7 Beginner Blogging Mistakes That Can Lead You to Failure

7 Beginner Blogging Mistakes That Can Lead You to Failure (How to Fix Them)

7 Beginner Blogging Mistakes That Can Lead You to Failure

“If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t be able to learn.”

Very impressive quote. I love it.

The fear of making mistakes can hold you back from starting anything.

Most of us don’t start blogging just for the fear of making mistakes.

In blogging, you don’t need to worry about making blogging mistakes. Because almost all blogging mistakes are fixable.


“Prevention is better than cure.”

Another good quote. I love it too.

So, it is better to make mistakes than not doing anything. But, It is far better trying to eliminate blogging mistakes.

In this post, I’ll talk about seven blogging mistakes beginners often make. These blogging mistakes can lead to failure if you make this again and again.

If you’ve already made these mistakes, I’ll show you how to fix them.

7 Beginner Blogging Mistakes That Can Lead to Failure

I don’t want to let you fail in blogging. So, fix the following mistakes if you are making those consistently.

Or if you are just starting your blogging journey keep yourself away from making these mistakes.

#1: Not Blogging on Self-Hosted WordPress Platform

Most of the beginner bloggers start their blogging journey on a free, hosted blogging platform (Me included).

I’m not telling free hosted blogging platforms are bad. It is good for hobby bloggers who don’t have any plan to turn their blog into a business.

But, if you are a serious blogger and want to make money blogging then you should start your blog on a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

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We don’t start our blogging journey on a self-hosted blogging platform, it’s because it involves cost.

But, you know, all businesses need investment. The good thing about blogging business is it doesn’t need to invest your fortune. It only takes as low as $15 per month to start your blog on a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

If you are blogging on a hosted blogging platform or plan to start your blogging on a free platform fix this mistake immediately.

How to fix this blogging mistake?

To start your blogging journey on a self-hosted blogging platform, you’ll need to buy a domain and a hosting space.

You can buy a domain name as much as 12$/year either from Godaddy or from Namecheap.

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You can buy hosting space for your blog from Bluehost (WordPress recommended), Hostgator (very good service) and GoDaddy (cheapest) as low as $3/month.

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#2: Not Having Any Content plan

I’m also a victim of this beginner blogging mistake. In one of my blog, I didn’t have any content plan. I would just write about various topics.

Once I understood, that is not the right strategy for successful blogging and implemented the right content plan then my subscribers and pageviews started to increase.

But, with this blog (SharpBlogger), I have a content plan from the beginning.

Any blogging success depends on the following things –

  • Start a blog the right way
  • Creating quality content
  • Getting traffic, and
  • Monetizing

In this blog, I’m constantly writing on all the above topics.

How to fix this blogging mistake?

Before starting a blog, you need to choose your blogging niche.

After choosing a blogging niche, you need to define how you will write about your blogging niche. Which things you will cover on your topic.

I’ve talked about how to create a content strategy plan for your blog. Read the post to make a content plan.

#3: Not Having Post Publishing Schedule

It doesn’t matter you publish posts daily, weekly or monthly. But, you should stick with that publishing schedule.

If you publish three posts on a day, but for the next three weeks you don’t publish any post, this is not just good for the blogging success.

If you are just starting your blogging journey, I will recommend publishing one post in a week. Because you’ll need to do many other things at the beginning.

Once you are comfortable with blogging, you can publish more.

How to fix this blogging mistake?

First define, on which day of the week you will publish your blog post.

Make your post ready before the publishing date. Edit, proofread and schedule your post. Schedule posts for at least one month.

#4: Not Defining Target Audiences

In one of my blog, I write about building construction. In the beginning, I could not figure out who I was writing for – construction professionals or for homeowners!

I was really having big trouble with this issue. It was also hampering my post writing. Because I could not address properly to my readers.

Later, I decided, I’ll write for civil engineers who work in residential building construction.

Once I defined target audiences, everything has been changed. It’s now been easy for me to write a post on that blog. Because I can now address my readers properly.

Most of the beginner bloggers are a victim of this blogging mistake. They just can’t realize, who they are writing for.

Believe me. Once you have been able to define your target audience, your writing will flow naturally. You will be able to write as you talk with your friend.

How to fix this blogging mistake?

Brainstorm and define your target audience first.

Suppose, you are blogging about gardening. There are two types of gardeners (for example). One is a hobby gardener and another is a commercial gardener.

You can target both the audiences at a time. For both audiences, your writing voice should be different.

So, first, decide who are you writing for – a hobby gardener or a commercial gardener?

Once you define your target audience, it will be easy for you to address them and write for them.

write quality blog post

#5: Focusing on Quantity Over Quality

We all want to have more content on our blog. But you can’t create so many contents in a day.

Most of the new bloggers fall into this trap. They want to have more content on their blog and they create many poor quality contents to fill their blog.

This is the worst blogging mistake we make at the beginning of our blogging journey.

Don’t make this mistake. You will regret yourself in someday later.

How to fix this blogging mistakes?

I always recommend keeping ten posts ready before launching your blog online for the first time. So that if visitors land on your blog, they don’t see a blank page.

But, don’t create less quality content for the sake of keeping your posting schedule active.

In the beginning, try to publish not more than one post in a week. Schedule your post before publishing date. So that you don’t miss your publishing date and also not to compromise your post quality for publishing on the due date.

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#6: Not Promoting Blog Post

Quality blog posts are essential to the success of any blog.

But writing quality blog posts alone is not enough for your blogging success. You need to let your readers know that you published a quality blog post.

In the beginning, we just focus on creating quality content but ignore to promote them.

This is a dangerous blogging mistake almost all of we make at the beginning of our blogging journey.

How to fix this blogging mistake?

Although you need to focus on one particular channel at a time, your blog should have a presence on all social media channel.

Create a Facebook page, a Pinterest business profile, a Twitter account, and an Instagram profile.

After publishing a blog post, you need to promote that to let your readers know about that.

I have talked about the things you should do after publishing a blog post. You may like to read that post.

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#7: Not Focusing on List Building

If you ask successful bloggers, what you should focus on from the first day of your blogging.

They must say, you should focus on the list building.

Yes, it is a very important ingredient for your blogging success.

But as new bloggers, we always forget to focus on the list building.

This is also a very worst blogging mistake.

How to fix this blogging mistake?

List building is a process of collecting your reader’s email address. So that you can contact them whenever you want.

As a beginner, if you don’t want to spend money on list building then you can sign-up with MailChimp.

MailChimp is an email service provider which is free up to 2000 subscribers.

You can show an email subscription box in your blog sidebar to collect email from your readers.

In the beginning, your readers won’t give you their email as you are not famous yet. So you should give something valuable free to your readers. So that they will give their email address to you.


In blogging, you have options to rectify almost all blogging mistakes. But, it is better to learn from other’s mistakes to save you time, energy and most probably money.

So, go through the list of blogging mistakes I shared in this post and correct whichever mistakes you are currently making.

Your Opinion

Which blogging mistake you are currently making? Check your blog and share in the comments below…

19 thoughts on “7 Beginner Blogging Mistakes That Can Lead You to Failure (How to Fix Them)”

  1. I need to save this!! Those are definitely mistakes I can identify with as a new blogger. I’ve been blogging since March and still dealing with some of these things.

  2. List building is my greatest challenge so far and now I know how to work on it. I agree that I’ve never taken it seriously but I agree it is a mistake to fix. Also planning to go self-hosted soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are some big-time common mistakes Liton. I made each for a while; especially the quantity over quality error many many years ago in a blogging universe far away. I still produce volume style but do my best to hold to my intent; solve some pressing problem in each post and do it with flavor, with flair, and with meat. Doing so helps me to build my blog from an abundant energy.


  4. Even now I still make those mistakes. The above tips are perfect for people who start blogging. By the way, I like the quote “If you do not make mistakes, you will not be able to learn.”

  5. As a travel blogger, I agree with all your points! It’s so important to build your blog with quality content, while also spending time investing money and time into your website. I also agree that many bloggers focus on quantity over quality of their posts, which often leads to short, uninspiring stories all over the web that are just a waste of space. I’d much rather read a quality story from someone’s blog than a short blip focused on fulfilling a blogging trend or multiple posts a week. Great post!

  6. Hey Liton

    Great list. I’d like to add one! ‘You write in block paragraphs and don’t reformat your post to emphasise certain messages’.

    It’s true that people reading a post/article will skip through to find key messages. Why not make their life easier (and allow them to read efficiently) by making words bold, italic, using bullet points, increasing text font, in order to allow key points to emerge.

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