How to Create a Facebook Page for Blog Promotion

When we think about blog promotion the first thing that comes to our mind is to create a Facebook page for promoting our blog. 

If you have just started blogging then let’s begin with knowing about Facebook page first.

create a facebook page

What is the Facebook page?

I think all of us know about this.

It’s a blog-like platform giving you an opportunity to connect your fans, followers, customers, or readers.

Facebook pageFacebook fan pageFacebook brand pageFacebook business page, all these terms mean the same thing. So don’t be confused with these words.

Okay. Enough said about the Facebook page.

Now we’ll need to know why a Facebook page is so important for our blog.

Why is a Facebook page important for your blog?

If you are blogging for some time then you know how important a Facebook page is for your blog.

If you are completely new to blogging then you need to know how much a Facebook page is important for your blog. Read on.

Facebook is the largest social network: As of the first quarter of 2017 Facebook had 1.94 billion monthly active users. Can you imagine?

If you consider Facebook as a country it is the number one populated country in the world.

So having a page on Facebook for your blog is a must.

Facebook Increases Your Blog’s Brand Identity: You consider your blog as a brand. Don’t you?

Almost all successful company have their own Facebook page. Have you seen it?

So why don’t you have one?

Fb page represents your brand identity on Facebook.

Connecting With Your reader: Your blog’s Facebook page gives an opportunity to your reader to connect you via their favorite social network.

Getting Traffic: If followers of your blog’s FB page share your blog post in their profile, can you imagine how many share you will get for your post?

So don’t ignore this. You must have a FB page for your blog.

Fb Profile Limiting You: You may think you’ll use your FB profile for your blog.

But it is against Facebook’s policy. The Facebook policy says you should use your Facebook profile for personal purposes only. You can’t use that for your business purpose.

If you do so they can block your profile.

Another thing, you can make only 5000 friends in your FB profile. If your blog has more than 5000 followers how will they connect you?

The solution is having a FB page for your blog.

You can also convert your profile to the fan page. Most celebrities do this.

But isn’t it good having personal life and professional life separated?

I think you almost agree with me that you need a FB page for your blogging success.

So you need that.

How to create a Facebook page?

Pretty simple. Follow these 7 steps to create a Facebook page for your blog.

Step 1: Go to Facebook’s page creation section

Click on this link. It’ll take you to the page creation zone of Facebook.

If you are there FB will guide you to create the page.

However, I’m sharing that here for your convenience.

Step 2: Select category

Fb will show you 6 different categories.

Different category serves different purposes.

As you are creating an FB page for your blog so select brand or product category.

After choosing category FB will show you some sub-categories for the chosen category.

Choose websites as the subcategory as you are creating this page for your blog.

But don’t worry you can change this category later.

Step 3: Choose FB page name

After selecting the category Facebook will prompt you to choose the page name.

In this step, you have to be careful. Although FB will give you a chance to change your page name and URL once. But it is very difficult.

I’ll recommend choosing the page name the same as your blog’s name. If that isn’t available try a combination of something related to your blog.

Step 4: Add Website Address

After completing Step 3 click on the Next button.

Facebook will prompt you to type your website address.

Just type the URL of your blog.

Step 5: Add Profile Picture

Clicking on the Next button in the previous step FB’ll prompt you to add a profile picture.

Add your blog logo as a profile picture.

The display size of Facebook page’s profile picture in various places:

  • Main profile image size of the page: 160 x 160 px.
  • In a news feed: 100 x 100 px
  • In timeline: 86 x 86 px
  • In comments: 43 x 43 px.

Do the following for better quality profile picture –

  • Upload a 340×340 pixel size of your blog logo for the FB page’s profile picture.
  • Always use a square size image.

Step 6: Add a Cover Photo

The next step of FB page creation is to add a cover photo to the page. For better display quality of FB page’s cover photo do the following:

*Upload a cover photo of 1640 x 624 pixel.
* Use a png 24 formated image.
* keep the image size below 99KB

Step 7: Write About Section

Write a description of your blog within 2-3 sentences.

In this section, you should include your blog URL to give visitors a way to go to your blog.

Try to write your blog URL in the first or second sentence. Otherwise, it’ll be hidden under the read more link.

Now your blog’s Facebook page is ready to use.

As Facebook constantly changing its policy so it is very much possible to vary the data provided in this post. But the procedure of creating a Facebook page is somehow similar.

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