Blogger Outreach: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Blogger Outreach: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Blogger Outreach: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

This blogger outreach guide is for those who want to turn their blog into a successful business.

In this guide, I’ll show you a five-step process to successfully use blogger outreach to grow your blog.

You’re creating content and sharing them everywhere possible to get traction. But nothing happens.

Someone created a blog a few months ago. But getting traction virtually overnight.

Their content isn’t better than yours.

But how are they getting such an overnight success?

That means something is happening behind the scene. That’s blogger outreach.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Simply saying, it’s just a process to make connections with influential bloggers and get them to help you to grow your blog.

Why It’s Important For Your Blogging Success?

Blogger outreach guide

There are over 500 million blogs.

And over two million blog posts are published daily.

How do you get your content in front of the right people?

  • Getting More Social Shares: One of the easiest ways to get traction is to share your content on social media.

I know as a new blogger, you don’t have a large social following of targeted readers.

But someone has.

He can help you to get your content in front of the right people.

That’s where blogger outreach will help you.

  • Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is a proven method for growing a blog.

But winning guest blogging opportunity can be a hard task for a new blogger.

With the right blogger outreach strategy, you can guest post on top blogs.

  • Link Building: If you want to get your blog on the first page of SERPs, you can’t ignore link building.

It’s the most powerful factor to rank on search engine’s result pages.

And ranking higher on SERPs means more search traffic.

Blogger outreach will help you to get more backlinks.

  • Getting Comments On Your Blog: The more comments your blog gets, the more it’s considered as authoritative.

At least readers think so.

If you get some comments from top bloggers, then you can fly in the sky.

When you make blogging friends, they are most likely to comment on your blog.

See comments from influential bloggers on my blog.

Ryan's comment on a post


Comments from top blogger Anil

And blogger outreach helps to get comments from successful bloggers.

  • More Loyal Fans: Loyal fans are crucial to blogging success.

If your readers found that top bloggers are interacting with your blog, they’ll become your loyal fans.

  • More Email Subscribers: They say, if you want to make money blogging, you should focus on list building from day one.

Getting email subscribers isn’t easy.

Even offering freebies isn’t helping with this nowadays (I’m not saying you shouldn’t offer freebies).

But, once you have been able to make loyal fans, your email list subscribers will grow.

And blogger outreach helps you to build a community of loyal fans.

  • More Invites To Interviews And Roundup Posts: Once you build connections with successful bloggers, they’re most likely to invite you for interviews and round up post.

It’s a great opportunity to get backlinks as well as grow traffic.

We’re getting all these benefits from a single strategy – that is blogger outreach.

Then why most of the new bloggers don’t try this method to grow their blog?

Either the fear of being rejected.

But, believe me. Successful bloggers are eager to make blogging friends.

Because this contributes to their success too.

Or, they don’t know how to do bloggers outreach successfully.

Fear not. It’s easy. In fact, extremely easy.

But you have to do work.

I’m going to show you…

Step By Step Process of Successful Blogger Outreach

It’s a continuous process.

Which you can do with the following five easy steps I’m going to show you.

Step #1: Do The Homework

In this step, you need to make a format to collect information of bloggers you’re going to outreach to.

Use any spreadsheet program you like.

I prefer Google sheets as it’s convenient for me.

You can use MS excel too.

Open a blank sheet.

And, name columns of the sheet using the following headings.

Contact Name: Use the first columns for keeping contact names of bloggers.

Blog Name: All the blog names will go in this column.

Website URL: Use the third column for keeping a record of the respective blog’s URL.

Contact Info: Use another column for keeping the contact information of bloggers.

It can be an email address or contact form URL of a blog.

Twitter Handle: Store Twitter handle of bloggers in this column. You can also use some columns for storing URLs of various social profiles. I think that isn’t necessary. It’s up to you.

Social Followers: Use two-three columns for collecting social followers. Such as Twitter follower, FB likes, Pinterest followers, etc.

Domain Authority: When you want to run a blogger outreach campaign for backlinks, you’ll need this data.

Keep a column in your spreadsheet for storing this data.

Average Number Of Comments: This column will be used for storing how many average comments a post gets.

Notes: To store any special information, you’ll need a column.

For example, one of my favorite bloggers asked to write a special word while contacting him.

Notes in a contact form

If you found that type of information, you should store that in this column.

Once you complete your format, it’ll look something like this:

Blogger outreach hit list format

Step #2: Find Influencer Bloggers

As your format is ready, the first thing you need to do is to find influencer bloggers you want to reach out to.

Use the following tools to find them.

1. Google Search:

Google is a goldmine to find everything online.

So this can be your first tool to find influencer bloggers.

Here is how to do it:

  • Do A Google Search Using Broad Keywords

Search on google Using broad keywords related to your blogging niche.

For example, you run a blog on SAVING MONEY.

So, type the keyword in the Google search bar and hit enter.

You’ll get results like this:

Google's search result page

You’ll get some blogs on the first page of search results.

  • Use Google Search Suggestions

At the bottom of the search result page, you’ll get some keyword suggestions from Google.

Google search suggestions

Click one of them which is closely related to your blog niche.

You’ll get a result like this:

Google search result

From the result, collect some blogs.

  • Search “Best Of” Blog Posts

Use the following strings while searching on google:

>Best blogs [keyword]

>Best [keyword] blogs [year]

>My favorite [keyword] blogs

>best [Keyword] blogs to follow

For example:

Search on google using “best blogs on money-saving”.

Finding top blogs on Google search

Now click on one link and read the post to collect blogs you want to reach out to.

Go through other links on the search result page and collect blogs.

2. Find Top Blogs On Alltop

AllTop is a directory of blogs that helps you find the most popular blogs online.

It has lists of blogs from Science…

Most popular science sites on AllTop

…to Religion.

Top blog on AllTop

For example, you run a PERSONAL FINANCE blog.

Head over to AllTop

Personal finance blogs on AllTop

…And you’ll get a list of blogs.

3. Use Twitter Analytical Tool FOLLOWERWONK

You can’t directly search influential blogs on Followerwonk.

Instead, you’ll search for influential bloggers behind them.

Sign in to Followerwonk using Twitter.

Then search for Twitter profiles using a broad keyword relevant to your blog niche.

Search bar of FollowerWonk

The tool will show you a list of influential bloggers with the keyword you search for in their Twitter bio.

You can then sort the list by the number of followers or social authority.

Influential Twitter bios on a specific niche

Now go to the twitter profile of an influencer by clicking on the link.

And check if they linked to any blog from their twitter bio.

If you found a link to a blog, go to the blog and check if it’s related to your blog niche.

If it’s what you’re looking for, add the blog to your list.

Check all the influencers’ twitter profile if you think they are related to your blog niche.

You must get some blogs you want to reach out to.

Note: While visiting Twitter bios of influencers, you can get their followers numbers and twitter handle. Add them to your list. So that you don’t need to visit their profile again. It’ll save you time.

4. Use Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is like Followerwonk.

But it’s my favorite tool.

You can use this tool for:

  • Generating content ideas
  • Finding influencers
  • Monitoring mentions and links, and
  • Much more.
Buzzsumo's solutions for bloggers

For now, we’ll use this for finding influencer bloggers.

Head over to BuzzSumo and click on the Influencers tab.

Then search using broad keywords.

Finding influencers on BuzzSumo

Note that: Follwerwonk and BuzzSumo both look for keywords you search for in the Twitter bio of influencers. So, using narrowed keywords for search will reduce the possibility to find influencers. That’s why I suggested using broad keywords related to your niche.

For example, you run a food blog. You can use keywords like:

Healthy food

And Buzzsumo will return a list of bloggers.

You can sort the list by the number of Twitter followers, Domain authority and more.

I think RETWEET RATIO is a good choice for sorting the list as it tells how often a blogger retweet someone else’s content.

Focus on bloggers that have a retweet ratio of at least 5%.

Sorting influencers by retweet ratio

I think these four tools are enough to find a good number influencer bloggers.

So far you’ve got twenty to fifty bloggers.

Add these bloggers to your list including their blogs’ URLs.

With that, it’s time to…

Step #3: Research Your List Of Bloggers…

…And fill up the format that you’ve made in Step #1.

At this point, you already filled in:

  • Contact names
  • Blog name, and
  • Blog URL

Now, you need to get the contact info.

To do that, We’ll use a tool…

  • Hunter:

There are some other tools to find contact info.

But I use Hunter.

Just head over to their homepage and type a blog URL.

Finding contact info by Hunter

You’ll find your desired contact information.

The tool has a chrome extension too which you can use within your browser.

  • Visit Blogs’ About Pages

If you don’t find contact information using the above tool, visit your target blogs’ about page.

Contact info on BloggersPassion about page

Still, if you don’t find, check if there is any…

  • Contact Page

Most of the blogs have this page. You can contact your target bloggers using it.

Busybudgeter contact page
You can contact a blogger using his contact page.

Just copy the URL of the contact page to the contact information column of your list.

Social Followers:

Getting social followers couldn’t be simpler.

You have to visit all the blogs on your list.

From there visit their social profile.

To save you time, don’t track all the social profiles. Focus on which social media your target readers engage most.

For example, if you are a food and fashion related blogger you can visit Pinterest.

If you’re a tech blogger, you can track Twitter followers.

Social followers of influencial bloggers

Domain Authority:

This metric lets you know how much a blog is important in search engines’ eyes.

It’s especially useful if you want to run your outreach campaign for link building.

The more links you get from high domain authority blogs, the higher your blog will be ranked on SERPs.

To know the domain authority of any blog, use Ahrefs domain rating.

ahrefs domain rating

Average Number Of Comments:

It tells if a blogger has a strong community of engaged readers.

Some bloggers have large social media followers. But when they publish posts, they don’t get that many blog comments.

It means they don’t have loyal readers.

Some bloggers with small social media followers get a lot of comments when they publish a post.

That means they have loyal readers.

This metric is important if you want to guest blog.

To get the average number of comments, visit one blog on your list.

And check how many comments it got in the first ten posts.

Divide the total number by 10 and write the result in the column on your list.

Go to other blogs in your list and do the same.


Many blogger outreach guides don’t cover this. But I would like to add one more column in our format.

That is NOTE.

Some bloggers have special instruction to contact with them.

If you don’t follow their instructions, your message will be judged as spam.

So keeping records of these is important.

Now that you’ve completed the list of bloggers and collected all the data and information, what’s next?

Separate Your List Into Three “TIERS”


Not all blogs in your list are equal.

Some are more popular and some are less.

When you outreach to bloggers, the same approach will not work for all.

Successful bloggers need a lot more warming up before making any connections.

Otherwise, your outreaching campaign will fail and you can be rejected.

But, you may approach directly with small bloggers.

That’s why separating bloggers into tiers is important.

Tier 1: These are elite bloggers that you’re eager to work with. They are top bloggers in your niche.

Tier 2: These bloggers have a decent number of social followers and get a lot of comments on their posts. They have been blogging for a while.

Tier 3: These are new bloggers and just starting out. They never hit the big time. But they are publishing good quality contents regularly. But they are 50% smaller than the tier 2 blogs. In fact, your blog is bigger than them.

Now that you have all the data, let’s separate them.

But It’s a little bit tricky as you have different metrics in front of you.

Let’s face this.

Start with the Domain Authority as it correlates directly with traffic and search engine ranking.

If you see any blog with low domain authority but gets a lot of comments and has a decent amount of social followers, you can move them up.

You’ll find some blogs on your list which you won’t reach out to. You may want to delete them.

Don’t think much for separating the list of bloggers into tiers. You may want to add or delete some blogs later to your list.

Just move onto the next step with the list in your hand.

Step #4: Start Building Relationships

Now that you’ve tiered up your list of bloggers, it’s time to start building relationships.

The benefit of using tiers is that you can make connections with the tier 1 bloggers as you reap quick wins from tier 2 and tier 3 bloggers.

First, start warming up with tier 1 bloggers. A few ways to do that are:

  • Follow Them On Social Media:

The first thing you’ll do is to follow the bloggers on all their social media even if you’re not engaged with all the platforms.

It’s important. Because you want to let them know you love their content.

When you send them email it’ll prove that you love them.

Pro tip: When you follow your target bloggers on Twitter, make sure to add them to a list on the platform. So that you can access their content easily.

Twitter Lists
  • Let Influencers Access To Your Inbox:

All bloggers have special attention to their email subscribers. Even some bloggers create content only for their list subscribers.

So the second thing you want to do is to subscribe to your target bloggers’ email list.

  • Link To Influencers’ Posts From Yours:

We often need to link out to some resources from our posts.

We do it to make our post more valuable. It helps our readers to find some relevant resources.

It somehow helps our blog in terms of SEO too.

Linking to your target bloggers’ posts from your blog lays a foundation to build a relationship.

It’ll help you ask for shares or backlinks.

Right now, it may be scary for you.

But you can mention the influencer when you share the post on social media. This way your target blogger may notice you.

Mentioned influencer from my post
  • Share Their Posts:

The thing is, you need to let influencer bloggers know that you’re interacting with them.

And sharing their content is one of the ways.

While sharing do the followings:

  • Mention them using their blog handle @blogger.
  • Add personalized comments.
Personalized comment on a Tweet
  • Comment On Their Blog Posts

Blog commenting is a nice way to build relationships with influencer bloggers.

But make sure to leave genuine comments to add value to the conversation. See how I commented:

Comment I made on a blog

Read More: How to do blog commenting properly?

Pro tip: Subscribe to RSS feed of bloggers and set a time block on your daily routine to read and comment on their posts.

  • Respond To Queries And Surveys On Social Media:

Some bloggers love to run surveys or ask questions to their social followers, like this:

A survey conducted by a blogger

This is a nice opportunity for you to leave impressions on their mind.

  • Send Complimentary Emails Sometimes:

This is a direct approach.

And it can leave a big impression in bloggers’ mind.

For example, you’ve read an SEO related post of a blogger.

You can send an email using the following script:

Subject: I enjoyed your post

Just wanted to reach out to say “thanks” for the post you’ve published in [DATE].

I actually used the [SEO tips] you shared in the post and I got amazing [RESULT].

Keep up the awesome work 🙂



This strategy works like a charm. And bloggers keep you in their mind for long.

You didn’t ask anything here. You just appreciated.

That’s the key.

  • Send A Broken Links Replacing Request:

No bloggers want to have broken links on their blog.

You can use this in your favor.

Just find out some broken links on a blog.

You can use check my links chrome extension. It’ll make your task easy.

And drop an email with link replacement to the blogger using the following script:

Subject: Request to replace a broken link


I was reading one of your posts [post link]. I loved what you’ve shared in the post.

However, I spotted a broken link that leads to an error page over the anchor text “[Anchor text]”.

I actually found a good replacement [link] for the link.

Would you like to replace that?

Have a great evening,

[Your name]

Read More: How to make relationships with top bloggers?

As you’ve built some relationships, its time to…

Step #5: Reach Out To Your List Of Bloggers

You’ve done a lot of hard work to make your target list of bloggers and warm them up.

Finally, it’s time to get the reap.

The other steps of this blogger outreach guide are just to get into this step.

In this step, you’ll start the actual email outreach process.

The process depends on the type of outreach campaign you’re going to execute.

There are many types of outreach campaigns bloggers run depending on its purpose.

Different campaigns need different approaches.

For example:

The outreach strategy for winning guest blogging opportunity is much different than asking for links… which is much different than share request.

With that in mind, I’ll discuss strategies for three common types of outreach campaign:

  • Share request
  • Link building
  • Guest blogging

Let’s begin…

Get Influencers To Share Your Content

Isn’t it great if influential bloggers share your content on their social profiles which have a ton of followers?

You’ll get a lot of blog traffic as a result.

There are many techniques to do it. I’ll show you some…

  • Technique #1:

Pick a blogger from your list and visit his social profiles.

And get an idea about which type of content he shares.

Based on the idea, write an awesome post and publish.

Next, let him know by sending an email using the following script:

Hey [contact name]

I noticed you tweeted about [NAME OF THE ARTICLE].

I really like that article (thank you for sharing!). I actually created a more in-depth article about the same topic. I’d love to hear what you think of it. Here it is [Link].

Again, thank you for sharing cool stuff.

All the best.


You can also do…

  • Technique #2:

Go to BuzzSumo and search for articles using your target keyword.

Pick a highly shared article and check who have shared.

Next, email them.

You can use the same script above.

  • Technique #3:

Create a roundup post and include the bloggers on your list.

See an example of roundup post from NICHEHACKS here.

While creating this type of posts, make sure to add a link to their blog.

If possible add links to their social profile and some of their best posts.

Once the post is live, Let the bloggers know you’ve included them in your post.

You can use the following email script:

Hi [Contact Name],

I’ve just published [A short description of your post].

I’ve included you [something that reasonable], I thought you might want to check it out:


I hope you enjoy it.

[Your Name]


Hi [Contact Name],

I’m a regular reader of your blog and love that.

That’s why I’ve included you in my recently published post [Brief description of your post]. I thought you might want to check it out:


I hope you enjoy it.

[Your Name]

There are many other techniques to get influencers to share your post.

If you want to read more here is a link: How to get influencers to share your post.

Best practices:

  • Create content that is worth sharing.
  • Write good email subjects.
  • Keep your email short and to the point.
  • Be tricky to tell why your content is important for their readers. But…
  • Don’t ask for shares

Get Backlinks From Higher DA Blogs

The Tier #1 blog in your list are higher DA blogs.

You can get backlinks from them.

First, check if you get the following types of posts on those blogs:

  • List posts (For example, 100 best blogs to learn SEO).
  • Old posts with broken links
  • Resources page

Next, send a personalized email.

For example, you found a list post on your target blog.

Use the following email script:

Hi [Name],

I was checking out some content about [Topic] today, and I came across your post: [Post Title].

I actually recently published [brief description of your content]: [URL].

It might make a nice addition under the “[Section Title]” of your post.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the post. And have an awesome week.

[Your Name]

Some resources to help you master on link building:

Everything you need to know about link building

Link Building in 2019: How to Acquire & Earn Links That Boost Your SEO

LINK BUILDING FOR SEO: The Definitive Guide (2019 Update)

Win Guest Blogging Opportunities

First, select blogs on your list that accept guest posts.

They might have a ‘write for us” page.

Write for us page from bloggingwizard


Check their blogs if they published guest posts before.

Guest author on shoutmeloud

Second, find out which type of posts are popular on their blog.

To find, head over to BuzzSumo and write the blog URL on the search box.

Finding most shared post on BuzzSumo

You’ll be returned with a list of most shared post.

Most shared posts of SharpBlogger

Go through those posts and check format, topic etc.

Next, reach out to bloggers with the following email script:

Hi [Blogger Name]

I first want to start off by saying I’m a huge fan of [Blog Name] – you may have noticed my comment from your last post. LOVE that post. I literally printed it out and have it sitting on my desk as a reference.

Anyway, I was checking out some of your other posts and noticed that you published a guest post from [Other Guest Blogger Name].

It got me thinking: I’d love to be your next guest author!

Here are a few topics that I think [Blog Name] readers would get a ton of value from:

Topic #1
Topic #2
Topic #3

To give you an idea of the quality that I bring to the table, here are a few posts that I’ve recently published:

Link #1
Link #2

Let me know what you think. : )

Thank you
[Your Name]

Virtually I can end this blogger outreach guide here.

But I want you to…

Take Your Relationships With Bloggers To The Next Level

Now that you’ve reached out to bloggers by adding some value to their blog, it’s time to take that relationship lasting long.

Here are some ideas:

Idea #1: Send A “Thank You” Message

Has a blogger shared your post on his social profile or given you a guest blog opportunity?

Send him a thank you message.

It’ll separate you from other bloggers who are running blogger outreach.

Doing so, the fellow blogger will give you special consideration.

Idea #2: Make Your Relationship More Personal

Try to add yourself to his Facebook friend list.

Doing so, you can chat with him whenever feel so or you can give him a video call.

Idea #3: Take Your Relationship To Offline

If your new blogging friend lives nearby, invite him to dinner.

Meeting bloggers in person is a really good idea to build long-lasting friendships.


I’m going to end this blogger outreach guide.

You’ve done a great job by reading this long post.

But, if you want to instantly separate yourself from the thousands of bloggers who are struggling to grow their blogs, take actions.

Make a blogger hit list, do comment on their blogs, send emails, build relationships, and strategically outreach to them to get shares, backlink and win guest blogging opportunity.

Your Opinion

I’d like to hear from you…

Have you tried blogger outreach before? Which strategy works best?

Please share in the comments below…

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