How to Use Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research for Your Blog Post

How to use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research?

When I come up with a blog post idea, the first thing I do is to research keyword.

In my previous post – How to write a blog post easily – I outlined that always research keyword before start writing your post.

First, we need to know what is Keyword?

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word or word phrase people use to find something online. It can be a single word or a combination of multiple words.

Then what is keyword research?

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is an SEO task. It is done to find the popular keyword people enter into the search box of search engines to find something online.

For example, if you want to find a “calculator” online then what you’ll type in Google’s search bar?

You may type into the search box, something like – “best calculator” or “quality calculator”. At this stage, you don’t know what people type into the search box to find a calculator online.

Keyword research is done to find the keyword that people type into their search engine’s search box.

What is the purpose of keyword research?

As bloggers, we need to publish blog posts regularly. Every blog post should contain one or more keywords. So that people can find them online when they search for something related to the post.

But there are so many posts available online related to the topic you are writing. So, how people find your blog post among those so many posts?

The strategy for that is to use low competitive and high search volume keyword in your blog post.

So, the purpose of keyword research is to find low competitive and high search volume keyword for a blog post.

How keyword research is done?

There are many basic free tools and there are also many sophisticated paid tools available online for research keyword.

But as a new blogger, we often don’t have much budget to spend on the paid keyword research tool.

Don’t be disappointed. There is a free tool you can use as a blogger to research keyword for your blog post. That is, “Google Keyword keyword planner tool”.

What is the Google keyword planner tool?

Google Keyword keyword planner tool is actually designed for advertisers. But as a blogger, you can use this tool extensively to research your blog post keyword.

How to use Google Keyword Planner?

To use Google keyword planner you’ll need to sign-up for a free Google AdWords account.

Just click on this link to go to the signup page of Google AdWords.

Now fill out the required field to complete the sign-up process of Google AdWords. Don’t worry, google walk you through the process.

How to Use The Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research?

I’m a fan of Google Keyword Planner planner tool. In fact, before start writing a new post, I always research keyword for the post using Google Keyword keyword planner tool.

But, how to research keyword for your blog post using Google Keyword keyword planner tools?

I’ll show you step by step process to research your post keyword using Google Keyword Planner.

For researching keyword for a blog post, log in to your AdWords account using your login credentials.

Now click on the Tool menu in the top right corner of the screen. See the image below.

Google Keyword Planner

From the drop-down menu click on the “Keyword Planner” as shown in the image above.

Once you clicked on the “Keyword planner”, Adword will show you a screen as shown in the image below.

google keyword planner

Now click on the first option under “Find new keywords and get search volume data” that says “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”.

Once you clicked on the option a window will open as shown in the image below.

keyword research

Now write your keyword into the box that labeled “Enter one or more of the following”.

Now click on the blue button that labeled “Get Idea” as shown in the image above.

For example, I typed the word “calculator” in the box and after clicking on the “Get Idea” button, I found the following result.

keyword research

There are two tabs on the result page. One is “ad group ideas” and another is “Keyword ideas”.

Our aim is to find high search volume and low competitive keywords for our blog post. So click on the tab “Keyword ideas”.

On the result page, you need to focus on three fields – Keyword, Avg. monthly searches and Competition, which I marked in the above image.

Keyword – In the keyword column, you’ll see related keywords people searched online for the topic you entered to get ideas. Look in this field to find out the most related keywords for your search topic.

Avg. Monthly search – Once you choose two or three related keywords from the keyword field of the result page. You now need to find the most searched keyword.

Avg. Monthly search column will show you the average monthly search volume for different keywords. You should select the high search volume keyword for your blog post.

But, keep in mind that, if you are on a niche site, you need to select the low search volume keyword too for your blog post to serve your readers better.

Competition – Once you find the high search volume keyword for your blog post, now you should look at the competition column of the result page.

If you find a keyword that is high search volume but high competition, you’ll have a hard time to rank on Google’s search result page because of this high competition.

So our aim is to find a keyword that has low competition. This competition column will help you to find low competitive keywords for your blog post.

Okay. You now know how to use Google Keyword keyword planner for keyword research for your blog post.

There are many filtering options available on the left-hand side of the screen. You can filter your keyword research result using those filtering tools. Such as you can filter your keyword base on location, language and search engine.

As you are researching keyword for your blog post, I don’t think you need to use those filtering option.

I just described how to use Google Keyword keyword planner for keyword research in this post.

But there is a specific way I use to research keyword for my blog post. I’ll discuss this in another post later. So, subscribe to this blog’s Email Newsletter to get that into your inbox directly when it happens.

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