How to Find Right Affiliate Product to Promote

How to Find Right Affiliate Products Which Your Readers Actually Want to Buy

How to Find Right Affiliate Product to Promote


Are you having trouble to find the right affiliate product to promote on your blog?

It is almost every blogger’s effort to find right products and tools for their readers. So that, readers can solve their problems using those products and tools.

I also try my best to find products, tools, and resources which can solve my reader’s problem. It is not that easy!

If you found a product which, you think, is really useful to your readers, you can suggest that to them.

When suggesting – if you refer that product as an affiliate product, you will earn some money when any of your readers buy that product through your affiliate link. It will cost nothing to your readers but you will get some commission to make up your blogging expenses.

Let’s first get some idea about affiliate product.


What is affiliate product?

If you are extremely new in this field, I’ll suggest reading my post “What is affiliate marketing and How does it work?.

If you can create self-products, that is really appreciable. But, creating a self-product requires time and effort which, as a beginner blogger, you may not have. Then, what’s the solution to make money blogging?

There are many ways to make money blogging. You can display ads on your blog. But, this requires a lot of traffic to earn a considerable amount through advertising networks.

Another effective way to make money blogging is to sell someone else’s product through your blog.

When you sell someone else’s products and get a commission after successful selling, those products are called affiliate product.

So, affiliate products are those which are created by someone else and you can become an affiliate to sell those products and get commissions after a successful sale.

There are a huge amount of affiliate products available in the market. But finding a right product for the right people is not that easy and a little bit tricky too. But don’t worry. I’ll make it easy for you.

Before starting your affiliate product finding mission, first, determine which affiliate product you should sell on your blog.


How to Determine Which Affiliate Product to Sell on Your Blog?

Choosing right affiliate product has a huge impact on your affiliate marketing effort. When choosing an affiliate product to refer to your readers, keep the following things in mind.


Who are Your Target Audiences?

I have another blog where I share my experience in building construction. As I am a civil engineering, I mainly write for construction professionals.

When I thought to monetize that blog with affiliate marketing, I started to think about the various tools and equipment which I use in my daily construction activities. I started to become an affiliate for those products and promoting on my blog. But, you know, nothing has been changed. No one bought those products through my affiliate links.

But I don’t want to be a failure. I thought, there is something missing.

I started to think what was the missing point. Finally, I got that. I asked myself, did I buy those tools and equipment?

The answer was no. The tools and equipment I use in my day to day construction activities are either bought by the project owner or the contractor.

So, why my readers will buy those products!

Then I started to brainstorm which products I personally bought for my professional career. Then, the things have finally changed.

So, to choose the right affiliate product, think about which affiliate product your readers actually want to buy.


What is Your Blogging Niche?

When choosing affiliate product, choose those products which are relevant to your blogging niche.

Suppose, your blogging niche is relevant to electronic products. If you try to sell makeup box on your blog, that will not work.

Someone may earn a decent amount selling makeup boxes on their blog. You may think, that will also work on your blog. But they won’t.

So, the relevancy is a key factor to choose a right affiliate product to promote on your blog.

Keep in mind that your readers read your blog to learn about a certain topic or to solve a certain problem.

If you try to promote affiliate product which is not relevant to your blog niche, your readers will be disappointed and you will lose their trust.

Ultimately, this will hamper trustworthiness and brand of your blogging business.


Choose Valuable Affiliate Products to Promote

It is really difficult to define the value of a product. If a product satisfies some, the same product can’t satisfy some others. That is a universal truth.

But, don’t be disappointed. There is an extremely useful rule to choose valuable affiliate products.

The rule is, promote those products which you use, love or trust.

For example, I’ve used Hostgator hosting service to host my blog and I love their services. So, I became their affiliate and promote their service on this blog.

On the other hand, I hosted this blog on GoDaddy. Yet I’m not promoting their service on this blog. I just want to try their service first, if I satisfied with their service, I’ll try to become their affiliate and will start promoting their service on this blog. Because it is the cheapest hosting provider and will be very helpful to them who want to start blogging but are within tight budget.

So, choose those affiliate products to promote on your blog which you use or love or trust.

Don’t be hurry to choose right affiliate product to promote. Start small. Don’t try to become a millionaire overnight through affiliate marketing. After all, this is your business and trust is the main asset of any business.

As you now know how to choose the right affiliate product to promote, it is time to find the affiliate program for that product.


How to Find the Right Affiliate Product to Promote?

Here are few tips which I apply to find a right affiliate product to promote on my blog –


Try to Find the Affiliate Program for the Product You are Using

As I described above, if you are using a product relevant to your blogging niche, try to find an affiliate program for that product. Do the followings –

Go to the product page: Visit the product page and check their page if there is any link to become an affiliate of their product. If you found one, just follow the instruction to sign up their affiliate programme.

Search on google: This is also a very useful method to find an affiliate program for any product. Just type the “product name + affiliate program” in the Google’s search box and hit enter. If there is an affiliate program available for your desired product, Google will show you that.


2. Join Affiliate Networks

There are many popular affiliate networks to join. Such as Amazon associates, ShareASale, CJ affiliate, etc. You can join these affiliate networks and search for products relevant to your blog niche using their search function. One of the benefits of using affiliate network search function is that you’ll also get many affiliate product ideas.


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3. Spy on Your Competitor’s Blog

It is quite possible that there are some successful blogs on your blog niche. You just need to visit their blog to get some affiliate product idea.


4. Check Out Advertisements

You will see many advertisements when you visit any blog or on google search page. Check out those advertisements if you get any affiliate product idea relevant to your blog niche.


5. Check Out Online Store

There are many online stores like Amazon and Clickbank which have a huge quantity of products. Check out these online stores to find affiliate product idea.



No one will better understand your audiences than you. No one will know better which products your audiences want to get than you. So, brainstorm, think as your target audiences think and find out the affiliate product they really want to buy.


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How do you find an affiliate product to promote on your blog? Please share your experiences in the comments below…

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