How to Write a Blog Post Easily Without Compromising Its Quality

How to write a blog post

Writing a blog post easily is one thing and writing a quality blog post is another thing. But, if you know the art to combine both, you can write a quality blog post easily.
No matter, either a beginner or a pro blogger, we are all stuck at some point to write a blog post.

Without posts, your blog is nothing. You don’t have anything to share on social media. You don’t have anything to market.

Besides writing blog posts, there are many blogging things – You have social media marketing plan, you have promotional tasks, you have blogging back-end tasks, you have blog monetization plan, you have guest posting plan, you have blog commenting plan, etc, etc, etc.

All these things need time to do. But, nothing can be an excuse for not writing blog posts. If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to write blog posts constantly. You not only have to write blog posts, you have to write quality blog posts. There is no other way.

So, how can you write a quality blog post easily?

How to write a blog post easily without compromising its quality?

I’m sharing the exact steps I follow to write a blog post. If you follow these steps, you won’t have any trouble to write a quality blog post easily.

1. Determine the Topic

This is the first step to write a blog post. Determine which topic you are going to write about. You should have a clear concept about the topic.

For example, if You ask someone “How to write a blog post?”, someone may answer “you can use MS Word to write a blog post”. Some may answer differently.

But that is not the theme of this post. I’m not going to tell you, which program you’ll use to write your blog post. I’m going to tell you the whole process of writing a blog post easily.

That is a clear concept. You should clearly know that what you are going to write in your blog post.

2. Research Keyword

One question can be asked in many ways. One topic can be described in many ways.

You should know the right keyword your readers are searching for.

For example, I can describe this post as “how to write an article easily” instead of “How to write a blog post easily”.

But I found, more people are searching for “how to write a blog post”. So, I took this keyword phrase.

How can you get the right keyword for your blog post?

You can use the free keyword research tool “Google Keyword Planner”.

I always use this tool to find the right keyword before starting to write my blog post.

3. Research your topic first

I know. You know about the topic very well that you are going to write about. Yet, there is always something to learn. And you want to give your readers the best.

It’s up to you how you’ll research your topic.

In my case, I just read related chapters from my collection of books. If I didn’t find anything valuable from the books, I just take help from Google.

You can do this too. Read some articles online about your blog post topic to get some good ideas.

Just type in your browser’s address bar and type your topic into the search bar of Google. Read all the articles which appear on the first page of Google’s search result. If you don’t find anything valuable, you can go beyond.

4. Think about the post outline

Don’t just start writing your post. Take few minutes to think about the post outline – how you are going to write the blog post.

This is not time wasting. It will save your time later.

I found this technique very useful. If you apply this technique, you won’t need to delete much of your content during editing.

5. Write a clear title for your blog post

You can write your post directly in WordPress post editor or you can use MS word.

I often use Google docs to write my post. So that I can access the post-draft from anywhere.

Whatever program you use to write your post, no matter, write the title of your post at the top of your draft.

It is very essential. Because, if you are writing posts for some time, you already know that you start your writing to go somewhere, but when you finish your writing, you find yourself somewhere else.

It would happen to me once. But now, it doesn’t happen anymore.

I’m not telling, your blog post title should be perfect at the first time. You always have the option to tweak your post title anytime.

I’m a fan of tweaking my blog post title after writing the post. Because I always get better post title idea after finishing my post writing.

6. Write an enticing introduction

Think few moments how you’ll write the post introduction.

The post introduction should be something which will entice your readers to read the post.

Give your readers a clear view of your post in the introduction  – what they will get from the post.

7. Write post body

This is the place to describe your message. Describe your message in details.

A blog post is different than a book. A paragraph in a book can be long. But, human brain acts differently when reading a blog post.

When writing your blog post body keep the following tips in mind –

  • Keep your blog post paragraph short. At most three sentences in a paragraph.
  • Break your post body in several heading and subheading.
  • Use bullet points
  • Write in details as you are writing for a beginner.
  • 600 words post length is standard. But, how many words it takes to clearly explain your message, no matter, you need to describe your message in details.

8. Write post conclusion

You can summarize the whole post in the conclusion or you can write your personal opinion.

The post conclusion should be short and clear.

9. Include a call-to-action

A call-to-action is very much important for a post.

What do you want your readers to do after reading the post?

If you want to get some related ideas from your readers, ask that in call-to-action.

If you want to get some comments in the post, ask a related question in call-to-action.

If you want to sell something include that in the call-to-action.

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Okay. Your blog post writing is finished. You can now take a break.

In my case, I just write the post and leave it there for the day. I come back to the post next day to edit it.

10. Edit your blog post

It is said that a good writer is always a good editor.

So, your blog post’s quality mostly depends on your post editing capability.

It is very much possible that you edit your post yourself.

In publishing companies, they have an experienced editor to shine their posts. But, as a blogger, you are a solopreneur. You need to edit your post yourself.

Keep the following tips in mind when editing your post –

  • Don’t just go for editing after finish your post writing. Take a break from writing and then edit your post.
  • Don’t edit your post while writing. Separate post-editing phase from writing phase. Write post thoroughly as you talk with someone.
  • When you sit down to edit your post, read the post-draft thoroughly first. Forget about grammatical errors and spelling mistake at this moment. Just eliminate all the sentences or words which you think don’t fit or require for your blog post. Add words or sentences which are needed for the blog post.
  • After adding or eliminating words or sentences, now go for correcting grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • You can use Grammarly to eliminate grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • After editing your blog post, click on the preview button in WordPress post editor screen to preview your blog post. And again read the post thoroughly to check whether the post formatting is correct or not.

 11. Add an Image to your post

An image is essential for a perfect blog post. So, add a good looking image to your blog post.

I’ve written a post a few days ago on “how to add blog post image properly”. I suggest you read that post.


At the beginning, you may find it overwhelming to write a blog post. If you practice for some time, you’ll find it easy to write a blog post.

In this post, I just shared my personal strategy of writing a blog post.

Your blog post writing technique may differ than mine. But, I assure you, if you follow the strategy I outlined in this post, you’ll find it easy to write a blog post.

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How do you write a blog post? Please share your strategy in the comment below …

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