How to Set Effective Blog Goals

How To Set Effective Blog Goals For 2020

When I started my first blog I didn’t set any goals for that blog. It was because I didn’t know how to set goals for a blog. I also didn’t know what should be my blogging goals. I just started that blog to keep my professional things in a place. I wouldn’t consider that blog as a business.

How to Set Effective Blog Goals

But when I started this blog (Sharpblogger. com), I set goals at the beginning.

In this post, I’ll show you how to set blogging goals effectively to grow your blog and make it a full time business.

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Why You Need To Set Up Blog Goals?

I remember when I was in school, I read an essay – aim in life.

This essay forced me to think about my future for some moments that time.

When you’ll sit to set up your blogging goal, you’ll have to think about the future of your blog. How will it be in future? How it’ll look like? How’ll you be benefitted from the blog? What your readers will get from you or your blog?

You can visualize the future of your blog.

It’s a roadmap for you. It’ll guide you – where you should go and how to go there.

The benefit of setting up blogging goals is huge. But I want to point out a benefit which really helps me to step forward. That is blogging inspirations.

Whenever you stuck in something or whenever you lose hopes because of not growing your blog, blogging goals will help you to get inspired.

So, let’s see what are smart goals that will inspire you to get ahead.

What Are Smart Goals?

A smart goal should have five characteristics which lie in the word “S M A R T”.

Specific: A goals should be specific, well defined and clear to anyone.

Measurable: A goal should be measurable. You should be able to measure your achievement at any level.

Achievable: You have to make sure you have the resource, energy and available time to achieve the goal.

Relevant: The goal should be relevant to your ultimate purpose.

Time-bound: Every goal should have a time limit that you want to achieve the goal within this specific time frame.

When you are setting up your blogging goals, make sure your goals have these five things.

What Should You Include In Your Blogging Goals?

It depends.

What stage are you in right now in your blogging journey?

Your second year blogging goal shouldn’t same as your first year blogging goal.

For example, you may have included blog design and creating social media profiles in your first year blogging goal. That shouldn’t be included in the second year blogging goal.

Another thing, there are some common tasks which you need to do every day, every week and every month. Such as writing blog posts, promoting your blog posts on social media sites and other channels. These are common tasks. These shouldn’t be included in your blogging goal. You can include these tasks in your daily, weekly and monthly task list.

Then what should be your blogging goal for the year 2020?

As I said above, I have prepared a blogging goal for this blog at the beginning when I was about to start the blog.

In that blogging goal, I’ve set up long term goals. Say for five year. Now it is easier for me to look where my blog is at this moment in respect of that long term goal.

So, when you are going to set your blogging goal for 2020, you need to check your long term blogging goal – what you’ve accomplished and what you didn’t. Based on this, you can set your blogging goal for 2020.

What Should You Include In Your Long Term Blogging Goal?

By saying long term blogging goal, I meant that you should set goals for five years.

How your blog will look like after five years?

You have to have some measuring points in your long term blogging goals.

For example,

  • What You Want To Build With Your Blog: With my construction blog, I want to build a complete resource for building construction professionals. I’ll have everything related to building construction for them who want to learn building construction. That’s my mission with that blog.

So, when you’re going to set your long term blogging goal, write your blog’s mission statement first.

  • How Many Pageviews You Want To Get Monthly After Five Years: Set your target amount of pageviews you want to get every month after five year.
  • How Much Money You Want To Earn Monthly After Five Years: After setting the target money amount you want to earn monthly with your blog, you need to define your monetization methods.

How do you want to monetize your blog? Do you want to sell your own products? Do you want to show advertisements on your blog? Do you want to promote affiliate products?

You may want to use one or more monetization methods. Based on this, set target what you want to accomplish after five years.

Suppose you want to publish five ebooks within five years. When you set this type of specific goal, it’ll be easy for you to work on that goal every year, every month, every week and every day.

If you didn’t set up your long term blogging goal yet, I’ll suggest creating one. Because it’s your business. Although some bloggers get success in short time, you can’t expect that. Because they are exceptional. And an exception can’t be an example.

You need to have right blogging mindsets that whatever happens, you’ll be a successful blogger. And long term blogging goal will help you with this.

What Should Be Your Blogging Goal For The Year 2020?

As you set your long term blogging goals, it is now easy for you to set your blogging goal for the year 2020.

Based on the long term blogging goals, check where your blog is in right now. How much you’ve accomplished toward your mission. How much traffic your blog is getting now. How much money you are earning now from the blog.

Based on these set goals for 2020.

Include these –

  • How much you want to accomplish toward your blogging mission this year
  • How much pageviews you want to get monthly at the end of the year
  • How much money you want to earn monthly at the end of the year

How To Set Your Blogging Plan Based On The Goals You Defined?

You’ve just set up your blogging goals. Now you need to make a plan to accomplish those goals.

First of all, you have to determine how much time and effort you want to give to your blog. Once you’ve determined your available time for your blog, you can now make your plan easily.

Now make a list for common blogging tasks. Some common blogging tasks are –

  • Writing, editing and scheduling blog posts
  • Promoting your blog posts as well as your blog
  • Checking email
  • Replying blog comments
  • Building your social profiles
  • Updating your blog pages
  • Email list building
  • Administrative tasks, etc.

Some tasks you need to do daily, some are weekly and some are monthly.

Now make a daily routine and set time blocks for daily, weekly and monthly tasks as well as set a time block to accomplish your blogging goal.

As you set your blogging goals for a year, you need to break those goals into monthly basis and then weekly basis and then daily basis.

For example, if you want to write an ebook this year, you need to plan how much word you need to type daily, weekly and monthly. Based on this set a time block for this goal.

You don’t need to work on every goal at a time. You can plan your goals through the year – some goals you can accomplish in the first quarter, some in the second quarter and accordingly.


Setting blogging goals isn’t a big deal. But it helps you stay on track and keep focusing to accomplish more.

You don’t need to spend much time to set it. Just set your blogging mission that is long term blogging goals.

Then divide those long term goals into years. Then divide the yearly goals into monthly, weekly and daily basis.

And then keep a time block to work on those goals in your daily blog routine.

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  2. I love the SMART selling system and can tell you it works! . I used a similar metric based selling system at my previous job where we used the sales person closure rate to reverse engineer how many calls were needed to achieve their goals. good stuff.

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