keep all the data I get from my post research. I create a separate note in evernote everytime I research on my post topic and name it as “post research: post title”.

You can do the same.

The reason behind using Evernote for keeping my research note is, I can access the note on all my devices.

After complete my post writing I just delete the note from Evernote to keep the platform clean.

Keeping your post research phase separate from your post-writing phase will surely increase your post writing speed.


When you are researching, your brain is on research mood. If you do research during writing, your brain will just hang. Your brain won’t be able to focus on a certain thing. It is just like keeping your feet on two boats at the same time. One boat will take you in a direction and another boat will try to take you opposite direction.

So, set separate time only for researching post. I usually research my post in the evening as well as several times on the day.

After finishing my post research I just never look back. I tell myself – okay, you have finished your post research and you won’t need any more data for your post.


2. Set a Time-Block for Writing

Setting a time-block for writing always works. You have to figure out when you are more productive – in the morning or in the evening.

If you are more productive in the morning then do the writing every day in the morning. If you are productive in the evening, do your writing every day in the evening.

But don’t write in the morning one day and the next day in the evening. The reason behind it is to form a habit of writing. Once a habit is formed, you can write faster.

I have a 90 mins long time-block in the morning for writing. After waking up, I just take some fresh water and then go straight in front of my computer for writing.


3. Get Your Mood Right

When you sit down to write, close all distracting things like notification, social media, phone call, etc.

During writing, if a notification pops up that you got a new email or someone shares your tweet, your focus will be shifted from writing.

So close all the distracting things and shift your mind to writing mood.

In my case, I take a glass of fresh water and a few deep breathes. Then I close my eyes and tell myself that I’ll focus on just writing.

These things really help me to write faster.

It may work for you too. Just try.


4. Take Breaks

One of the nice ways to write faster is to take breaks during writing. Taking breaks will keep you focused and you can write more words in less time.

Another thing is that you can see how many words you can type in a predetermined time to check your writing speed is improving or not.

But how long you should write before taking a break?

After writing for 25 mins I take a break for 5 mins. It works for me.

Practice this technique, you can write more faster.


5. Write on Different Time Throughout The Day

I don’t know how it will work for you. But it works for me.

As you know, I research my post in the evening. I sometimes don’t need to research because of not finishing my previous post writing.

So I need to write the post in that time frame. I found that I really can become a speedy writer in that time frame.

Of course, you need to write in your predetermined time-block. But, try different time frame sometimes throughout the day. It will help you write faster.


6. Create Outline for Your Craft

During research, you will get many ideas on how you will write your post.

Based on those ideas, write you post outline first. Once your post outline is ready, you’ll be able to write your post faster.


7. Use Same App Every Time for Writing

Which writing app you use, no matter, just stick with that app.

There are many writing apps available. Such as MS Word, Google Docs, etc.

Using the same app, again and again, will increase your writing speed. Because you will be familiar with the app’s interface and can apply command without wasting time.

I use Google Docs. The reason behind using this is, it is web based and I can access my piece from anywhere and on any device. It also has the auto saving functionality.


8. Don’t Edit During Writing

Another time killing giant – editing during writing.

This is the nature of the human brain. Human brains can’t focus on multiple things at the same time with same energy. There may be some people who can do that. But they are supernatural.

I assume that you are not supernatural like me.

If you try to edit your draft during writing, you actually moving your focus on both things. This focus shifting process kills huge time.

So, when you are writing, just write. No matter, you have mistakenly typed a wrong word. No matter, there are words with spelling mistakes. You always have options to edit and correct them later.

You can’t imagine how faster you will be able to write if you focus on just writing other than editing during writing.


9. Practice Writing

To write faster, you have to practice typing fast. I can write the subheading “practice typing” instead of “practice writing“.

There are many typing games available to make you able to type faster.

But typing faster and writing faster are different things.

When you play a typing game your brain just focus on typing. But when you write, your brain focuses on flowing words instead of typing. The typing thing is handled by your subconscious mind.

That is the reason one can type faster but can’t write faster. That’s why I made the subheading “practice writing” instead of “practice typing”.

So, to increase your writing speed, don’t play the typing game. Instead, practice writing.

Practice writing to increase typing speed. Everyday. At the same time. At your predefined time block.


10. Don’t Try to Be Genius

Trying to be genius at the first phase hold you back from writing faster. I call this a trap for writers.

This trap will not only hold you back from writing faster, it can also be a reason for writer’s block.

So, don’t waste time to choose nice words or great sentences at first phase.

Forget about all the nice and great things. Just write what you want to write. And thus you can become a faster writer.



Writing faster is a skill and it can be learned. No one is an inborn fast writer.

I once struggled to write 300 words post. Now most of my posts in this blog above 1000 words. Not only that I now write two posts every week for my two blogs along with other blogging tasks.

It has been possible because I have learned to write faster.

You also can be a fast writer with practice as well as strategies I’ve shared in this post.


Say Something

Can you write 1000 words in an hour? How do you do that? Please share in the comments below…

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