How to Overcome Writer's Block

How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 7 Strategies That Work for Me

How to Overcome Writer's Block

You have to overcome writer’s block to become a successful blogger.

I believe, as far as you have a message to share with the world, you can be a successful blogger.

To share your message with the world, you have to write.

As most of the successful writers faced writer’s block through their career, so you are not different. You will also face this at some point.

When you are just starting your blogging journey, you are full of enthusiasm. You are super excited to share your message with the world. At this point, you can write four-five posts without any writer’s block.

After some time, when you are involved with some other blogging tasks, you will feel overwhelmed. At that moment, writing content will become a burden for you.

But, you know you should write as you are a blogger. So, you sit down in front of your computer. But nothing comes out of your head. Just the blinking cursor staring at you.

First, let’s see what is writer’s block?

What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is defined as below –

The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

If you examine the definition of writer’s block, you will find two things – 1. Unable to think of what to write, and 2. How to proceed with writing.

The first one, that is, unable to think of what to write, is the condition you can’t come up with blog post ideas.

If you are able to come up with blog post ideas, you can overcome this type of writer’s block. In this post, I’m not talking about this type of writer’s block. I’ll discuss this matter in another post later.

The second one is “how to proceed with writing. The situation is, you already know what to write about. But you can’t proceed with the writing. That means you come up with the blog post idea. But you can’t write about the idea. In this post, I’m talking about this issue.

Why Writer’s Block Happens?

A few days ago I’ve read a book named “How to stop worrying and start living -by Dale Carnegie“.

In the book, Dale Carnegie showed that if you analyze your problem properly you can solve almost all your problems.

So, if you come up with the blog post idea then why you can’t proceed with the writing. You need to find out causes of this writer’s block.

If you can find out the causes of your writer’s block then you will be able to overcome this writer’s block.

So, What are the causes of this type of writer’s block?

If you think deeply, you will find the following reasons-

  • You Don’t Know About The Topic Well

You have decided your blog post topic. Then why can’t you write about the topic?

The reason can be, you don’t know about the topic well.

It happens. And it is not mandatory that you should know everything about your blog niche.

Sometimes we need to write about a thing in our blogging niche that we don’t know well.

If this is the reason for the writer’s block, it is easy to overcome. You just need to learn about the topic.

So, just study the topic you are going to write about, you’ll be able to overcome this writer’s block.

  • You are a Perfectionist

Another reason for writer’s block can be perfectionism.

This is a trap. You try to make your blog post perfect.

I bet, no one is perfect. And your readers know this.

If you don’t put a colon, no one will blame you for this.

In the blogging world, you have options to edit your blog posts later. So, don’t try to be a super perfectionist. Believe me, if you try this, your blog post will never be live.

If this is the cause of your writer’s block, try to overcome being a perfectionist.

Read More: The Non-Perfectionist’s Guide to Noteworthy Blogging for Your Business (CopyBlogger)

  • Fear

Fear can come in many ways. Such as –

Fear of Criticism – You may have a fear that your writing will be criticised by your readers.

No problem. Let them criticise. It will make you perfect.

Fear of Rejection – You may feel that you will be rejected. This fear can cause for writer’s block.

Fear of Failure – Suppose you are writing a book for selling. If you think that no one will buy your book then it will hold you back from writing.

  • Lack of Inspiration

If you don’t have inspiration for writing then you will be blocked.

If you can figure out the causes then it will be easy for you to overcome writer’s block.

7 Strategies to Overcome Writer’s Block

I’ve read many articles. I’ve tried many strategies to overcome writer’s block. Below I’m giving you some of them that work for me if these help you to overcome writer’s block.

1. Block Writing Time

I blocked 90 minutes in the morning for writing. Every day I write from 6 am to 7:30 pm.

After getting up from the bed, I try to be in front of my computer as early as possible.

Initially, you will feel that blocking time doesn’t work for you. But after practicing for a month, your brain will start work.

This is a human nature. If you go to sleep at the same time every day, you will feel sleepy at that time. If you take food at the same time every day, you will feel hungry at that time once it has been your habit.

This happens because of your subconscious mind command you to do that.

So, when you block a time for writing, your subconscious mind will force you to write at that time every day.

Blocking a time frame works for me. Practice this. It will work for you too.

2. Just Write

When we want to start writing, we can’t start easily. Because we can’t figure out where to start from. How to start.

As a blogger, we need to make blog post titles catchy. We need to make post introductions engaging.

Keeping all this in mind, we always hesitate to start writing.

To overcome this writer’s block, the best way is to just write.

Forget about the enticing post title. Forget about engaging post introduction. Just write.

You always can come back to optimize your post title, post-introduction, etc.

Whatever comes to your mind just write. Once you start writing, your brain will start to supply ideas.

3. Write as You Talk with Your Friend

Writing for everyone and writing for unknown one is really tough.

Writer’s block can happen if you try to write for every one or for an unknown one.

Shift your mind that you are writing for one person.

This strategy works for me.

When I sit down in front of my computer, I consider my computer as my friend. I write as I talk with my friend.

So try this. This will help you to overcome writer’s block. Write as you discuss something with your friend.

4. Don’t Edit While Writing

While you write, your task is to just write. Don’t edit your craft while writing. If you do so, your brain will shift from writing mood to editing mood.

Once your brain shifts, you will face writer’s block.

I was also a victim of this type of writer’s block.

When I shifted my mentality for not to edit while writing, I became efficient.

Forget about the fancy words. Forget about the sentence structure. Whatever happens, just try not to edit your craft while writing.

5. Don’t Overthink

Overthinking can happen in many ways.

In one way, you are thinking your whole craft before writing. You are trying to make every sentence in your head before writing. You are thinking every point of your craft in your head.

If you do so you will face writer’s block.

To overcome this type of writer’s block, you just need to put your thoughts from your head onto paper.

Don’t try to structure your sentence in your head. Bring them out of your head. Put them on paper (Writing App). You can structure your sentences during editing your craft. You can rearrange, erase and rewrite everything later. Just don’t block yourself overthinking during writing.

In another way, you are trying to make your post super awesome. Of course, you need to write quality posts.

But, there is no international standard for quality of a written craft.

In my point of view, if you can make your message clear to your readers, if you can make your message easily readable and digestible by your readers, that is enough for your post quality.

So don’t overthink about your post quality. Just make your message clear to your readers.

6. Take Several Breaks During Writing

Although I blocked one and a half an hour time frame for writing, I take several breaks during the time frame. It helps me to concentrate more.

Practice taking short breaks during writing, it will help you to overcome writer’s block.

7. Do Exercise

This strategy isn’t directly related to overcoming writer’s block. But it works.

Somewhere I once read exercising can help to concentrate more.

If you can’t concentrate on writing, you will face writer’s block.

Keep an hour aside for exercising. Believe me, it will help you concentrate more on writing.


You don’t need to write a whole piece of content at one sit. It is not a good strategy to write in one day and not write for several days.

One of the good strategies for overcoming writer’s block is to practice writing every day.

Set a time frame aside every day for practice writing.

And practice will help you to become a good writer and overcoming writer’s block more frequently.

If you practice writing every day, one day you can say, there is no such a thing as writer’s block.

Say Something

How do you overcome writer’s block? Please share your strategy in the comments below…

5 thoughts on “How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 7 Strategies That Work for Me”

  1. Hi Liton,

    Just writing is my fave tip bro. Daily, I write, write and write some more, to where I write and publish 1-2 guest posts daily and 2 posts on Blogging From Paradise. Writer’s block is fear manifest, and working on your writing skills dissolves that fear. Rocking tips my man.


  2. Hey Liton,

    This is a very informative blog post. Writers block is something that every blogger and writer faces at some point in time. And most times, no one can completely avoid it, it can only be managed.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to fight writers block just like the 7 strategies you shared in this post. I really the idea of having a set time to write, and that should be exactly when you think your productive level is always high. As for me, I also like to write in the morning, and that is what I’ve been doing for years now.

    Another tip I will share on fighting writers block is to always put ideas on paper as they come. You know, as bloggers and writers, new ideas will always come to us that can make up a good blog post, and what matters most is what we do with those ideas. For me, I have a notepad on my laptop and smartphone where I always write down any idea that comes to me.

    Then, once I want to write a new blog post and don’t really know what to write, the next thing I do is to check that notepad and see if I can get an idea from there, and guess what? I often get a good blog topic idea whenever I look at it.

    Also, it’s important to always make an outline before writing each post as that will equally make the whole writer process very easy for you.

    Thanks for sharing.

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