The Essential Daily Blogging Tasks That Will Actually Help You Grow Your Blog

10 Daily Blogging Tasks Every Blogger Should Do

The Essential Daily Blogging Tasks That Will Actually Help You Grow Your Blog

There are countless tasks a blogger needs to do.

It’s not that you need to do all of them every day.

You can do some of them weekly, some of them monthly and some of them later.

But you have to do some blogging tasks every single day to grow your blog.

In this post, I’ll share 10 daily blogging tasks that I do every single day, consistently, to grow my blog.

10 Daily Blogging Tasks Every Blogger Should Do

I found that I do these things every day.

It’s not that I do these randomly.

In fact, I figured out these things from my years of blogging experience.

The first thing I do is…

1: Learn Blogging/Work On Goals

Currently, I’m writing a book. The first hour of my day I dedicate myself to this.

If I don’t write a book I just learn blogging at that hour.

For example, writing a book requires a lot of research. There are also some learning curves involved in publishing a book. I learn those things within that time frame.

Not only that, but I also learn many other things at that time based on my blogging goals.

For example, If I plan to grow my email list subscribers, I learn that in the time frame and try to implement the techniques.

In a nutshell, I dedicate the first hour of my day to working on my blogging goals.

2: Write Blog Posts

The second thing I do is writing blog posts. I spend at least one hour every day for this.

You should practice writing every day. Try to write at least 500 words every day.

I write 1000 words. I try to write those amount of words within an hour.

But it is sometimes not possible due to researching and many other things involved in writing blog posts.

So I sometimes require to spend more time to fulfill my target.

The thing is you should practice writing every day to overcome writer’s block.

3: Check Emails And Reply

After the writing session, I just check my email and reply if needed.

During this time, I also reply to comments that my readers make on my blog posts.

This is very important. You should check and reply to your emails every day.

Replying to comments is also important for readers’ engagement.

So do this every day.

4: Promote Blog On Social Media

Whichever social media sites you use for your blog marketing, no matter, you should participate in them every day.

It’s not a good practice that you published a blog post on your blog and then share that on social media sites and forget about the platform for the rest of the week.

To grow your social profile and increase reader engagement you should spend time on social media sites every day.

But social media can be time-consuming if you don’t be careful using them.

For this reason, I set a time block in my daily routine for this.

No matter what, I just leave social platforms after that time frame.

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5: Comment On Blogs

Blog commenting is a proven way to increase blog traffic and build relationships with successful bloggers.

Not only that, you will get informed about the latest trends in your industry.


I spend one hour every day for blog commenting.

And I have a system for that.

I subscribed to all my favorite blogs in Feedly.

Feedly is my favorite RSS reader.

Every day, I go to my Feedly account and check if anyone published anything.

I just read that content and leave a valuable comment.

6: Sharing Other People’s Content

I haven’t set any time block for this in my daily blog routine.

But I try to share some valuable content from other people to my social accounts every day.

You can ask me how I find those valuable content.

I can tell you some easy ways. You can follow these.

I do this in the following situations:

  • While I research my blog post
  • While I participate in social promotion
  • While I spend time reading and commenting on blogs.

It’s that easy.

But you have to keep one thing in mind that if you find anything valuable online you’ll share that with your readers.

Not only your followers will love this, but the content publishers will also love this.

7: Editing And Scheduling Blog Posts

On average, each of my blog posts takes 15 hours from writing to publishing.

So I separated the writing session from editing.

In my case, scheduling a blog post takes a lot of time as I handle everything alone – creating images, proofreading and all the other things that require to make a post ready for publishing.

I normally spend one hour every day for this. But I often need to invest more time.

8: Work On Weekly, Monthly And Yearly Tasks

You’ll find that there are some blogging tasks that you need to do on a weekly basis, some tasks on a monthly basis and some other tasks that you need to work on just once a year.

For example, I schedule my posts for social media using Buffer on Monday.

Weekly Blogging Tasks

Similarly, I track my blog metrics and review my blogging plan at the beginning of every month.

Monthly Blogging tasks

I also have some blogging tasks that I do yearly.

For all these tasks, I set a time block in my daily blog routine.

As a blogger, you also have these types of tasks.

So, work on those tasks every day.

Otherwise, they will remain unfinished.

9: Prepare A Do-to List For The Next Day

This is my favorite task.

I got this idea from Brian Tracy’s best selling productivity book “Eat That Frog”.

It really helps me be productive.

I just bring all the blogging tasks in a place that I need to work on the next day.

Doing so helps me to maintain focus and work on those tasks without wasting time.

Although this task isn’t directly related to blogging, yet every blogger should include this in their daily blogging tasks list.

10: Read Books

This task is not directly related to blogging.

But it’ll help you to become an effective writer.

Every day, before going to bed, I read a book for half an hour.

I normally read self-development books at that time.

But sometimes I also read blogging related books.

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I consistently do these blogging tasks every day.

Okay. I sometimes miss a day. But I try to keep me on track.

Now Your Turn:

Please tell me which blogging task/tasks do you do every day that I haven’t included here?

From your point of view, specify a blogging task that every blogger should do daily.

25 thoughts on “10 Daily Blogging Tasks Every Blogger Should Do”

  1. Yes, I do feel the same that I’m missing some points while blogging every day. I’m not in the habit of writing on a daily basis so I lack in blogging to get more readers on my blog. Can you assist me to get more readers on my blog? Let me know the tricks if you can.

  2. Hmm, it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer, but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any recommendations for newbie blog writers? I’d appreciate it.


    Great post with effective and helpful task. It is my first time commenting on your blog post and i must say that you have done a fabulous work and included great tasks.

    Writing blog post is truly essential and will also helps to gain new ideas, knowledge and information.Checking emails on regular basis is also crucial as it allows us to stay updated. Promoting blog post on social media platform is also helpful and will provide good benefits. Whereas social platforms have become a great channel to promote blog post and to generate more traffic. Many people are also using this social platforms to promote their business and doing branding. Social media platforms really works well if used correctly
    and in a proper way. Social platforms are also great for increasing the awareness.

    Doing comments on blog post is also crucial, as it also helps us to generate good connection by sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions, whereas blog commenting is also an effective way to create quality backlinks. Sharing other people content will be helpful.

    Editing blog post is also vital, as it allows the users to modify blog post and to make any suitable changes.

    Doing these task on regular basis will be beneficial and they must be done by every blogger. As this post will help several users for doing these tasks.

    truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this list! It is exactly what I was looking for since I am a new blogger just starting out! I’m going to start my “blog schedule” and I’ll let you know if I add something to my list that isn’t here! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Researching these types of lists right now and started with yours. Thanks for the great tips. The overwhelm is real so anything that helps a blogger to keep moving forward is a big help.

  6. Hi Liton,
    Thank you so much for this post. I am preparing to get into blogging and doing plenty of research on steps and tips to take for writing and building a successful blog. After searching tasks successful bloggers do daily I found several blogs. The other blogs provided great overall advice to be a successful blogger, at the same time they failed to actually answer my question. However, you provided exactly what I was looking for. I will be sure to implement these daily tasks and research further on a couple points you brought up to include: What things are required to make a post ready for publishing, and what are weekly, monthly and yearly tasks successful bloggers do? Maybe some topics you could cover, that is if you haven’t already. I’ll search your blog first before searching elsewhere.

    Again, thank you!

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