How to Create a Group Board on Pinterest in 4 Easy Steps

How to Create a Group Board on Pinterest in Four Easy Steps

How to Create a Group Board on Pinterest in 4 Easy Steps

Pinterest is a visual search engine with 100 million active users and its growing. It’s a great platform to market your blog. In fact, it has been the top traffic source for many bloggers including me.

Joining a Pinterest group board can be a good strategy for getting blog traffic. But, if you didn’t create a group board on Pinterest, you are missing a lot of what Pinterest has to offer for your blog marketing.


What is a Group Board on Pinterest?

A group board works like a regular board on Pinterest. The only difference is that it can have many contributors along with the board’s creator. All the contributors can use the group board like any other regular boards on Pinterest.

Group boards have many different names – collaborative boards, community boards, shared boards, and contributors boards.


How to Recognize a Group Board on Pinterest?

Group boards look like any other regular boards on Pinterest. One way to recognize them is they have a circle at the bottom left corner showing contributors to the board. See the image below.

Why You Should Create Your Own Group Board on Pinterest?

When I first put my hands on Pinterest, this question came to my mind. Why should I create a group board on Pinterest while I have an option to join many other popular group boards?

Then I researched on this topic and found some awesome reasons.


  • You Have Full Control Over Your Board

A group board which has pins on a certain topic works best on Pinterest. When you join a group board that may contain various off-topic pins which won’t give you much benefit in terms of getting blog traffic. As you don’t have control over that board you can’t delete any off topic pins from that board.

But when you create your own board, you’ll have full control over that board. You can delete any pin that is off topic. You can remove any contributor who doesn’t follow your board rule.

This is a great thing to create a group board which is fully dedicated to your blogging niche.


  • It’s An Opportunity to Make Blogging Friends

To build a successful blogging business, it’s essential to connect with other bloggers and make blogging friends.

When you have your own group boards on Pinterest, bloggers will reach to you to be a collaborator to your board and thus you can make blogging friends.


  • Having Group Boards Increase Followers on Pinterest

Having a group board increases followers in many ways.

Whenever someone wants to be a collaborator to your group board, they need to follow you. And thus, you’ll get some followers.

Your group board will have many contributors, they will regularly pin to your board. This way your board will remain active and will have many more pins. Obviously, the more active the board, the more people will follow the board. Thus it’ll increase your followers on Pinterest.

When someone becomes a contributor to your group board, the board will be shown on his profile and thus the board will be exposed to the contributor’s followers. This way you’ll have a chance to gain more followers.

Anyone follows the contributor’s profile, they will also follow your group board automatically. This is the Pinterest algorithm. And thus you’ll gain more followers for your board.

Are you convinced enough to create your first group board on Pinterest?


Let’s do it.


4 Steps to Create a Group Board on Pinterest

You can create a group board on Pinterest in two ways. In one way, you can create a completely new board and turn that into group board later. In another way, you can turn any of your existing regular board into a group board.

Both ways are actually the same. But when you want to turn your existing board into a group board, you can skip some steps.

So, read on to create a completely new group board on Pinterest.


Step 1: Create a Board on Pinterest

For creating a board on Pinterest, just log in to your Pinterest account.

After logging in, click on the “Profile” menu then click on the “Board” submenu. You’ll see a “Plus” sign as shown in the image below. Click on that to create a board.

Clicking on the “plus” sign, a form will be popped up asking you to type the name of your board. Type a very specific and clear name. So that, anyone can understand what the board is for.

In the form, you’ll see a toggle button below the board name. Turning this button on will keep your board secret. At this stage, you need to keep your board secret as it doesn’t have any pins yet.

Now click on the “Create” button.

Congratulation. You have successfully created a board on pinterest. It is now a secret board and you are the only contributor to the board.


Step 2: Start Adding Pins to The Board

Before inviting contributors, your board should have some pins on it. But it’s now a blank board. So, start adding pins. When adding pins, keep the following things in mind –

  • Add at least 20 pins before starting to invite collaborators
  • Add relevant pins only
  • Add your own pins
  • Add pins from influencer bloggers
  • Add pins from them who you want to invite to join your board.


Step 3: Set Up Rules and Guidelines

As you’ve added some pins on your board, you can now take the board off of secret. To do so, click on the “Pencil” button to edit your board.

Once you clicked on the pencil button, a screen will be popped up named “Edit your board“. This is where you can turn off the toggle button beside the secret label to make it a regular board. Now the board is a regular board like any of your existing boards on Pinterest.

From this point, you can make any of your existing regular board as a group board.

Before turning your regular board into a group board, it’s better to write some rules and guidelines for your group board.

Write these rules and guidelines in the board description field. Go to the board and click on the “pencil” button to edit or add the board description. See the image below.



What Should You Include in The “Rules And Guidelines” of The Board?

While writing group board description, consider adding the following things –

  • What should be pinned to the board (Describe the topic of the board)
  • Who can be a contributor to the board (Specify the requirements to be a contributor)
  • How someone can be a contributor to the board (specify how they can send you request)
  • Specify if the contributors can add others as contributors of the board or not
  • Specify other requirements. Such as, how many pins can be pinned by a contributor daily, How many pins should be repined from the board, etc.


Step 4: Invite People to Your Group Board

Now your board is fully ready to invite people to be a collaborator of the board. All you need to do is go to the “Edit board” by clicking on the “Pencil” button and invite other users on Pinterest.

As shown in the image above, type profile name or Email of a Pinterest user in the field labeled as “Collaborators”. Then click on the invite button. You can also send a group invitation via the email associated with the person’s Pinterest account.

Congratulation! You’ve successfully created a group board on Pinterest.



Creating a group board on Pinterest isn’t everything. You need to work on to make that group board successful. Don’t expect that, you’ve created a group board and it’ll be successful on Pinterest automatically. You need to engage with the board. You need to maintain the board. And most of all you need to spend the time to make the group board successful.


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Did you create a group board on Pinterest? How did you make that successful? Please share in the comments below…

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