Easy Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

7 Easy Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

Easy Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to earn money blogging for some. And some are struggling to make a cent through affiliate marketing.

Although there are many variables which control the earning potential through affiliate marketing, promoting affiliate products properly can also make a huge difference.

When I first started affiliate marketing on my blogs, I just put the affiliate link in posts as a text link. I wouldn’t promote that product in any other way.

Now imagine. You found a nice product with a great offer in someone’s blog post. That time you didn’t buy that product for some reasons. Later when you want to buy the product, it’ll be difficult for you to find the post where the product is promoted.

Some days ago, I found a product in a blog post. The blogger was offering one book and one course with the product. If I buy the product through his affiliate link, I’ll get two other products completely free which are also really valuable.

That time, for some reasons, I couldn’t buy the product. Later when I tried to buy the product, I forgot which post I found the product in. So, I needed to send an email to the blog author to find the affiliate link to the product.

So, it is very essential to have different promotional methods of an affiliate product on your blog. So that, your reader can find the product easily.

7 Easy Ways to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog

There are many ways to promote affiliate products. As a new blogger, it is difficult to apply all the promotional methods in the beginning.

But where to start? Which method should apply first?

There is no rule that which method you should apply first and which later. The purpose of promoting affiliate products in different ways is to make it easy for your readers to find the product.

Here are 7 easy ways you can start to promote affiliate products on your blog –

  1. Add Link Throughout Your Blog Posts

Most probably the easiest way to promote affiliate products. I think you got the point.

Sometimes we need to add some products to our blog posts to make the things clear. For example, you are writing a post on “How to start a WordPress blog”. The first step to start a self-hosted WordPress blog is to buy hosting space from any hosting providers. For that reason, you need to specify some reliable hosting providers for your readers. So that your reader can easily go to the hosting provider’s website to buy their package. You can add those hosting providers as an affiliate product. That’s simple.

You can add affiliate links as you normally add any other links in your blog post. But, for managing affiliate links better, use an affiliate link management plugin. My recommendation is ThirstyAffiliates (Referral link).

Read More: How to use thirstyAffiliates?

When adding affiliate links throughout your posts, keep the following things in mind –

  • Add relevant products only.
  • Don’t add similar products in a blog post. It’ll confuse your readers.
  • Add a product link when only it is appropriate.
  • Don’t add many links throughout your post

2. Write Tutorial Post About The Affiliate Product

It’s a good practice to use a product before promoting that. When you use the product, you must know how to use that. Whenever someone wants to buy that product, they want to know how to use that. And it’s a nice opportunity for you to promote the product by writing a tutorial post on how to use the product.

For example, I’m an affiliate of Bluehost hosting. I’ve written a post on “how to host your blog on Bluehost”.

The post will help my readers to host their blog on Bluehost as well as I got an opportunity to promote my affiliate product.

Things to remember for promoting affiliate products this way –

  • Always use the product before promoting
  • Learn the details about using the product
  • Write a detail and easily understandable tutorial

3. Publish a Product Review Post

Publishing a product review post is another nice way to promote affiliate products. According to the source “84% of People Trust Online Reviews As Much As Friends” (Inc.).

It works best for bloggers as your readers already trust you.

A review post is nothing but the goods and the bads about the product.

When writing a review post, keep the following things in mind –

  • Always write honest reviews
  • Don’t hesitate to write the bad things about the product
  • Explain why you like the product as it still has some bads
  • Don’t just write another review. Write the review from your personal point of views.

4. Create a Shop Page or Resource Page

Depending on your niche, you can create a separate shop page or resource page with all the affiliates product as well as other useful products.

In a resource page, you can list affiliate products as well as other free products or resources.

But when you create a shop page, you only need to list the affiliate products on the page. Free products should not be listed on the page.

Things to remember when creating shop page or resource page –

  • Don’t write another post on the resource page. Instead, just a write a short product description.
  • Keep the similar type of products under one heading
  • Make the page easily discoverable by your readers.

5. Write a Comparison Post

It is another good way to promote affiliate products. A comparison post is actually a review post. But in a comparison post, you’re reviewing more than one products.

In this way of affiliate product promotion, you have the opportunity to promote more than one product, unlike the review post. See the example of a comparison type of post here (Bloggerspassion).

Things to remember when writing comparison post –

  • Clearly explain deciding criteria for the products
  • Show your readers the goods and the bads of the products.
  • Help your readers to decide which one is right for them.


6. Placing Banner on Blog’s Sidebar

Another easy way to promote affiliate product on your blog. You just need to display a banner of the affiliate product you want to promote on your blog’s sidebar.

Best practice placing banner ads on blog sidebar –

  • Don’t place similar type of products on the sidebar
  • Don’t place too many banners on the sidebar

7. Write List Posts

Another useful way to promote affiliate products.
Have you ever searched for something on the web like “best tool for …..”, “top resource for ….., etc?

I always do.

This type of post works best if your blog has some search engine favors. So that, when people searched for this type of post, they can get your post on search results.
But new blogs often don’t have that search engine favors. But, List posts also work for a new blog. Because the readers who already liked you will love to see this type of post.

Things to remember when writing list post –

  • Specify the criteria based on which you made the list
  • Specify that the list is in any particular order or not.
  • Also, define your personal favorite from the list in your post conclusion.


There are many ways to promote affiliate products. When you are just starting affiliate marketing,  don’t try to use all the ways at once. It can make you overwhelmed. Just start with one way and learn the way better and then try another way. There is a huge learning curve in affiliate promotion. The more you learn the more you’ll be expert in promoting affiliate products. Continue test different ways and find out which affiliate promotional way works best for you.

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  1. Hi Liton,

    Awesome article! I loved reading it. The example you gave at the beginning is pretty eye-opening. It’s really important to keep pushing affiliate links, especially for the valuable products and offers. There are a lot of people who can’t just yet buy from you, but they would as soon as they can. So, when you reach out to them again, they are likely to buy. Many bloggers simply promote an offer once and completely forget about it. That is a lot of wasted potential. Especially, as the blog’s audience grows, some of the new visitors can definitely benefit from the previous affiliate offers if they are still available.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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