How to Use FTP – Step by Step Tutorial for Beginner Blogger

How to use FTP

If you are a blogger and using the WordPress blogging platform, you must learn how to use FTP. In this step by step tutorial, I’ll show you how to use FTP.

Let’s first know about FTP.

What is FTP?

The full form of FTP is “File Transfer Protocol”. When you browse your files in your computer, you can see all of your files on your computer’s file explorer. You can also transfer files among folders on your computer.

On the other hand, your WordPress files (media, plugins, theme, etc.) lies in your hosting server. Using FTP you can see all of your server files and computer files side by side. You can also move them around using FTP.

So, basically, FTP is a simple way to manipulate your files hosted on a server.

Why you need to know how to use FTP?

Let’s imagine some scenarios.

Scenario one: you have installed a plugin on your WordPress, after that your WordPress dashboard has just been blank. It happens. You tried everything but you can’t use your WordPress admin area.

In this situation, using FTP you can delete the plugin from your server to make your WordPress workable.

Scenario two: You just add some PHP code in your .htaccess file. After that, your WordPress dashboard became unusable. It happens if you add code in the wrong place or if you add wrong code.

Using FTP, you can overcome this situation by going to your server .htaccess file and deleting the wrong code.

The scenarios I discussed above are just unexpected. But for some expected reasons you need to know how to use FTP. I list them below –

  • To backup your WordPress files: Probably the most important use of FTP is to backup WordPress files.
  • To install plugins by uploading files to your hosting server.
  • To move large files between your computer and the server.

There are a lot of things related to files and folder you can do using FTP connection.

So, How you can use FTP.

How to use FTP?

Using FTP strikes fear into some. But, once you start using, it is extremely easy. Just follow the steps below –

Step 1: Download FTP client

To use FTP, you need to install an FTP client on your computer. FTP client is nothing but software or application like any other computer software.

Some popular FTP clients are:

  • Filezilla ( for all platform – I use it)
  • WinSCP (for Windows only)
  • Cyberduck (for Mac only)

Download the software and install it on your computer as usual.

Step 2: Setup your FTP client

After installing the application, open it on your computer as you normally do for opening other application.

Once it is opened, enter your connection details. The details you will need –

  • Hostname/server
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port number.

If you don’t know these, contact your host provider and explain that you are going to use FTP client and ask them login info if you need it.

Step 3: Start to use FTP

Once you are logged in using your login credentials and are connected to your server, you will see all your files hosted on the server as you see in the file browser of your computer. From here you can start using FTP.

This is the basic tutorial, I described in this post, to use an FTP connection. The main use of an FTP connection, you’ll find initially, is to backup your WordPress files. But, there are lots of things you can do using an FTP connection. Once you start to use it, you’ll find them too and you’ll love to use FTP.

Say Something

Which FTP client do you use and why? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. I’m not using wordpress 🙁 but reading through your ost got me thinking of how this is important… I’m going to do a quick research about ftp, because it really seems important for any blogger really 🙂

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