7 Tips on How to Blog if You are Not an Expert

Tips on how to blog if you are not an expert

Do you feel like you are not an expert on anything to blog about?

This is the first feeling comes when you want to start your blogging journey.

Even after blogging for some time this feeling may come.

The bad thing of this feeling is, you won’t be able to write freely. Because, you will feel that you are a fraud.

This thing will hold you back from blogging. And this is one of the top reason for not starting a blog or quit from blogging.

But the good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to start a blog or continue blogging.

If you feel, you are a fraud when it comes to blog. Then let me tell you my story.

After continuously serving for 10 years in building construction sector, I was feeling I’m an expert in building construction. In 2011, I started a blog about building construction to keep my all construction related knowledge in a online place.

When I opened that blog publicly and getting some readers then I was trying to write for them.

And you know, when you write for someone then you have to write detail post. When I tried to write detail post about construction then I came to know, I don’t know many things about building construction. Even when I publish a detail post about “how to do something”, my readers show me some better ways to do that thing.

And then I understood that I’m not an expert on building construction. Even if I think that I’m an expert on a particular thing, but someone do the same thing in more better way. Because technology is constantly changing. And there is always a better way to do a thing.

So if you feel that you are not an expert on anything or if you feel that you are a fraud during writing a blog post or after publishing a blog post then here are some tips for you to blog if you are not expert on anything.

7 tips on how to blog if you are not an expert

1. An expert was once a beginner

If you just started blogging, it is obvious that you are feeling uncomfortable to blog. Because, you are thinking that there are many experts on the same topic you are blogging about. So you may think, why you need to create another blog!

If everyone think that way, not a single blog will be created from this moment. Because web is saturated with almost any topic you can imagine. So don’t think that way. Instead think that, the expert was once a beginner.

Thinking this way, you’ll feel relaxed. Today you are a beginner. But tomorrow you’ll be an expert.

2. Blog for yourself, not for others

This is the certain thing I always tell myself.  I always try to write for myself. I always teach myself instead of teaching my readers.

When I feel that I’m learning something from the post I’m writing then I feel good. I don’t feel that I’m a fraud. Because, as I’m learning from the post, my readers will do so.

If I do a thing in a certain way, I write a post about this. If need to do the same thing in future, I come back to the post I wrote and use the information.

So, write post as you are taking notes for your future reference. In that way, you won’t feel that you are not an expert.

3. Write, what you know about the topic

Have you ever seen any magic? I think you had.

When we see a magic, either in television or in real life, we think, how is this possible!

But if you know the mechanism behind the magic then you’ll think, that’s an easy thing and you won’t have any focus on that particular magic.

This is always happened with our knowledge. When we know something, we think that that is an easy thing and no one is required to learn the thing.

But you can’t imagine, how this simple thing can make someone crazy to do.

So, how simple and easy the knowledge is, no matter, there are always somebody who need that particular knowledge.

4. Blogging isn’t teaching, it’s a sharing

If you think that you are teaching someone through your blog then it’ll make you feel like a fraud.

Don’t think your blog as a teaching platform if you are not an expert. Instead, think your blog as a sharing platform.

Think your blog as your knowledge sharing platform. Share what you know about your blog topic. Share what you have learned about your blog topic. Share what you are doing with your blog topic. In this way, you won’t feel like a fraud.

5. Include source link in your post

When you use valuable data or information in your blog post, try to include the source link of the information. In this way it will be more trustable and your readers will love this too.

6. Take initiative to be an expert

It is not a sin not to be an expert. But it is of course a sin not to try to be an expert. Take initiative to learn more about your topic.

Make a habit to read books everyday. Separate a time block to read books. The best time to read a book is, before going to sleep. What ever I read throughout the day, no matter, I read a book for half an hour before going to sleep everyday. It can be any book, either related to my blog topic or a Nobel.

If you practice this for some time, it will be your habit.

In this way, you’ll learn more about your blog topic and you won’t feel that you are not an expert. You can blog more confidently.

7. Learn from your competitor

It is obvious that if you want to blog on pro level, you have to learn from your competitor who are already pro.

You are not stealing anything. You are just learning from them.

What should you  learn from your competitor?

How your competitor are blogging?

How many post they are publishing every week?

What topics they are covering?

Length of their blog posts?

Which posts of your competitors are getting more social shares? – I use Buzzsumo for this purpose.

Studying your competitor is not only gives you confidence a boost, but also increases your knowledge. In this way, you won’t feel like you are not an expert.

Just practice the tips I shared in this post and write constantly to boost your confidence in blogging.

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Are you a beginner? Do you feel like you are not an expert? Which technique do you apply to overcome this situation? Please share in comments…

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