How to Choose Your Blog Topic?

Blog topic can break and build your blogging business.

Let me explain this.

Explanation 1:
Suppose you choose a topic that proved to be profitable to someone. So you decided to blog about that topic.

After blogging for some time you lost your interest about that topic. Then your blogging business will fail.

Explanation 2:
Suppose you choose a topic to blog about that interests you most. But what if no one is interested in that topic.

So, how will you choose you blog topic?What things you need to consider choosing  your blog topic? What things you need to ignore to choose your blog topic?

If you are in hurry to start your blog please wait a minute, re-thing about your blog topic.

Choosing blog topic, how to choose blog topic

How to Choose Blog Topic?

Follow these guidelines I outlined below to choose your blog topic.

1. Choose a Subject Which Interests You Most.

Someone will say you that blogging is hard and you have to work day and night to be successful in blogging.

When I was in my childhood, I remember, I could continuously play football for long time in the evening after school time. I could do that because I loved football. I had a passion for football. I still have passion for football. I still love football. That’s why I can watch football game in television for long time.

I don’t find the football game hard and I don’t get tired to watch football game in tv for long time.

So choose a blog topic that you love and that you have passion for.

2. Choose a topic that solve a problem

You don’t have to solve all problem of human beings through your blog. Just try to solve one problem. If anyone have that problem they will come to you.

So choose a blog topic that solve any one problem of your readers.

This blog (Sharp Blogger) is an example of this kind of blog. Because I help my readers to solve their financial problem by starting a blog and earn money blogging.

3. Choose a topic that helps your readers to overcome their fear

You are interested in a subject that doesn’t solve any problem.

No problem. All blogs don’t need to solve problems. But choose a topic that at least helps your readers to overcome fear to face a problem.

Most of the problem remain unsolved because of the fear of facing that problem. So if you can help your readers to overcome their fear of facing problem in the right way then your blog will be popular and profitable.

The example of this kind of blog is zenhabits.

4. Choose a topic that entertain people

You blog doesn’t solve any problem. Your blog doesn’t help your readers to overcome their fear. No matter, simply choose a blog topic that only entertain your readers.

The example of this type of blog is moviegallery.

5. Choose a topic that you can write about constantly

When choosing topic to start a new blog keep in mind that you can constantly write about that topic.

Don’t choose a topic that is super narrowed. If you choose a super narrowed topic, after writing for few months you will be run out of ideas to write about. So be carefull.

6. Choose a topic that you want to learn about

Darren Rowse started a new blog named Twitip. This blog shares tips about twitter. When Rowse started this blog he just started to learn about twitter. In his several posts he uncovered this truth.

So when choosing blog topic to star a blog, don’t be worried that you know a little about your blog topic.

It is not that important that you should be master about anything to start your blog. It is more important that you should be eager to learn about that topic.

7. Choose a Topic that people are interested about

You don’t have to research people.

Suppose you have chosen a topic to blog about. How do you know people are interested in that topic?

Write your topic name in google search and hit the search button. Check what are come out. Check if there is any blog about this topic. Find out how they are performing. Are they doing well?

Try to find out some book on internet and check how they are performing. Are they selling well?

You can also check amazon to find books on your chosen topic.

For choosing blog topic don’t just follow your passion. Justify what people want. You don’t need to over-research your blog topic. Just follow the rules I shared here. There must be some people who are interested in your topic. You don’t have to target all the people in the world to read your blog. Just target a group of people. They are your potential readers.

So whatever topic you choose for your blog just start with that. You can change your topic later as you go.

Say Something
How did you choose your blog topic? please share in comments. Also let me know about your topic.

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