How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Blog?

How to Create a Twitter Profile for Blog promotion

How to Create a Twitter Account for Your Blog?

Creating a Twitter profile is a part of your blog promotion strategy.

I know you work hard to write quality contents for your blog. But there is no use of that post if no one read your post.

So to be a successful blogger you have to take the step to promote your blog. And creating a Twitter profile is one of many steps to promote your blog. Let’s first see what is The Twitter?

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social site and it is a microblogging platform where you can share your message within 140 characters.

Why Use Twitter for Your Blog?

Because –

  • It is one of the largest networks after Facebook with 300 million active users.
  • It gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.
  • You can create a relationship with your readers through Twitter.
  • It gives you an opportunity to increase your blog’s brand identity.
  • You can use Twitter for marketing your blog and drive traffic to your blog.

If you have been convinced to create a twitter profile for your blog then let’s create one.

Step by Step Guide for Creating a Twitter Profile for Your Blog

It is better to have a separate twitter profile for your personal use and another for your blog.

So here are the steps to create a Twitter profile.

Step 1: Go to The Twitter Homepage

Click here to go to the Twitter homepage. If you are there look for Signup button and click on that.

Step 2: Fill up Form

After clicking the Signup button, Twitter will prompt you to fill up a form. In the form, you have to fill up your name, Email address, and password.

As you are creating this Twitter profile for your blog then write your blog name instead of your name in the Name field of the form.

I’ll suggest giving your domain email address in the email field of the form. Because it’ll increase your brand identity.

At last, create a strong password to complete the form.

And click on create my account button.

Twitter will use your name as a username if it is available. You can change your username anytime. But it is better to stick with one from the 1st day as it is your brand identity.

Step 3: Follow Other’s Twitter Profile

After clicking Create my account, Twitter will suggest you follow a few Twitter profile on the next page.

You can just skip the window or can follow some accounts. If you want to follow someone I’ll suggest following those profiles which are relevant to your blog niche.

Step 4: Verify Your Twitter Profile

Twitter will send you a message including a verification link to the Email address you provided during the signup process.

Go and check your Email and click on the verification link.

Clicking on verification link will take you to the Twitter homepage and you’ll be logged into your twitter account.

Step 5: Setting Up Your Twitter Profile

Congratulation. You have successfully created a Twitter account for your blog.

But it is now blank. You need to add information to make it a brand for your blog.

Go to setting in twitter account and provide the following information.

Location: As you are creating this twitter profile for your blog you should include your location as global.

Website: Include your blog URL in the website field. You should also include your blog URL in your Bio. It’ll give you some SEO benefit.

Write Bio: Write your bio in a way which should reflect your blogging purpose. At least your bio should be something which will match your blogging brand.

Complete your bio within 160 characters.

Profile picture: Don’t leave your twitter profile with the default avatar. Replace that with a picture.

Click on Edit profile button to upload your profile picture.

Twitter recommended dimension for a profile picture is 400 x 400 px. Use a square size image for the profile picture.

As you are creating a twitter profile for your blog you should upload your blog logo as a profile picture.

Header Photo: Twitter also has a header photo option. You should upload a photo which best suits your blog branding.

The recommended dimension of Twitter header photo is 1500 x 1500 px.

Your blog’s twitter profile is now ready. But if you are completely new to Twitter then you have to spend about an hour to learn using twitter effectively.

Some of the best resource to learn using twitter effectively are…

Mashable guidebook to Twitter (Mashable)
How to use Twitter Hashtags (Hubspot)
How to use Twitter (Wikihow)

However, for instantly understanding twitter I’m sharing some basic terms for you.

Basic Terms in Twitter

Tweet: The status update is called a Tweet on Twitter. It can be a message, a link or information within 140 characters.

Hashtag (#): Using the symbol (#) before any word transforms the word into keyword. And then it can be discoverable by search.

Retweet (RT): When someone shares your tweet then it is called retweet.

Twitter Handle: The username of a twitter profile including @ is called twitter handle.

Reply (@): When you use @username in your tweet it is a reply to the username. The reply is shown in public.

Direct Message (DM): When you send a private message to your follower it is called a direct message.

Following: When you are following someone’s twitter profile that is called following.

Follower: if someone follows you to get your tweet in their home timeline he is your follower.

List: List is a way to organize twitter account by topic or interest.

Mention: When you specify others twitter account in your tweet by @username that is called mention.

I’ve tried to write all the basics about a twitter profile. Now it is your duty to use Twitter effectively for your blog.

I think you already know what Twitter is. You’ve understood the basic of Twitter so far.

At this point, you already know that Twitter is all about a tweet. Now let’s compare a tweet feature with other social media platform.

Facebook: FB’s status update is similar to tweet. The main difference is, a tweet should be written under 140 characters where FB’s status update is unlimited.

Linkedin: A short LinkedIn status update is like a tweet. You can follow unlimited profile including a stranger in twitter but LinkedIn is a two-way agreement.

Your Opinion
Where have you been stuck to use twitter to promote your blog? Please share in comments below…

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