How to find and join group boards on Pinterest

How to Find and Join Perfect Group Boards on Pinterest to Grow Your Blog

How to find and join group boards on Pinterest

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– Beth Comstock

Pinterest group boards can be a great source of your blog traffic if you can utilize them effectively.

We, as bloggers, are always hungry for blog traffic.

The reason is obvious. The success of any blog depends on the traffic. The more you get traffic the more your blog will be successful.

For growing blog traffic, every blogger has different strategies. Experience bloggers manage to set up their own strategy for getting traffic.

But new bloggers are always confused about what to do to get blog traffic. They try different channel randomly to get traffic.

But being on all channel at a time won’t give you many benefits in terms of traffic.

You need to focus on a specific channel at a time. After configuring that specific channel you can move on to the next channel.

But, which channel do you need to focus on first?

It depends.

You need to figure out where your target audiences hang. I’ve talked about this in the post “Tips to Wisely Use Social Media Sites As a New Blogger“.

Besides these, many bloggers claim that Pinterest has been their top traffic source. The reasons behind this are obvious. Let’s see some facts about Pinterest.

  • The half-life of a Pinterest pin is 1,680 times longer than a Facebook post and it’s 3.5 months. (source: socialmarketingwriting)
  • It’s a visual search engine. So, if anyone searches anything on Google, Pinterest will show your content in search results, unlike other social networks.

From the data above, we easily can understand why Pinterest can be a great source of blog traffic.

Convinced enough to use Pinterest as your blog’s traffic source?

To use Pinterest for your blog you need to create a Pinterest business profile.

Only creating a profile on Pinterest will not change anything in terms of blog traffic. You need to be strategic using Pinterest.

In this post, I’m going to share a most effective strategy for getting traffic from Pinterest.

That is the Group boards on Pinterest.

What Is A Group Board On Pinterest?

I assume, you already know about the Pinboard on Pinterest.

If you don’t, PinBoards are virtual boards where you can save images from anywhere on the web.

Group board is also a pinboard where there are many contributors.

In a regular pinboard, only you, as the owner of the board, can save pins. No one else will be able to save pins.

In a group board, many others can save pins to the board if the owner of the board allows them.

That means, if you allow others to save pins to a regular pinboard, that will be transformed into a group board.

I think the concept of the group board has been cleared to you.

Group board is also called Collaborative board or Community board. And the contributor is also called Collaborator.

So, don’t be confused with the different names, all are the same things.

How Can a Group Board Help You to Boost blog traffic?

You can create your own group board on Pinterest and invite others to contribute.

But, it will take a lot of effort and time to get thousands of board followers.

If I tell you that you can have thousands of board followers instantly, how will you feel?

That’s the strategy behind a group board on Pinterest.

Not all but many group boards on Pinterest have managed to have a thousand followers. If you can save a pin to that Group board, you can instantly get visible to thousands of followers of the board.

Not only that you can also get visible to the contributors of the board and their followers.

Suppose, a group board has 100 contributors and each contributor has an average 1,000 followers.

So, if you save a pin on that board, your pin will be instantly visible to 100 x 1,000 =100,000 visitors.

You will also get visible to the follower of the group board too.

Now you can imagine why you should join group boards on Pinterest for your blog promotion.

It is a free marketing opportunity for your blog.

But, How can you find group boards on Pinterest to join?

How to Find The Perfect Group Boards on Pinterest to Join?

Finding group boards is a bit tricky as there is no specific way to find one.

Pinterest also doesn’t have any specific search functionality to find group boards.

But, you can apply the following tricks to find them.

  • Pingroupie: Pingroupie was a popular site to find group boards on Pinterest. This site works as a directory of group boards.

But, it seems that they discontinued their service. Still, you can use Pingroupie to find out Pinterest group board.

Just go to Pingroupie and type your niche keyword in the search box.

Search box of Pingroupie

This will return with group boards related to your search query. scroll through the page to see them.

I found this:

Search result in pingroupie

You can also see the statistics of the board and instructions to join the board.

Statistics and joining instruction shown by pingroupie.

If you want to visit the group board on Pinterest, click on the button that says “VISIT THE BOARD ON PINTEREST”.

  • Influencers’ Pinterest Profile: Another easy way to find group boards on Pinterest is to check influencers’ Pinterest profile.

There must be some successful bloggers in your blogging niche who we called influencers.

If you are blogging for sometimes, you already know about influencer bloggers in your niche.

If you are extremely new to blogging, you may don’t know any influencer blogger. In that case, you can use Google’s search to find them.

Once you find influencer bloggers in your blogging niche, make a list of them.

Now visit their blog if there is any Pinterest follow button.

If found, click on that follow button that will take you to their Pinterest profile.

As you are on their Pinterest profile, look for the group boards they are contributing to.

Group boards are displayed alongside other regular pinboards on a Pinterest profile. To identify them, you need to look for the circle at the bottom left corner of boards.

Group boards will have circle marks on the bottom-left displaying contributors’ face. See the image below.

Group Board on Pinterest

Okay. You now know how to find group boards on Pinterest.

But not every group board will give you many benefits in terms of getting blog traffic. You need to choose quality group boards.

How to Choose Quality Group Boards On Pinterest?

The success of your Pinterest marketing mostly depends on the quality of a group board you choose to contribute.

Not all group boards will give you many benefits in terms of blog traffic. You will need to select quality group boards.

Look for the following qualities in a group board on Pinterest to join.

  • Join niche-specific group board. Group board which allow any kind of pins performs poorly. So, join the group boards that relevant to your blog niche.
  • Make sure the group board has a keyword-rich title and board description.
  • Check the group board has a decent number of followers.
  • Make sure the group board is active. That means board contributors are pining regularly on the board. But, too much active board create a problem as the stream moves away too fast for members to see and repin your content.
  • Look for group board that has less than 100 contributors. Because Boards with 100+ contributors are hard to moderate and more likely to be of low quality.

It is difficult to select the super quality group boards to join. Just look for the qualities I described above, if you found one, proceed with that.

How to Join A Group Board On Pinterest?

Okay. You now know how to find a quality group board on Pinterest. Now, it’s time to join those group boards.

Most probably the hardest part is to join good quality group boards on Pinterest.

But, don’t be disappointed. You should have a bit of patience and persistence.

There is only one way to join a group board on Pinterest. That is, get an invitation from the owner of the group board or collaborators.

For that, visit a group board and read the board description. You will find instruction to join in the board description.

Joining instruction in a group board description

Just follow the instruction.

Before joining a group board you need to follow the owner of the group board and the group board too.

To find the owner of the group board, click on the group board to open it.

After opening the group board on your browser, you will see three circles at the top right corner of the page displaying collaborators.

The group board owner

In those circles, the most left one is the owner of the board. Click on that to open the board’s owner Pinterest profile. Now click on the follow button to follow the board owner.

After following the group board owner and the group board (if you follow the group board owner, the group board will automatically be followed), you need to ask for an invitation to join the group board.

You can do this by sending an email to the group board owner or commenting on one of the group board owner’s pin as instructed in the group board description.

Most of the time group board owners prefer to get emails as a request to join the group board. In that case, the owner left his/her email address in the board description.

Send an email to that address for joining the group board. I use the following script to ask for an invitation. You can use mine.

Subject: Interested to join your Pinterest group board “board name” (this should go in the email’s subject line).

Hi xxx (board owner’s name), 

Good day.

My name is “YOUR NAME”. I run a Blog named “YOUR BLOG”, where I share tips and inspirations on “YOUR BLOG NICHE”.

I would love to join your Pinterest group board “THE BOARD NAME (including URL of the board)”.

Here’s the link to my Pinterest account (include your profile link). And my email address is “your email address” if you prefer to send an invite that way.

Thank you so much.

(Your name)

In some group boards, there is no instruction left to join the group board. In that case, you can just ignore the group board.

But, if you find a group board without any instruction that you really want to join, visit the board owner’s Pinterest profile to get his/her blog address. And then visit the contact page for his blog to get his email address. And then send an email to the address with the request to join the group board.

Don’t be disappointed if someone doesn’t send you an invitation. It’s normal.

In my case, I just get 30% responses to the request I send. So, you need to consistently try to get invitations until you have joined some good quality group boards.


As it seems that everyone is using Pinterest for marketing their product or business, we, as bloggers, should be on Pinterest for our blog promotion too.

Only being on Pinterest will not give you many benefits. You should use the power of group boards on Pinterest extensively.

So, find some good quality group boards and ask to join them consistently.

For instance, you can join my group board on Pinterest here.

Your Turn

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