email opt in with mailchimp for wordpress

How to Create Email Opt-In with Mailchimp for WordPress Blog?

Creating email opt-in form is an essential part for your blog marketing. In this post i’ll show you how to create an email opt-in form with Mailchimp for WordPress blog.

email opt in with mailchimp for wordpress

What is an Email Opt-in?

Email opt-in is a term used when someone is given the option to receive Email.wikipedia

In simple words, email opt-in is an opportunity you give to your blog reader to subscribe to your blog newsletter to get your blog update by showing a email sign up form in your blog.

If readers want to get your blog update they can do it by putting their email address in the form and thus you can collect their email.

That’s simple.

But why do you need to show email opt-in form in your blog where there are many other options your reader can get update of your blog?

Yes, I know. Your readers can get your blog update via social media like Facebook, google plus, twitter or  even via RSS feed. Then lets see some benefits of email opt-in over social media and some other subscription ways.

Benefits of Email opt-in for your blog

  • Some of your readers may not use social media. They may want to get your blog update in their inbox. So you should give them this opportunity by showing email opt-in form in your blog.
  • Email is more personal. When your blog update will land on your readers inbox they will feel that you are directly contacting with them.
  • When your readers subscribe via email opt-in form they have to take an extra step that is they have to go to their email’s inbox to confirm their subscription. That means they are your most targeted readers.
  • When readers subscribe to your blog’s newsletter through email opt-in form they give you permission to send them email whenever you want. It is a big opportunity for you to sell your product to them.
  • Social medias constantly changing their policy. Suppose you built huge fan in your blog’s Facebook page, what if Facebook limiting your reach to your readers? In fact Facebook is doing so now. They are demanding money to reach to all of your fans. So the solution is email opt-in.
  • I think you’ve heard about the term list building. List building is the collection of email list which your readers provide you during subscribing your blog’s newsletter through email opt-in form. Many popular blogger share their experience through their blog that this was their biggest mistake that they didn’t start building email list when they started blogging.

I have shown few of the many benefits of having email opt-in form in your blog. So you should take a step to create an email opt-in form for your blog.

If you’ve decided to show an email opt-in form in your blog then read on.

Keep in mind that I’ll show here how to create an email opt-in form with mailchimp for WordPress blog.

So if you are on other blogging platform instead of WordPress blogging platform then this post isn’t for you. Sorry.

What is mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider. There are many other like AwebarconvertkitGetResponse etc. These are also good and popular email marketing service provider.

Then why I chose Mailchimp over other email marketing service provider?


  • It is easy to handle for newbie.
  • It is completely free up to 2000 subscribers. So beginner blogger can use it for free.
  • 12000 email can be sent monthly free with Mailchimp.

These are top of many other reason for choosing Mailchimp.

How to create email opt-in form with Mailchimp for WordPress blog?

For showing email opt-in form with Mailchimp in your WordPress blog you have to go through the following 4 easy steps. The steps are,

  1. Signing up with Mailchimp
  2. Creating list in Mailchimp
  3. Showing email opt-in form in your WordPress blog
  4. Creating a campaign in Mailchimp

1. Signing up with Mailchimp

For implementing email opt-in form in your WordPress blog the first step is to create an account in Mailchimp.

Click on this link to go to Mailchimp’s sign up page.

Once you are on Mailchimp’S sign up page you have to enter your email, username and password in the blank form. Then click on Get Started button.

Sign up for mailchimp

Mailchimp will send you an email with confirmation link. Go to your email and click on that link to confirm your subscription.

Once you confirmed your email account Mailchimp will take you to your account dashboard.

Now you have to create a List.

2. Creating list in mailchimp

List is an option Mailchimp provide you to organize your subscribers email. You can create different Lists to separate your target audience. With different list you can send different email to different group of your readers.

As a new blogger I’ll suggest you to go with one List. That is all your subscribers will be listed on one list. You can create many other list later.

Mailchimp automatically create a list when you signed up for an account. You can go with that list or you can create a new one.

For creating a list click on the left side menu icon. In the drop down menu click on “List“.

Click on “Create a List” button in the right top corner of the opened window.

A new page will be opened as shown in the image below. Again click on “Create List” button..

Mailchimp list creation

Now fill up the details in the blank form as described below:

List Name: Give a meaningful name for your “List” so that you can recognize the “List” later. Such as RSS newsletter. RSS newsletter means when you publish a blog post your subscribers will get an update for your post.

Default form email address: Enter an email address in this field from which address you want to sent email to your subscriber.

Default form name: Put a name for your Email. It’ll be displayed in the subject line in your subscriber’s inbox.

Reminder: In this field leave a message for your subscribers to remind them how they signed up for your “List”.

Check everything again and hit on the “save button“.

That’s it. You’ve just created your “List”. The next step is to connect this “List” with your WordPress blog so that your readers can subscribe to your list.

3. Showing email opt-in form in WordPress

For showing email opt-in form in your WordPress blog you first have to create form code in your Mailchimp account. Don’t worry. it’s easy.

Go to your Mailchimp account > left side menu > list.

A window will open with your List. Now click on the arrow button next to your list.

After clicking on arrow button mailchimp will show you some options to create a sign up form.

Select the embedded form option.

Email opt-in with mailchimp

Once you select option mailchimp will take you to the form setting page where you can choose which field you want to show in form. You also can adjust the form width here. Just play with the options.

When you are done copy the form code and go to your WordPress dashboard.

3. Showing email opt-in form in your WordPress blog

While you are on WordPress dashboard go to left sidebar > Appearance > widget.

Now you have to decide where you want to show email opt-in form in your WordPress blog.

I think top of the right sidebar is the best place to show email opt-in form. Because many popular blogs show their email opt-in in that place.

If you prefer that place then add a text widget to your WordPress sidebar and paste the copied code there. Save changes.

You are done. The email opt-in form is now showing on your WordPress blog’s sidebar.

But wait. You are not finished yet. Your blog is showing email opt-in form. Your readers also can subscribe via that form but they won’t get any update from your blog.

For sending your blog update to your email subscribers you have to create a campaign in your mailchimp account.

4. Creating email campaign in mailchimp

While your are on mailchimp dashboard click on left side menu button. Click on campaigns on the drop down menu.

Click on “create a campaign” button on the opened page. On the next page you’ll see different campaign options. Choose RSS driven option from them.

Enter your RSS feed URL in the field that appears in the page. If you don’t know your blog’s feed url just put your blog url in the field. Mailchimp will collect the  feed  URL automaticallcy.

Email opt in with mailchimp for wordpress blog

Adjust the other necessary setting as you prefer then click on the Next button at the bottom right corner of the page.

Mailchimp will then ask you to select a list. Choose the list you’ve just created in the 2nd step and again click on “Next” button.

Mailchimp will ask you to give a name for the campaign. Mailchimp will automatically fill the other fields as default. However, you can change them as you like.

After that click on “Next” button to continue. Now mailchimp will show you some templates to choose from for your email. Choose the one that suits you best.

You can also customize the template. You can upload your blog logo in the template. Do that customization as you wish.

Now click on “Save” button.

That’s it. You’ve successfully created your email opt-in with Mailchimp for your WordPress blog.

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