Fear of Human

How To Identify Your Fear Of Blogging

Fear of Human


This one thing can hold us back from many things.

But it’s a human natural instinct. Everyone has fears of something.

It is not as bad as we think. In fact, it’s good in some cases.

Let me tell you a story…

One day an elephant came to our village. I was a boy at that time. The elephant walking on the road. There was a culvert in the middle of the road. But the elephant didn’t go over the culvert. It went through the side land of the culvert. But before going through the side land it checked the culvert with his leg. I don’t know what she understood, but she didn’t walk over the culvert. A few days later, the culvert fell down when a mini empty truck tried to cross the culvert. This incident made me realized why the elephant didn’t cross the culvert. And it was a fear of falling down.

So, fear isn’t always bad. It can sometimes save us from many accidents or losses.

But being fearless can be harmful sometimes. It can make us foolish.

The fear that makes us alert is good and that makes us foolish is harmful.

If we analyze the story above we’ll see examples of good effects of fear as well as the foolishness.

In my opinion, human beings can never be fearless. They can be brave but not fearless.

Brave means overcoming fear.

But fearless means nothing but foolishness.

So we shouldn’t be fearless. We should be brave.

That means we should try to overcome fears.

Fear of blogging

Why Should We Overcome Fears?

It’s a foolish question. Everyone knows the answer to it.

Then why have I asked this question?

The reason is, we know the answer but we often don’t take action to overcome fear.

We often don’t act. We just let it go.

But you know, if you want to be successful in any area of your life, you need to be brave to take action to overcome fear.

It is true in every aspect of your life.

Like that, fear of blogging is also a big obstacle in your way of becoming a successful blogger.

So, let’s see…

The Fear Of Blogging Bloggers Often Face

Your blogging fear may be completely different. Many people have different types of fear. I can’t list all of them. But bloggers normally have the following fears –

Fear Of Being Exposed:

I was guilty of this. When I started my first blog I didn’t include any image of mine. I even didn’t leave any contact option. So that no one can contact me. I just wanted that no one can recognize me.

That blog was on the Blogger platform. I started that simply for the purpose of keeping all my professional things in one online place.

Just for curiosity, I put some AdSense ads on the blog later. After two years of putting ads, Google sends me a $100 to my bank account.

I also started to get praise from peoples as a form of comments on my post.

But the fear of being exposed held me back from blogging successfully for many years.

Fear Of Lack Of Experience:

It’s a real fear. This fear can hold you back from gaining experience.

But let me tell you I started this blog simply for the purpose of learning to blog and simplifying the blogging things.

So, a lack of experience shouldn’t be your fear. It should be your learning process. You’ll learn many things from your readers that you can’t imagine now.

Fear Of Being Failed:

In every business, you’ll have this fear. But if you don’t try you already have failed.

So, before failing, it’s better to try to be successful.

If you fail after doing something, ultimately it’s not a failure. Consider this as a lesson. You can apply the lesson to your next business.

Fear Of Wasting Time:

No one can assure you that if you do this or that you’ll be successful. No.

People can show you the way. But you have to walk through the way to reach your destination.

So walking isn’t wasting time. It’s getting closer to your destination. You may not reach your destination. But you can advance in your way.

Fear Of Lack Of Ideas:

You may think that you don’t have any idea about your blog topic. You may ask yourself several times “What should I blog about?”.

But let me assure you have many ideas to blog about. You just need to find that out.

One strategy that works for me is to make a list.

I just list down all the ideas in a paper. Then I systematically sort them out.

Most of the time I practice this to come up with blog post ideas. And it works every time.

So, you do not lack ideas. You just need to sit in a calm place and brainstorm. I’ve talked about the brainstorming process on the post “Content Brainstorming: A Guide For Bloggers”. Read the post to learn the process.

But one thing you need to make sure that the topic you choose you’re passionate about that somehow. If you’re passionate about the topic you’ll be able to create content consistently in the future.

Fear Of Lack Of Time:

This fear is in everyone’s mind. Actually, we often run short of time. The thing is, the time is constant. You can’t increase your time. Virtually you can do nothing to make time.

But did you realize some people are doing lots with this limited time? How?

There is a truth about time.

Suppose you can complete a task in an hour. If you allow two hours for that task, it’ll take two hours.

So you have to find your time gap yourself.

There are lots of resources online on this topic. Here I try to find some for you:

Fear Of Imperfection

Whatever you create there is always a better creation. I believe that.

So, how perfect you are, no matter, there is always a more perfect one than you.

Another thing, no one is 100% perfect in this world.

So, train your mind not to be a perfectionist. Train your mind to be helpful. This way your fear will vanish.

These are the common fear of blogging new bloggers face.

There are also some other blogging fears that can hold you back. I don’t want to discuss them. Because this post is not a list of all the blogging fears. I just want to help you identify your fear of blogging. However, I listed some of them below. So that you can correlate yourself.

  • Fear of not getting readers
  • Fear of not being an authority
  • Fear of networking
  • Fear of not being consistent
  • Fear of losing money
  • Fear of making mistakes

May be your fear is on the list. May be isn’t on this list.

But if you’re not taking any action then you have a fear.

You may have more than one fear.

But how can you find out your blogging fear?

For some, it’s easy to find out their fears. For some others, it may be difficult.

But you have to identify your fear anyhow. Otherwise, you won’t be able to overcome it.

Overcome fear of blogging

How To Identify Your Fear Of Blogging?

There is no mathematical rule for that. You have to find it out in your own way.

You have to ask yourself the right question.

Here, I’ve listed some questions to ask yourself.

If you can answer genuinely to these questions, you’ll be able to identify your fear.

Q1: what do you absolutely hate doing in blogging?

Q2: what blogging task causes you feel overwhelmed?

Q3: what do you love doing but hate to talk about in front of others

Q4: what topic makes you feel uncomfortable to talk about?

Q5: Are you afraid of being rejected?

Q6: Are you afraid of making mistakes?

Q7: Are you afraid of being criticized?

Ask these questions yourself one after another. I’m sure, you can identify your blogging fear.

Once you can identify your blog fear, it’ll be easy for you to conquer them.

Here are few resources for you to conquer blogging fear:

The 7 Deadly Fears of Blogging and How to Overcome Them (ProBlogger)

3 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Blogging (thebloggingbuddha)


It’s said that the biggest obstacle to success is fear.

We know that.

But it’s sometimes not obvious to us that which fear is holding us back.

So identifying the fear is important.

Once you can identify your blogging fear, read the posts I listed in this post. They will help you to overcome your blogging fear.

In my opinion, the most effective technique to overcome any fear is to face them.

I hope you’ll get out of your comfort zone and face your fear of blogging frequently.

Once you’re comfortable with your fears, here are some posts to help you blog successfully.

5 thoughts on “How To Identify Your Fear Of Blogging”

  1. Hello Liton,

    Rijhu this side. Thanks Liton for sharing your awesome and inspirational post.

    Yes, very well said, ” Biggest obstacle to success is fear. If you want to be success full in your life, you need to take brave actions to overcome your fear.”

    I too believe, fear deludes your vision, it is not real. I think the main fear of blogging bloggers often face is fear of lack of experience and fear of being failed. Well what holds you back is not important, how you have to overcome of that fear and what actions should be taken to come out of that is important.

    Very nicely explained and inspirational post.


  2. Liton, you blog how I blog bro. I love how you think. Fear is the only thing holding back your blogging success. Learn how to face, feel and release fear, and you are golden. I spend hours managing my energy daily. Why? Doing so expands my awareness. Expanding my awareness, allows me to face my fears.

  3. Have you ever learned a new skill? Maybe you’ve learned how to play an instrument. Blogging is similar – it takes time and practice. You don’t just wake up one day and start speaking French/Spanish. In the same manner, you can’t become a successful blogger overnight. You first need to learn the basics, like registering a domain, setting up WordPress, & finding a niche. Then after some time, you can move onto the intermediate stuff, such as guest posting and affiliate marketing. I personally found this article very interesting. Loved the way the article is written.

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