Which single best social media site should you focus on when you're just starting out?

How To Determine The Best Social Media Site For Your Blog Marketing

It is a must to build a community on social media to grow a blog. Search engines also give special attention to the blog which has a strong social media presence. But which social media site or sites should you focus on?

There are many social media sites. Focusing on all can harm your blog growth.

The situation is even worse for newbie bloggers.

In the last post, I’ve talked about “which things a beginner blogger should focus on“. In that post, I explained why you should focus on one or two social media sites when you’re starting out.

But how do you select which one will be the best for your blog growth?

This is the question everyone asks at the beginning of their blogging journey.

When I was starting out, I also asked this question. I even searched this topic on Google.

But I didn’t find a single post that can help me to determine the best social media for my construction blog.

I even went through the fourth-fifth pages of the search result.

All the post I found was just full of some statistics on social media. Those statistics somehow helped me. But I couldn’t determine the best one for my blog.

Then I thought about this matter deeply and figure out a process.

In this post, I’m going to share that process and hope that it’ll help you to choose a single best social media for building your blog community.

Which single best social media site should you focus on when you're just starting out?

How To Choose The Best Social Media Site For Growing Your Blog?

Once you become able to choose your best social media site following this process, your next task should be to learn everything about that social media.

When you become master on that social media you can branch out your presence on the second-best social site and so on.

The point here is “Don’t try to be on every social media sites at once as you don’t have a team at the initial stage of your blogging journey“.

Keep in mind, you need to do all the blogging things yourself at the beginning. No one will do your work. Your prime purpose should be to build your blog foundation first. At the same time, give some effort to build your community on a single best social media.

So, let’s go through the process of finding the single best social media site to focus on initially.


Determine Your Target Audiences

Knowing your target audiences is a continuous process. You won’t be able to know them on day one. As you evolve in blogging, you’ll be able to better know them eventually.

For example, when you publish a blog post, someone may ask you a question in the form of a blog comment. From that comment, you can know what your readers want or what are their problems.

That is the deep understanding of readers’ persona.

At this stage, you don’t have that deep understanding.

But initially, you may know something about your readers. Such as,

  • Who are you writing for?

When you choose your blogging niche, you obviously know who you’re writing for.

For example, the niche of this blog is “blogging”. More specifically, “eliminate blogging overwhelm”.

Most of the time, beginners become overwhelmed.

So I know who I’m writing for.

When you know who you’re blogging for, it’ll be easy for you to find out which social media sites your readers hang on.

  • What are their demographics?

How old are your readers? Are they men or women or both? Where do they live?

Knowing these are important. It’ll help you to know which social media sites your readers are using most.

For example, 80% of Pinterest users are women. So if you blog about men’s health, Pinterest may not give much exposure.

  • What is their profession?

Are your readers student?

Are they housewives?

Are they professionals holding a job?

Students mostly use Facebook. But tech-savvy guys use twitter mostly and professionals use LinkedIn.

So, knowing your readers’ profession will help you to determine the social media site for your blog marketing.

Brainstorm and Write these things about your readers in a piece of paper or in a notepad on your computer.


Research Some Popular Blogs Closely Related To Your Niche

In this stage, you need to find out four-five popular blogs which are closely related to your blogging niche.

For that, Do a Google search using a board keyword related to your niche.

For example, your blog niche is SAVING MONEY. Type the key phrase into the Google search bar. You’ll get results like this:

Google's search result page

From the results, you’ll get some popular blogs. Write those blog URLs in a spreadsheet.

Now scroll down the search result page. You’ll see some Google suggestions that might look like:

Google search suggestions

Click on one of the suggestions that is closely related to your niche. And you’ll get results something like this:

Google search result

Collect some blog URLs from that result too.

I’m sure you already get four-five blog URLs.

I’ve found the following URLs from this research.

Collecting blog URL


Research Those Blogs One After Another

The purpose of this stage is to find out how those blogs are performing on their social media profiles.

Go to the first blog on your list and find the following two things.

  • Which social profile of that blog has most followers.
  • Which social profile they get most post shares from.

Let’s go to the first blog from our list. And check their social followers.

The first URL on our list is not a blog. It may be a financial institution.

So let’s check the second URL…

I found the blog has 12k twitter followers and about 48k FB page likes. That means Facebook may be the best social media for them.

Now let’s check where they get most post shares from.

For finding most post shares of that blog, go to Buzzsumo and type the blog URL on the search bar.

The blog gets most social shares from Facebook.

Write these things in your spreadsheet. That might look like:

Blog Researching

Do the same for the remaining blogs on your list.

So far you’ve got some social media sites to focus on.

That might be,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin

Based on your target audiences you may want to include another social media. Let’s say it’s YouTube.

So, you have now the following five social media sites –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

But our aim is to find a single best social media to focus on.

So we need to go further and


Create Profiles On All Social Media Sites

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to use all the social media.

I’m just saying to hold your presence on all the social media that you’ve found so far. Any one of these has the potential to be the best one for you later.

You don’t need to dig deep in this stage. Just create profiles in all these media and start sharing your posts.

Whenever you publish a new blog post share that on all these social profiles as well as share your old posts too. At the same time, try to get some social followers by following others profile and adding follow buttons on your blog’s sidebar.

And observe the result.

You may need to wait for a month to get results.

After one month, check your Google Analytics and find out which social media sends you the most traffic.

That is your desired best social media for blog growth.

Learn everything possible to grow your blog using that single social media. Read every piece of content about that social site and apply the techniques you find.

Remember, it’s better to be master on one thing than being a jack of all trades.


There is no foolproof way to find a single best social media site that can give you the most business. You need to find one and engage with it and track the result. If it doesn’t work then go for another one.

Another thing, Social media is constantly changing their algorithm. So if you found a social media that is the best for your blog growth today, that might not work for you in the future.

In that case, you need to go through the process again.

Your Opinion

Which social media gives your blog the most exposure? How did you determine the best social media site? Please share in the comments below…

3 thoughts on “How To Determine The Best Social Media Site For Your Blog Marketing”

  1. Hi Liton, it’s been Twitter for me this past decade but I’m generating more of late from Instagram too. I like your Buzz Sumo graphic with the examples there. I can see from my Google analytics which sites bring me the most bang for my time. It seems the more time you spend in places the more results you get. I’m the sure the can be said for money too 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and nice to visit your blog! I like the nice clean look of it. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. To effectively cross-promote your blog posts, you can’t simply broadcast the same message on each social network; you need to tailor your message to fit each platform and audience.

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