9 Tips on How to Blog if You Have a Day Job

How to blog if you have a day job

There are many people who wants to become their own boss. there are also some people like me who would like to have a day job.

having a day job isn’t always bad if you can manage both the blog and job well. in fact, having a day job is beneficial in many ways.

Benefits of having a day job

Opportunity to meet new people: Having a day job give as you an opportunity to meet new people everyday. As a blogger it will be beneficial to you. Because, you will come to know many problems of people.

Knowing problems of people will help you to come up with many post idea. Such as, before writing this post, I didn’t have any plan to write this post.

Yesterday I was talking about side business with one of my client. He expressed his opinion that it is difficult for them to run a side business who have a day job. I got this post idea when discussing with him.

So, having a day job will give you an opportunity to meet the new people everyday and you will come up with many great ideas not only for your blog but also for better living style.

Being organized: When you have a day job, you’ll have a schedule for doing many things on time. You will get up on time. You will reach home on time. And thus, you’ll be better organized.

Being productive: There is a tall. If you want to get your job done, delegate it to busy people. That’s right and I feel that often.

In my off day, I always notice, I’m less productive. Because, I get up late. As I have full day in my hand and as I don’t have any other task to do without blogging, I always tend to start the things late. But, at the end of the day, I found, I didn’t complete a single task.

But, during the on day, I always tend to start the task immediately as I have many other tasks. And thus, I complete more tasks than the off day.

if you are a regular reader of this blog for sometime, you already know that I have a day job and i maintain two blogs including this one. and I have no intention to leave my day job. because it is my profession (civil engineering) and I love my job.

At the beginning of this blog, I wrote some reasons for starting this blog. one of the reason is to help student to earn some money through blogging. Student can’t leave their study due to blogging.

So, whatever the reason, if you want to start a blog as a side business, I’m sharing some tips to help you manage day job, family life and blogging business effectively.

9 tips on how to blog if you have a day job

It will be really hard to maintain a day job, a family life as well as a blog if you don’t do it strategically.

As you know, I maintain two blogs while maintaining my day job and family life. So I’m sharing 9 tips which I apply in my day-to-day life to maintain all these things.

1. Be mentally prepared

Of course, you have to be mentally prepared for doing the things effectively. If you be mentally prepared then half of the things will be done without much effort.

When I started my first blog in late 2011, I found it overwhelming to maintain the blog and my day job. I published some post in 2012. But I didn’t publish a single post in 2012 and 2013. Even I published just a few posts in 2015 and 2016 in the blog.

When I realised that I’m not giving much effort to build the blog as I want then I thought deeply about this matter. I noticed, it is not for the lack of time. It is for the lack of my mental preparation.

When I took mental preparation for running the blog effectively while having my day job, the things got easy. Even, I’ve been able to start a 2nd blog (this one).

So, be mentally prepared first and slowly advance to build your blogging business.

2. Get up early in the morning

Before starting my 2nd blog, I used to get up at 8 AM. After starting my 2nd blog, I now get up at 6 AM. You can’t imagine how these two hours helps me to get things done.

I know, it is difficult for you to get up early in the morning. At the beginning, it was also difficult for me. But, within a month, it has been my habit.

You may face some physical problems at the beginning. Believe me, it will be your habit after some time. And, if you are mentally well prepared, you will be able to overcome initial problems.

3. Make a post publishing schedule

You don’t have to publish post everyday to build a successful blog. Writing a quality post in a week is more than enough. No one will ask you any question about this. Instead, people tend to unsubscribe blog if it publish more posts.

Don’t worry, you can increase the post publishing frequency later when you’ll get comfortable with blogging.

So, make a post publishing schedule. In which day of the week you want to publish your post. You can mark it on your mobile calendar app.

In my case, I publish two posts in this blog every week. One on Monday and another on Thursday. So, I don’t use any calendar app to schedule my post. But I make my post ready two days before publishing deadline. You can use the same strategy as mine.

So, make a post publishing schedule, either in your mind or in a calendar app. But don’t miss the post publishing deadline.

4. Take small steps

To build a successful blog, you have to do various types of work. Such as, writing post, marketing your blog, designing your blog, monetizing your blog, etc. etc. etc.

You can’t do all the things at a time. Trying to do the things at a time will make you overwhelm. And, it will take you far away from blogging. I know it. Because, I faced it.

Instead, take small steps. Such as, this week you’ll add a logo for your blog. Next week you’ll create a twitter account for your blog…. and go on.

5. Plan your blog ahead

Having a plan ready for your blog will guide you to the right direction.

What I do – I make a blogging plan for one year. I list 5 important tasks, which I want to do in a year duration. I then break them down in a monthly basis. I further break the monthly plan in weekly basis.

So, sit down. Think. Take time. And make a plan for your blog.

6. Separate a time block for post writing

Morning is the best. So, before going to your day job, block a time frame to write your blog post. It can be half an hour or an hour. If you practice this everyday, you will be able to produce more quality content.

If you can Manage to write only 300 words within the time frame everyday, you will be able to write 1800 words in a week (6 days). Enough for two blog posts.

Another benefit of blocking a time frame in the morning is that, many exciting idea will come up in your head about the post all day long. You can use Google doc to write down those ideas in short. On the next morning, you can add those ideas to your post draft.

7. Use your office time effectively

We all know this. It is not possible to work continuously. We take several breaks during office hour. How we use those breaking times?

We just waste those time gossiping or just doing nothing.

But, as a blogger, we can use those breaking time effectively.

In my case, when I’m on the way to office and sitting on car, I just check my email. I check my email once in a day in that time frame. And, I never login to my email for the day.

During the breaking hour, I just check my blog’s social profile, share post on social media and read and comment on other blogs.

8. Separate a time block for administrative tasks

Evening is the best time for administrative tasks. Administrative tasks means the back-end tasks. Such as, designing your blog, tweaking blog setting, adding advertising network, etc.

Block a time frame for these tasks. It can be half an hour or an hour.

In my case, after ending the day job, when I reach my home, I just be fresh, take some food and take rest for 10 to 15 min. I then sit in front of my computer and do the selective administrative tasks which I planned before.

9. Separate a time block for reading book

The best time to read a book is, before going to sleep.

In my case, I read books for half an hour before going to sleep everyday.

Now, the question is, where is the family time here?

I spend the time duration between “administrative time block” and “book reading time block” with my family. In this time frame, I play with my baby girl, watch TV with my family or go to social functions, etc.

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Do you have any better idea to blog effectively while having a day job? Please share in comments…

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