How to Backup Your WordPress Site Easily and Free

How to Backup Your WordPress Site Easily And Free

How to Backup Your WordPress Site Easily and Free

Imagine, you have been working on a blog for months. Suddenly for some reasons, you lost all your hard works. What will you do?

This is very frustrating.

To save you from this unwanted situation, backing up your WordPress site is essential.

Why Backing Up Your WordPress Site is Important?

As you know, WordPress is a very popular blogging platform. So, it is very vulnerable to hackers. If your WordPress blog is hacked, you may lose your all the hard works.

If you install or update a plugin or theme and anything goes wrong then you may lose your hard work.

Whatever will happen, why you put yourself at risk to lose your hard work.

So, as a blogger, you should back up your blog regularly. So that, you can restore your blog if any unwanted things happen.

Hopefully, your host backup the server regularly where your blog is hosted on. But if you have a backup of your blog, you can restore that quickly if needed.

What to Backup From Your WordPress Site?

You need to back up two things to take a full backup of your WordPress site.

  • One is your DATABASE (your blog posts, comments, etc.), and
  • Another is your FILES (your images, theme, plugins and many other things which make your site run).

I’ll show you how to backup both the things one by one.

Let’s talk about how to back up your WordPress database first.

How to Backup The WordPress DATABASE?

To easily backup your WordPress database, you need to install a plugin and it’ll automate the process.

There are many backup plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. I use UpdraftPlus WordPress plugin to automate the backup process of my WordPress database.

After installing the plugin you need to configure plugin setting.

Plugin setting will vary depending on the plugin you use to backup your WordPress database.

You’ll find instruction about this on the plugin’s page of the WordPress plugin directory. Just go to the plugin page and click on the installation tab. There must be instructions for setting the plugin.

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But, plugins only backups your database, not your files. Then how will you backup your WordPress files?

How to Backup WordPress FILES?

To backup your WordPress files, you just need to copy the “Wp-content” folder from your server and save it to your computer.

There are two ways, I know, to do so.

  • One is going to your hosting Cpanel dashboard, and
  • Another is to using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection.

How to Backup WordPress FILES Using Hosting Cpanel?

Follow the steps below to backup your WordPress files using hosting Cpanel.

Step 1: Login to your hosting Cpanel using login credentials.

Step 2: Go to the File Manager and navigate to the “public_html” folder.

Step 3: Under the “public_html” folder, you’ll find your desired folder – “Wp-Content”.

Step 4: Copy that folder and paste to your computer’s hard disk or download that folder.

How to Backup WordPress FILES Using FTP Connection?

It’s a very easy and convenient way.  Follow the steps below –

Step 1: open your FTP client on your computer and input the login details.

Step 2: Once you are connected to your server, you will see a window with all the files on your server as you see files on your computer’s file manager.

Step 3: Now browse through the files and find your desired folder “Wp-Content”. It should be under the “public_html” folder.

Step 4: Once you find the folder, transfer it to your computer from the server and keep it in a safe place.

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How Often Should You Backup Your WordPress Site?

How often should you backup your WordPress site?

Your WordPress site contains lots of data and it is large in size. You can’t backup this large data every day. Because it is time-consuming. And you know, as a blogger, you are always busy.

But you should backup your database daily. Because your WordPress database contains your blog posts and comments. You definitely worked hard to write and publish your post. So, you don’t want to lose them.

You can make a schedule in your plugin setting to backup your database daily.

When it comes to backup your WordPress files (wp-content), my recommendation is to backup this weekly.

Besides this, you should also backup your WordPress files before doing any major changes to your site – like installing a WordPress theme or plugins, site redesign and updating plugins or theme.

You may think that you will backup your WordPress site someday. But this is a risky thing. Because if something happens and you lose all of your hard works then you’ll think if you have a backup of your WordPress site!

So don’t ignore backing up your WordPress site and do it today.

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How often do you backup your WordPress site? Do you use any plugin for this purpose? Please share in the comments below…

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