How to Stay Motivated As a Blogger

How to Stay Motivated As a Blogger

How to Stay Motivated As a Blogger

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
-Dale Carnegie

Most of the bloggers fail in their first year of blogging. It’s not that they are not talented or they are unable to keep blogging. It’s that they are lack of motivation.

It’s very easy to be demotivated in blogging. But it’s very very important to stay motivated if you want to build a successful blogging business and want to be one of the top bloggers in the blogging world.

Blogging demotivation can come in many ways.

When you were starting blogging, you were super excited to earn a living from blogging. After blogging for a few months, when you don’t see any result, you’ll be demotivated.

You’re writing posts after posts, but no one comments or shares your blog posts, you’ll be demotivated.

When you started blogging, you thought that blogging is easy-just writing posts and publish them on your blog. But when you stepped deeply into blogging, you see that there are many tasks to do to make your blog successful. After seeing so many tasks, you become overwhelmed and feel demotivated in blogging.

Maybe you’re having trouble to get time to blog. Because there are many other things to do to live your daily life.

Maybe your friends and colleagues demotivate you for blogging. And you feel that blogging is a waste of time. And you’re wasting your valuable time. It’s better to invest your time in some other business.

I totally get it. Because I was there. I’m still there.

Maybe one of the above reason demotivates you for blogging. Maybe all of the above reasons demotivate you for blogging.

How successful we are, no matter, there will be times when things get tough.

And when those hard times come, we have two choices – we can quit or we can push ourself for finding motivation.

When we quit, nothing happens but we’ll fail.

But I saw people who push themselves through tough times became successful. Who became successful knew that getting success isn’t easy and they prepare themselves to fight for success.

When you want to fight for success, you have to have motivation for fighting. When you want to build a successful blogging business, you have to have blogging motivation.


What is The Motivation?

In my opinion, motivation is a force which pushes us to move toward our goal. The motivation can be two types. One is negative motivation and another is a positive motivation.

Although both types of motivation can do its job, positive motivation is better than negative motivation.

Let me give you examples of both types of motivation.

When your boss threatens you to complete a task within hours otherwise you’ll be fired from your job. So, you completed the task within the time bound for not being fired. This is a negative motivation. Not being fired from your job works as your motivation here.

When you are excited enough to jump from your bed in the early morning without forcing you, that is a positive motivation.

To be successful in blogging you need to get positive motivation. So, how do you stay motivated as a blogger?


How to Stay Motivated As a Blogger

Bloggers, who are successful, have one thing common in them. That is, they find their motivation to push through when things get tough.

We all want to be successful. We all want to push ourself through when things are really really hard. But, how can we do that? How do we find the motivation to get going when things are really hard? How do we stay motivated as a blogger?

No matter how successful we are, at one time or another, we feel demotivated. We all feel like quitting.

Here is my simple secrete to stay motivated when I feel I quit.


Look Back to Why You Started Blogging

When you are demotivated and feel to quit blogging, look back to why you started blogging. There must be at least one reason to start your blog.

The reason can be earning money, being famous, publishing ebook.

Whatever the reason, that should be you motivational factor.

When I started my first blog I didn’t know much about blogging. I just wanted to keep all my professional knowledge and experience in an online place. I saw that people were reading and engaging in that blog. Then I planned to make that blog a complete resource on “building construction“. That has been my motivational factor to work hard on that blog.

With this blog (SharpBlogger), my mission is to eliminate blogging overwhelm. With my first blog, when I dug deep into blogging, I became overwhelmed. Because I wanted to make my blog like another well-designed blog. I wanted to have everything like a successful blog. Due to these many overwhelming blogging things, I felt quit blogging.

Then I thought why should I quit. My mission wasn’t to have a well-designed blog. My mission was to build a building construction resource. Once I started to think this way everything has been changed. I forgot about blog marketing or any design related issues. Yet the blog is getting seventy thousand page views a month.

Now whenever I feel to quit blogging, I just think about why I started that blog. That thing motivates me to keep blogging.


Find Out Your Big “WHY”

If I ask you why you started blogging. Your answer, for example, to make money blogging.

But that is a generic answer. We all want to make money. That won’t give you much motivation. You need to find out the big “WHY”. Let’s try.

Why did you start blogging?
I want to make money.

That’s fine. But why do you want to make money?
I want to quit my day job.

That’s ok. Why do you want to quit a job?
I want to be my own boss.

Nice. But why do you want to be your own boss?
I want freedom.

Very good. Why do you want freedom?
I want to travel the world.

Very nice. Why do you want to travel the world?
Because that was my childhood dream.

Now you have an opportunity to travel the world – to fulfill your childhood dream. This is a big motivational factor for you.

Once readers started to engage in my construction blog and started to share their problems through blog commenting, I feel, I should write books about building construction. I want to be an author. That has become one of the big motivational factors for me.

So, try to find you big “WHY” which can motivate you when things get hard.


Accept That You’ll Have Many Obstacles in Your Way

The success isn’t really the success without obstacles. If there are no obstacles, there shouldn’t be any success. If there are not any obstacles, everyone will be successful there. That success is generic. That isn’t actually a success.

Success is that which you need to fight for. Success is that which you need to overcome many obstacles for. Otherwise, everyone would be successful. Success isn’t easy to achieve, it’s why that is called success.

The fact is, you have to acknowledge and accept that you’ll have many obstacles in the way to your success.

Accepting that will give you the motivation to fight against obstacles.


Make a Plan to Fight Against Obstacles

Only accepting obstacles sometimes don’t give the motivation to do the task.

I sometimes feel that oh! I know I’ll have obstacles. But how can I fight against them?

This feeling demotivates me. The best strategy, I found, to motivate myself in that situation is to have a plan ready to fight against obstacles.

So, to motivate yourself for blogging, make a blog plan even before obstacles appear.


Just Do It

Sometimes I feel like doing nothing. I feel sitting somewhere just doing nothing. In my case, no motivation works for me in that situation.

One strategy works great in that situation for me. That is just to start doing the work. Whatever feelings I have, no matter, I just start the work.

Once I start doing something, I start to feel motivated.

I call it “machine-like strategy“. Like a machine, just start yourself. Just start doing. Don’t think much about what to do or how to do. Just start doing and you’ll find your ways – what to do or how to do.


Make a Daily Blog Routine

On the previous tip, I explained to start something to get you motivated.
When you want to apply that strategy, you’ll need a thing to do. But, if you don’t know what to do, you’ll be frustrated and leave your desk again.
In that situation, if you have premade daily blog routine, you won’t have any problem.

I have a daily blog routine. In that routine, I’ve planned, what task should be done at a particular time.

Just sit down in front of your computer and check your daily blog routine to know what task you have in your blog routine in that particular time and start doing that task.

One of the best thing having a blog routine is, you don’t even need to check your routine to know what task is included in a particular time if you practice that routine for few days or weeks.

When you know what task you need doing in a particular time frame, your brain automatically starts to think about the task and you’ll get motivated.


I’ve just shared my own strategies to stay motivated in hard times. These strategies work for me. I think these strategies will work for you too.

But everyone has a different requirement to stay motivated.

Quitting isn’t a solution. Everyone can quit blogging easily. But I don’t want you to quit.

So, find your own way how you can stay motivated as a blogger.


Express Your Opinion
How do you stay motivated during your hard times? Please share your strategy in the comments below…

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  1. A really useful article. I believe most of us have experienced the feeling of giving up at some point. But if you want to be successful at anything in life, you need to keep moving forward. I really liked the part about “Making a daily blog routine”. Having a written schedule keeps you focused on what to do next. Thanks for sharing Liton!

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