How to Edit Your blog Post Image Using Mobile?

Edit post image using mobile

I strongly believe, blogging should not be hard. Blogging should be easy enough, So that, you enjoy this and you feel that it is a fun.

If you feel that blogging is hard then you will fail to be a successful blogger.

I know blogging is a lot of works to do. But you need to find your way to do the things easily.

It is up to you, how you will make your blogging tasks easy.

I always request my readers not to quit blogging because of the overwhelming blogging tasks. If you try a little, you can get more things done within short time.

I’m constantly trying to find ways to make the blogging things easy. So that, I can accomplish more tasks within short time.

Today I’m going to share you a simple tip, which I often apply, which can make your blogging more fun and easy.

We all know that, an image is an essential part of a blog post. But, to make an image ready for a blog post is very time consuming task and we need to be in front of computer.

It is our mind set that we have to be in front of our computer to edit or optimize our blog post image. But, no. You don’t have to be in front of your computer all the time to edit your post image. You can use your mobile phone for that purpose too. In fact, I often do this.

So, let’s see how you can edit your blog post image using your mobile phone.

How to edit your blog post image using mobile phone

To edit your blog post image on your mobile, you need to go through the following four steps –

  1. Choosing or selecting an image
  2. Resizing the image
  3. Cropping and Editing the image, and
  4. Compressing the image

1. Choosing or selecting an image for your blog post

Choose an image related to your blog post. If you already have the image, that’s better. If you don’t have, you can download an image from Pixabay. You can use your mobile chrome browser to download the image from the site.

One of the nice thing about Pixabay is, you don’t require to give any attribute or credit link for the image you download from pixabay to use it commercially.

Is not it good to have a site like pixabay to download an image free whenever you want?

Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone to shoot an image. Nowadays, almost all smartphone have a high quality camera.

But, if you are not a good photographer like me than it is better to rely on pixabay.

However, just choose a nice looking and related image for your blog post.

2. Resizing the image

The downloaded image from pixabay may be bigger than your desired size. Or if you shoot a photo with your mobile phone, that can also be bigger than your expected image size.

So, what should be the perfect image size for your blog post?

To select the perfect image size for your post, you should keep social media in your mind. Choosing 200 x 200 px image is enough for most social media. But, if you take pinterest in account then the image size should be bigger.

I’ve written a post a few days ago about how to use image in a blog post. You can read that by clicking on the link.

Keeping pinterest in mind, I choose to keep my blog post image size 1000 x 1500 px.

So, if your blog post image bigger than the desired size then you can use an android app “picture and photo resizer“.

Download the app and install on your mobile.

Once your opened the app, you’ll see a “select Photo” button. Just touch on the button and select the image from where you saved it.

Once the image is opened on the app, click on the button as shown in the image below.

Editing post image using mobile

After clicking on the button, the app will show you some predefined size and an option to define custom size for your post image.

Just choose a size a bit bigger than your prefered size (1000 x 1500 px).

When you are done, you are now showed options to save a copy or replace existing image. Just replace your existing image with the resized image. And you are done for this part.

3. Cropping and Editing the post image

Now the actual work is started. That is editing your post image.

I use an awesome photo editing app on my mobile for this purpose. The name of the app is “Picsart“.

Download the app from google play and open it on your mobile.

Once you opened the app, you will see a “+” symbol. Press that symbol. After pressing the symbol, you’ll be shown 4 options to choose from. Just touch the “Edit” button and open the image which you resized in the previous step.

When you resized your post image with “picture and photo resizer“, you chose a bigger size than the expected size (1000 x 1500 px). So, you need to crop the image.

Touch the “Tools” button of the app as shown in the image below. Once you touch the button, you’ll be shown some option to choose from. Just hit on the “Crop” tool.

Once you hit the “Crop” tool, you’ll see a drop down arrow on the top of your screen. Touch on that arrow and type your desired image size on the screen. That is 1000 x 1500 px.

Okay, you now have an exact sized image as you expected. Now you need to edit your image.

Editing means, branding image and writing some text on it. You can see the example from the image at top of this post.

Now, let’s see how you can brand your post image.

Branding Your Post Image with Picsart:

For branding your blog post image, you need to use your brand colour and write your blog url on the image. Follow the steps below to brand your blog post image –

Step 1: When your post image is opened with picsart, Press the draw button from the toolbar below the screen.

Once you press the draw button, you’ll be shown some options to edit the image.

As you see in my blog post image, I just draw a rectangle with my brand colour at bottom of the image. And then I write my blog url on it.

Step 2: To do this, press on the shape tool from the toolbar as shown in the image below.

Editing image using mobile

Now select rectangle tool and choose fill option.

Drag the opacity slider at about 40%. Drag a rectangle over your image. The rectangle should cover full image.

It is done to dim the image so that text written on the image get more visibility.

Step 3: Now choose your brand colour from the colour plate. Draw another rectangle at the bottom of the image.

Again, select the rectangle tool and stroke option from the toll bar. Adjust the pixel size as you want and choose the same brand colour.

Now drag a rectangle with stroke as shown in the image below.

Editing blog post image using mobile

Step 4: Now hit the eraser button from the toolbar to erase some portion from top of the rectangle you just drawn to make a room to write the heading of your blog post image.

Step 5: Now hit the “tick” mark symbol appears at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 6: To write your blog url on the image, press the text tool and write your blog url. Now place the text on the middle of the rectangle by dragging it as shown in the image above.

Ok. Your blog post image is now ready to get some text on it.

But, you have to do it again and again whenever you want to brand a post image. So it is better to make an image template for this purpose.

Making an image template with picsart:

To make an image template with the picsart, open the app in fresh mode.

Now press the draw button and select custom size.

A box will be shown on the screen. Write the template size as 1000 x 1500 px.

Now add a blank layer by clicking on the layer tool. A blank later will be added automatically.

Now follow the step 2 to step 4 I described above to make a template.

After completing “step 4”, press the layer button again.

Once you press the layer button, layer palate will be opened. Now delete the default layer.

Now follow the “step 5” and “step 6”.

When you are done, press the arrow at the top right corner of your screen. Now press the save button to save the template on your mobile.

How to use that template on your post image?

Crop your post image as you normally do.

Now press the draw button from toolbar. In the opened toolbar, press the layer tool.

Once you press the layer tool, a layer screen will be opened. On the top of the layer screen, you’ll see a “+” sign.

Clicking on the sign, a drop Down menu will be shown, press on “photo layer” option from the drop down menu.

Now select the template from your mobile which you saved before.

Now click on the “tick” Mark that appears at the top right corner of the screen.

Congrats. You branded your blog post image with a template.

After branding your image, you need to add text on you blog post image.

How add text on an image with picsart?

To write text, hit on the “text” tool from the toolbar and type your text.

You have the flexibility to move the text, change font and colour of the text.

After completing text placement on the image as you want, hit the save button. And your post image is saved on your device.

Compressing the image

Our aim is to keep post image’s file size below 100 kb. Because, big file size of image will slow down page loading which will hamper your blog SEO.

But, the image edited by picsart may be bigger than our desired file size. So, we need to compress the image.

To compress the file size of the image, I use a free online image compression tool “TinyPng“.

Just go to the homepage of tinypng using chrome mobile browser. Upload the image which you want to be compressed.

Once you uploaded the image, it will take a few seconds to compress the image. After compression is finished, you will be provided a download link.

While you hit on the download link, the compressed image will automatically be saved on your mobile device.

Okay. Your blog post image is ready to upload to your blog. But, don’t forget to rename your post image before uploading to your blog.

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