Essential Elements of a Reader Engaging Blog Post

8 Essential Elements of a Reader Engaging Blog Post

Essential Elements of a Reader Engaging Blog Post

I’m a fan of eliminating blogging overwhelm. When I write a post, I just try to make my message clear to my readers. I can assure you, this is the most essential element of a blog post.

If you search on Google, you’ll find tons of elements to have in a successful blog post.

But the funny thing is if you focus on having all those elements in your blog posts, you must forget what you want to say in your post. And you’ll be overwhelmed.

Yet we unconsciously love to read posts that have some elements in it.

In another word, we can say that some elements can make a good blog post great which can engage readers extensively.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything extra to have these elements in your blog post. You just need to be organized and creative.

Let’s see what elements actually have to have in a blog post.


8 Essential Elements of a Blog Post That Actually Engage Readers For Long

If you want to make your blog post engaging, you need to include the following elements in your blog post.

1. Your Blog Post Should Have a Solid Point

You shouldn’t write about all the irrelevant things in a blog post.

Readers read a blog post to know about a certain thing.

So, you should have a solid point or a solid solution of a problem.

For example, the solid point of this post is the essential elements of a successful blog post. If I try to write about a good quality blog post, that will be another point. So I need to stick to the essential elements of a blog post in this post.


2. A Catchy Headline is a Warm Invitation

Most of the time we read just the headline of blog posts. If a headline seems attractive to us, we click on it to read the post.

So, a headline is the main thing to get readers to read your post. It’s just like an invitation which your readers can’t ignore.

Writing catchy headlines is a skill. You have to practice this. There are also some common formats of catchy headlines. I’ve talked about this before here.


3. A Blog Post Should Have an Engaging Introduction

An engaging post instruction is another most important element of a successful blog post.

I often do this. After clicking on the headline of a post, I just read the first few lines of a blog post.

If those lines seem attractive to me then I read the rest of the post.

I think most of you do this.

Headlines do the first thing to get readers to your post and post introductions do the second thing to get readers to read the rest of your post.

So, if you want your readers to read your post, learn to write engaging post introduction.

To learn more about writing engaging post introduction, read my post “How to write engaging post introduction”.


4. A Well Formatted Post Makes It Enjoyable to Read

The online world is very distracting. People are in a rush when they browse online.

When we read a book, our brain works differently. Because there are no such distracting things as online.

So, you can have a one-page long paragraph in your book.

But in a blog post, a long paragraph can be scary to your readers. They’ll immediately leave your post if they see such long paragraphs.

When you formatting your blog posts, keep in mind that the post formatting should be in such a way that your readers can consume your message without much effort.

So, a good formatting is another most important ingredients of a blog post to make your post enjoyable to read to your readers.

Read more: How to format your blog post.


5. An Image Can Make a Difference

An image can make your post enjoyable to read. It also gives your readers some relaxing moment while reading your post.

Including an image into a blog post is actually the part of post formatting.

I separated this element to make you understand the importance of having an image in a blog post.

Read more: How to insert image to a blog post.


6. Leave An Impression With Your Post Conclusion

People read and forget immediately. To keep your post longer in your readers’ mind, you need to write impression leaving conclusions for your blog posts.

When we talk about the essential elements of a successful post then the conclusion is a must.

But we often forget to conclude our posts properly. This is a big mistake.

So, practice to include an impression leaving conclusion in your blog posts.

Read more: How to conclude a blog post properly.


7. A Call to Action

Each of your posts should have a purpose. You must want your readers to take some actions after reading your post – either you want to build your email list or want to get more eyeballs on your post.

So, it is an essential element of a blog post to include a call to action.

If you have some freebies you can ask your readers to download that with a call to action.

If you want your readers to share your post on their social media profile, clearly show them how to do that.

If you want to get blog comments, show your readers where they can do that.

Readers want to take actions. But you need to show them the way.

Read more: How to write a call to action.


8. Give Something More to Your Readers

After reading your post, your readers may want to read more about the topic you’ve written about.

So, it is your responsibility to help them to find out more about the topic.

You can either link your previously published posts or you can link out to some other trusted sources. I’ve done this several times in this post.

It not only helps your readers to discover more but also helps you in terms of SEO.

Read more: How to interlink blog post.



These eight elements I’ve described in this post are really essential for a blog post if we want to engage our readers.

It is not that we need to do extra works to include these elements in our blog posts. We unconsciously add some of these elements.

But we sometimes forget to add some. That’s the reason I always use a post-publishing checklist when I edit my blog posts to make sure all of these elements are included. You can include these elements in your post publishing checklist.


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